Friday, February 28, 2014

The Hand of Hank - Continued

Here is a continuation of the original topic so all of you can keep discussing this and other things.

I will include more photos of Hank for you to scrutinize.

One of my favourite lies from Andrew Clacy.


Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Hand of Hank

Before I get started, I would like to thank "DS" for the following valuable and significant pieces of information.

Early this morning I was looking at a screen shot of the right hand of Hank, the Bigfoot doll. Something seemed strange but I couldn't put my finger on it until DS pointed it out.

DS left a brief comment with a link to a website.

"As far as the fake hands go, there are normally 3 joints in human and primate fingers, called the Proximal interphalangeal joint, intermediate, and distal. The Hand Pic is missing one of these joints...?? Also I didn't notice any Palmar Creases?"

The website mentioned focuses primarily on hand lines but that is not what caught my attention. Here is the link to Hand Lines: Primate Hand vs Human Hand

THIS is what got my attention:

You will notice that the human hand has three phalanges in the fingers and two in the thumb. According to everything I have read, ALL primates have the same number of phalanges in the hand.

From Wikipedia

"The phalanges are bones that exist on each finger and toe. There are 56 phalanges in the human body, with fourteen phalanges on each hand and foot. Three phalanges are present on each finger and toe, with the exception of the thumb and large toe, which possess only two."

 "Most land mammals including humans have a 2-3-3-3-3 formula in both the hands (or paws) and feet."

 "The morphology of the distal phalanges of human thumbs closely reflects an adaptation for a refined precision grip with pad-to-pad contact. While this has traditionally been associated with the advent of stone tool-making, the intrinsic hand proportions of australopiths and the resemblance between human hands and the short hands of Miocene apes, suggest that human hand proportions are largely plesiomorphic — in contrast to the derived elongated hand pattern and poorly developed thumb musculature of extant hominoids. The capability of a pad-to-pad precision grip in human hands is reflected in the morphology of the distal phalanges, especially in the pollical distal phalanges (PDP). [4]"

The following are pictures of the human hand and the hand of other primates.

Take note that all of these hands have three phalanges, from tip to palm.

I think everyone can agree that "Hank", IF he is real, is an upright biped closely related to humans and apes. It would be very difficult to place him in any other category. Agreed?

Let's look at the screen shot of Hank's hand, shall we?

"Hank" has only two phalanges, not three that are present in all primates. How would a creature with hands like this be able to survive efficiently? According to some people, Bigfoot are arboreal yet the hands show that likely would not be the case. What about grasping sticks or rocks? How could Bigfoot build a shelter or catch prey? It would be very hard if they were missing  intermediate phalanges.

This is overwhelming evidence that Hank, the Bigfoot doll is nothing more than an ill thought out prop. It appears as if the hand was molded in one piece with no spaces between the fingers. Andrew Clacy attributed this to the resin that allegedly coated the hands. That is a complete fabrication in my opinion. The fingers meld together, it's as plain as day.

I see no dermal ridges and no fine lines around the joint of the thumb. It actually looks like some of the paint on the hand is scuffed as well.

Recently the folks at Facebook Find Bigfoot released a statement. This is part of their statement:

"We now have full footage of the specimen and 7 admins have made the trip to Las Vegas to view “Hank” in detail as our agreement stated. Rick was not happy with the number of people who came on our behalf, but he found time to accommodate each visit. We were shown the medical scans to the two Medical Doctor’s associated with FBFB, both were unfamiliar with the technology created such a scan. The specimen has moles, blemishes, hair patterns, open sores, veins just below the skin, fingerprints, injuries to the hands, fingers and toes, and what looks like scars on the forehead from likely impact with branches and trees."

Jack and Jeff sent SEVEN admins and TWO Medical Doctors yet none of them picked up on this glaring mistake. One has to ask how this is possible. One also has to ask how much attention was really given to the "specimen".

I don't know how Rick Dyer and Andrew Clacy will explain away this oversight, but rest assured, whatever it is will be a lie.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Freezer Boy At The Alamo Drafthouse Last Night

Last night Rick and his traveling circus were at the Alamo Drafthouse. By all accounts it was a sold out show. I guess all those people had $20 they didn't need.

At least one attendee recorded some of the Q&A with hoaxer boy.

A person in attendance at the show left this comment on Robert Lindsay's blog.


I was at the Alamo Drafthouse last night and I’ll give you a run down of the events.
It was very entertaining. The emcee was part Pentecostal preacher and part satirist. He gave it the feel of a WWF event. He asked the crowd their opinion of Rick’s story. 10 – 20 people did not believe it, a little more were unsure and 100+ were positive of it.
After the introduction, they showed Rick’s tent video monologue. It’s from months ago and it captures his thoughts of that fateful moment. The video is slow, somber and a little melodramatic. Having a theater screen size image of the beast eating ribs made the video all the more convincing for me. The video is still grainy but you can see the enormous neck and back more distinctly.
We then watched part 1 of the “Six Million Dollar Man Versus Bigfoot.” Andre the Giant versus Lee Majors…a battle for the ages!
The emcee came forward and gave a rousing introduction to Rick Dyer. The “USA, USA” chant began, but it was all tongue-in-cheek. Everyone was laughing and cutting up.
The emcee asked Rick the basic questions – how did he get into bigfoot hunting, 2008, Sept. 2012, etc. He then entertained questions from the floor. Several questions revolved around how could he kill an animal that is almost extinct and would he do it again. His roundabout response was to prove they exist and, get this, to protect children. He elaborated on this point by referencing David P book, 411. He said something to the effect, “If you knew what was in the stomach of this thing you would think differently.” We asked him to give details and he indicated he would in the future. He told people that you need to be packing heat (my term) when you head out into the forest and to watch your kids.
He went into further detail about the SA expedition. You know the basic story. He shoots one; another one attacks Morgan; the third, a juvenile, stands over the dead body. The juvenile is five and a half to six feet tall and approximately 350 pounds. The reason Rick shot the juvenile was because it looked at him, dropped his jaw wide open and walked towards him. Later in the trailer, Rick said their jaws are almost like that off a snake, which allows them to supra extend their lower jaw downward. He anticipates the juvenile will be on tour in a month.
Someone asked, “Why has there been no press conference?” He said that he is part of the hold up and the university is the other part. He has a small window of time and he wants to make as much money as possible now and when interest dies down then he’ll have the press conference to generate more money. He said the university wants the controversy surrounding him to subside because they aren’t interested in being besieged by the antagonist.
My question was about any current dialogue or work with Morgan Matthews. He did not know what Morgan was doing, but that there relationship was fine. He highlighted an interview that Morgan had with a British station where he states at the end, “Rick’s work is done.” Thus, leading you to believe that Rick had accomplished his task of bagging a bigfoot. In a follow up conversation, he said Morgan was shaken to the core for a long time over the experience. He has since regained his composure, but he doesn’t know if he is coming out with another documentary. It does not sound like Morgan is under an NDA.
He exited to uproarious applause and we settled back to watch pt.2 of the “Six Million Dollar Man Versus Bigfoot.” It was great seeing the two heavy weights become fast friends. I went to the lobby to ask Rick several more questions.
I am one of the handful of steadfast dvd holders. He said the legal wranglings over who has the rights to the tape are enormous. He has no idea how it might unfold. I left with the impression that I may never get the dvd.
I also asked him about your information that Roski is the investor. He firmly denied that. I also asked him about fbfb’s involvement and he absolutely 100% confirmed it. They are very involved.
The film ended and we went to see the body. My first impression was that face looked very realistic. It’s enormous and some of the detail is incredible – the brow scar, blood vessels, pores. It’s much better in person than a picture. I am still not sure what to make of the hands. They were enormous – twice the finger length of humans, size of a plump hot dog, ape like. They were covered in a thick resin so they were glued together. It was like they had been dipped in a clear paste. The feet were still covered.
Rick told us to put up our cameras and then he unveiled the 3 D image. Those doctors are right about the image. It isn’t an X-ray, CT or MRI. It is something else that I have never seen. It was like a facial scan devoid of the hair that showed all the mutations and contour of the face. He then pointed out the wrinkle line on both sides of the jaw that allowed it to supra-extend. Fascinating.
I talked with with Andrew, his sidekick, about the Mineola expedition. Two of the Team Tracker members are at the habituation site and they have identified up to seven bigfoot. They think one may be 12′ tall. They are constantly being harassed at night. They are gathering information and he did not elaborate any further.
I asked Dale Boswell if Derek Randles had seen the body and he said that he had not.
My final impression is that until Rick releases verifiable dna evidence that the body alone is not enough. It’s good and I’ll throw my hat in with him, but it will still be seen as sketchy.
It was a great night. Rick was friendly and everyone had a ton of fun. I told a reporter, “Which would you rather do – spend $100 to see the Houston Texans get beat or pay $20 to see bigfoot?” I would encourage everyone who has a passing interest to go see it. It might be the find of a life time.
Thanks Robert for your hard work. You’re a great journalist!

Another show goer had opinions to offer as well.


"I just returned from the Alamo Drafthouse and was able to view Hank all by myself…only the aussie guy was there. Had plenty of time to inspect the hands and snap a few pics. I may post them but suffice it to say…completely and utterly fake.
The hands are one solid piece…in other words, no spacing between the fingers.
How in the hell did the FB/FB guys get fooled by this stuffed rug is beyond me."


"Robert Lindsay….this may be of a concern to you…I inquired about the end game and was told that a female needed to be harvested because of the magical healing properties of Bigfoots after they are deceased. They were going to sell it to pharmaceutical companies to expidite a cure for breast cancer and other diseases."

I see Ricky is still peddling his other lies that Bigfoot have magical powers to cure cancer. When did cancer research make such leaps and bounds that researchers can determine something like this within a year?

I find it baffling that any rational person can believe such obvious bullshit. Is society devolving? Have people officially become dumbed down?

Here are screen shot of the Hankenstein's hands.


Listen to the short video above. Andrew Clacy actually said the resin turned black finger nails yellow. He really said it. Obviously Andrew has no clue what he is talking about and it's apparent he is ignorant or he is lying.

A clear coat of epoxy will turn yellow do to exposure to sunlight (UV rays) but it won't alter the colour of the finger nails. If we use his rationale, the hands, face and feet would be destroyed. Resin also hardens and is not suitable for pliable surfaces such as skin.

THIS is the kind of bullshit people eat up. Rick and Andrew lie right to the faces of people while they take their money. I bet their parents are proud of them.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Rick Dyer Offers A "Bet" To Dr. Meldrum

Rick Dyer must have been upset with Dr. Jeff Meldrum's opinion of Hank, the stuffed Yak hide...or Alpaca.
Dyer offers the Dr. a "bet" but I'll get in to that in a minute.


If you missed the interview with Dr. Jeff Meldrum, you can watch it here.

This "bet" that Freezer Boy has offered Dr. Meldrum is not really a bet at all. Rick doesn't seem to grasp the concept of a bet. Each participant in a wager has to offer something that can be lost.

 All Dyer has done is put Dr. Meldrum in an impossible situation because of the wording of his "bet". Rick will drive to Idaho State University so Dr. Meldrum can have hair samples tested.

The catch? Jeff Meldrum would have to give up everything to do with Sasquatch. What's in this deal for Rick to lose? Not a damned thing. Dyer needs to put on his big big boy pants and offer a real wager if he is going to offer anything at all. I didn't hear Rick say he would leave the Bigfoot world and admit to his traveling sideshow being a hoax when he is proven wrong. I'm sure the free hat wearers won't notice that Rick really hasn't offered up a bet at all.

Lastly, I do not think Dr. Meldrum, being the professional he is, would entertain any sort of wager. So far, Freezer Boy has not shown one piece of proof that shows his Bigfoot doll was is real. NONE.

Quit being sheep. Raise your standards and demand proof from Rick Dyer. Don't waste your hard earned money on this freak show, it's not how science is conducted.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot Show Sells Out (Really?)

Sorry for the long gap between posts. I was on the road for two days and I've had 3 hours of sleep. Therefore, I'm cheating tonight.

This latest news is already making the rounds in the Facebook groups. It looks like poor Ricky Dyer just can't man up to any mistakes he makes...and he makes plenty of mistakes. It's ALWAYS the fault of someone why shit doesn't happen.

I was only going to snip part of the article but it's so damned funny, I just have to post it in it's entirety. It would be a sin not to. I will include a link>>>CURRENT

“Y’all can choose to believe or not,” said Rick Dyer to a group of skeptics standing in a line that wrapped around the Alamo Drafthouse Park North. Dyer wants you to believe that he shot Bigfoot. And let’s get this out of the way: No, he did not.

Make no mistake, Dyer thinks you are stupid, but that didn’t stop hundreds from lining up to see the Bigfoot carcass he claims he shot three times in a wooded area near Highway 151 and Loop 1604. Our editor in chief, Callie Enlow, was not one of them.

The beast was first spotted by a group of conveniently unidentified homeless people who alerted 911 with their homeless people phone. Dwyer claims he lured the Bigfoot with pork ribs and deer urine before he shot it. The Express-News has a detailed account of the harrowing hunt that didn’t happen.

The Sasquatch was 70-years-old, according to “analysis” by “the government.” Somehow, the creature (one of many in the area, by the way), failed to choose a home in one of the numerous surrounding neighborhoods to live out its own personal Harry and the Hendersons during its long life in west San Antonio.

How did Bigfoot avoid terrorizing his neighbors? According to Dyer, the 8-foot beast named Hank, which is short for Not Real, “stayed in the woods” and stuck to “deer paths along the telephone poles” and “only crossed the roads at night.” That explains why the creature had never been spotted in an area that is teeming with encroaching development.

Hundreds lined up to inspect the Bigfoot carcass.

Plenty in the crowd were willing to believe Dyer’s story.
“This is monumental. This could be the missing link,” said a woman who was waiting to see the missing link with her own eyes.

“I googled, and they said the DNA was ‘not human,” said another man who brought his family to bear witness to history.

Dyer, who is hauling the specimen around for a 13-month Time to Believe tour, charged onlookers $10 to view the body or $20 to take in a documentary and participate in a Q&A session. The documentary screening sold out early in the evening, but those who purchased tickets were treated to a screening of Harry and the Hendersons instead. The majority of ticket holders walked out of the theater upon learning of the change in program.

Dyer blamed the mix-up on the Alamo Drafthouse. He claimed that theater chain chose the documentary that was to be screened and elected to show the family comedy instead. He told a group that showed up for the screening that he had no involvement in the film. The film was supposed to be Shooting Bigfoot, which Dyer, himself, appears in, according to IMDB. Posters of the film were hung up in the trailer where Bigfoot’s body was on display.

Ryan Johnston, creative director for the Alamo Drafthouse, had a different story.
“It was not our decision. We were told something happened, and [the movie] was messed up,” he said.

When asked if they had already had a copy of Harry and the Hendersons on hand, he said, “It was very last minute. We had to buy it.”

But most were there to see Bigfoot in the flesh. What they got was something that looked like Chewbacca’s drunk and deformed distant cousin, a cross between a bacteria-infested shag carpet and something that does not exist in nature. The creature was covered in tufts of brown, dirty, matted fur. Andrew Clacy, a representative of the Time to Believe tour, was quick to point out a sore on its arm and the repaired bullet hole on its nose to ensure Bigfoot’s veracity. The body appeared to be somewhat flattened. Clacy claimed that is because its organs were removed during an autopsy, the scars of which were visible on the creature’s torso. When asked how the body was preserved, Clacy said the carcass was taxidermied. Upon examination, the beast seemed to be preserved by the worst taxidermist in the world. A resin was added to its skin so that it wouldn’t fall off, Clacy claimed. That explained the shine that made Bigfoot look less like a real life dead animal and more like a rubber suit, which it actually was.

Dyer has used a rubber suit before, according to He pulled a similar hoax in 2008 with an ape costume. Dyer maintains that 2008 Bigfoot was real.

“The government took the body,” he told the crowd. The government is evil, apparently.
So did Bigfoot live up to its name? That is yet to be determined. The hands and feet were covered due to a “business decision,” according to Dyer. When asked with whom, he was hesitant on the details, as he was with most of the questions he got during the evening. When prodded, Dyer said the Alamo Drafthouse in Houston. An inquiry has been made with the Drafthouse to determine if such an arrangement was made.

Dyer claims to have already sold the Bigfoot specimen. To whom, he won’t say. He claims to be bound to a non-disclosure agreement. NDA’s came up a lot. According to Dyer and Clacy, an NDA protects whatever organization did the DNA analysis, because they apparently “didn’t want to take the heat” for verifying a historic biological discovery, because that makes complete and total sense.
When asked whether or not she believed Dyer, Selena Peña, who grilled the self-proclaimed “master tracker” while in line, said, “No, because I don’t believe in Bigfoot.”
Her boyfriend Andrew was more of a believer, but remained skeptical of Dyers claims that he shot Bigfoot right here in San Antonio.

“I don’t know about Texas, but I believe that Bigfoot exists.”

That seemed to be the prevailing opinion of those who emerged from the trailer where Bigfoot’s body was on display. They had faith that the mythical creature was real, but what they saw wasn’t it. Someone should tell them the only real cryptozoological creatures are unicorns.

If that's not enough to make your side split, there is more.

But wait...

Dr. Meldrum gives his opinion of the shag rug on Discovery Channel

I'm astonished the guys at FB/FB still think Hank might be real. Click the link below for the full story.

Statement An High Resolution Photos

 "We have seen recent statements that claim that FBFB is Rick’s secret investor. This is a statement to clarify our position.

FBFB is most certainly not Rick Dyer’s secret "investor." We have endeavored to find the truth in this whole affair from the very beginning. Remember we did pay for Steve Kulls to fly to Los Angeles and fully supported the main skeptic of FBFB “Musky Allen” and his trip to Las Vegas in February of 2013 and our trips to Las Vegas in 2012, 2013 and 2014. We have thoroughly investigated all aspects of this situation and found so many rumors such as specific casino owner’s names and museums and their curators to be completely groundless."

One more...Kudos to Scott Johnson!

"Saucedo is promoting the attraction as the event “they literally don’t want you to see,” referring to a vocal online communities such as Big Foot Tracker News committed to exposing Dyer’s Sasquatch as a fake.
Scott Johnson, who belongs to one of those online communities, has been attempting to expose Dyer’s story for the past 18 months.
“His latest hoax has brought a new wave of believers into the field of Bigfoot, and unfortunately they are unaware of his past,” said Johnson. “We do our best to post links to news videos showcasing his previous fraudulent activity on his facebook page but these are immediately removed and the member banned from his site. Even so-called believers of his are banned if they ask a question that can be interpreted in the wrong light.”


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Guest Post: A Question Of Tactics

Tonight we have a guest post from our friend and regular to Bigfoot Tracker News, Martin. Like many of us who are Bigfoot enthusiasts, Martin wants to see an end to Rick Dyer's Bigfoot dummy hoax. Hoaxers plague the community and Dyer is the biggest offender. Here are Martin's thoughts.

There's a disagreement among "haters" about what to do about Dyer.

On the one hand, people say he is failing big-time...essentially kicked out of Arizona, mocked on radio shows, even booted by the UFO enthusiasts. There's no need to stop him, he will implode on his own.

Then there are others who say this is going pretty well for him so coverage, ambiguous reviews of his body from people who should know better, tributes to his kindness and generosity.

His booking next week at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is being seen as a bellwether of sorts; some like me want his appearance stopped ( ), others want us to get the hell out of the way because he's sure to fall flat.

I'm just not so sure that he will. Remember what he wants is publicity and chance to be seen as an earnest, likable guy. It's about him, remember, not the Bigfoot he says he has. If he can make the story about him being an eager entrepreneur with a unique angle on the American Dream, no matter how clunky and campy it may be, then people come to see him as well as the thing in the box.

That's not something I'm comfortable with. It gives a free pass to someone who is the opposite of what he portrays. Have you seen all the people who are volunteering to help him on his tour? You may say let them go, let them learn the hard way what it's like to be pressured to take out a second mortgage, to earn the wrath of a sociopath if they cross him, to get mixed up in this mess.

Those of us who want to intercede have watched people like this—nice people, kind people like your own family members—get sucked into this vortex for over five years. That's why we want it to stop, not because we are do-gooders or jealous or just bored. So we do what we can.

I do posts and comments. Others do research and legwork. There are things happening behind the scenes, we hear, that will affect the outcome of all this. I hope so. In the meantime I'll do what I can, not because I think one post will make a difference in and of itself, but because a war must be fought on multiple fronts.

I believe Dyer is too talented at what he's doing to implode without help, and every chance he gets at wider exposure entrenches the narrative he's trying to build. I certainly hope he fails by himself, but count me in the camp that thinks he needs a push or two along the way. 

Martin is not done yet, he has more, and it's directed at the Alamo Drafthouse.

"Davy Crockett, who died in the battle for which you've named your establishment, is well-known for the saying "Be always sure you are right, then go ahead."
On February 24 and 25, you will be hosting Rick Dyer and his Bigfoot exhibit in two of your locations.  Are you sure you are right to give this confidence man a stage on which to attract more followers?
Linked here is an open letter to you that details reasons why Dyer is not worthy of the Alamo.
Here are a few of the more urgent ones:"

You can read the rest of Martins post at

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Will The Real Dummy Maker Please Stand Up

Today's post comes from Paul E. Paul has had enough, as have all of us, so he posted his thoughts to a few Facebook groups.

" I am soooo tired of supposedly reputable people giving Rick Dyer any credence or plausibility whatsoever. I recently posted a screen grab from a SFX guy who confirmed he was contacted by Dyer to create a fake Bigfoot body. His price was to high for Mr Dyer. 

Thanks to the work of a small dedicated, diligent group of individuals we now know who did make the body. We know where it was made, when it was made, how it was made. The person in question refuses to come forward and admit to his handy work. This may be due to professional and/or legal reasons or simply pure embarrassment or shame. 

The very simple fact is that Rick Dyer is a known and serial hoaxer. This hoax (his fifth) is without doubt the most ludicrous to date. He has failed to provide one piece of scientific verifiable data to support his claim. His story has changed numerous times as indeed has the physical appearance of his 'dead Bigfoot'.

 If anyone out there in Bigfoot land still gives Dyer even a 0.00000000001% chance of actually having a dead Bigfoot then not even the voice of God will dissuade you from your stupidity."

Here are a few more pictures of Hank, the stuffed carpet.

Our friend Martin sent me an email and had a question of his own.

"This is one of the Cryptomundo photos turned around to show the face rightside-up. When I was a kid I used to have cheap rubber Halloween masks where the hair came unglued from the hard-edged, sculpted hairline that was recessed for the glued hair to sit into, and I thought of that instantly when I saw this photo. Does it resemble a real creature’s hairline to you?"

The arrow that Martin put here shows a spot where hair appears to be missing (maybe Rick burned it). Notice the curved line above the brow and below the hair. Hank does not have a brow ridge, so why does the upper portion of the head have and indentation? Is it possibly a guide for the artist to know where to start gluing down the hair?

 This looks a little out of place from my perspective. So, when is the real prop maker going to come forward?

I checked Freezer Boy's channel to see if he had another thrilling update for us. Sure enough, he did. Ricky is standing all by himself in the Home Depot parking lot...the same lot where he lied about seeing a Bigfoot in 2009. I kept just the first part of his short tough guy video because his own words speak about Rick Dyer in a nut shell. It's not how he meant it, but the words are still true.


One last thing folks. Don't be fooled by Dyer's new and exciting news, it's merely a distraction from the current issues. Rick has dropped another cloud of smoke in his magic show and it's designed to make people forget about pesky press conferences, CT scans and DNA verification. You know...proof.

Dyer has done this numerous times in the past. When the heat gets turned up or interest slows down, Rick will create a new adventure just for you. It's funny and disturbing at the same time.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Keefer Madness On The Adam Jones Show: Rick Dyer

I know I'm late with this but Saturday is my "need to get shit done" day. I'm now just sitting down with a beer and a smoke.

I listened to the interview and "priceless" doesn't even to begin to cover the sheer laughter I got out of this interview. Rick just makes new things up as he goes from interview to interview. It's too bad the radio stations don't know this...actually they do, I have been tweeting my blog posts to them.

This is what they had to say on their website:

"Rich Keefe interviews Rick Dyer, the man who caught Bigfoot, on the latest edition of Keefer Madness.
Like Bigfoot himself, Dyer was very hard to track down, and once he was finally on the line, the connection wasn’t great.
Talk about mystery and wonderment.
Dyer says he found a Bigfoot in 2008 which was already dead. But then, in a twist, the Bigfoot was stolen from him.
Later, he saw a Bigfoot dragging a deer across a road, an indication of the beastly power of the Bigfoot.
Dyer explains how he baited the Bigfoot and then caught him.
Listen to the whole interview. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime type of chat."

Here is the link to the interview. CBS Boston

 During this interview and previous interviews, Rick keeps telling these people the government took his body. Dyer is full of shit...again. Dyer has stated many, many, many, many  times that the 2008 hoax was just that, a HOAX. The guy can't even put on his big boy pants and admit he made a fool out of himself.

This is from Rick's own website, Bigfoot Today:

 I could keep showing all of you proof that Rick admitted 2008 was a hoax but I think Blogger has a limit. I'm sure Rick will say he was under a non-disclosure agreement and had to lie to everyone, it's his "go to" excuse for everything, unless things are "out of his control".

Face it, Rick Dyer is a pathological liar. Some people call him a sociopath, some call him a narcissist. What ever you want to call him, he just isn't right in the head, but that's my opinion. Dyer is so butthurt over the 2008 hoax that he has resorted to this gong show. I almost feel embarrassed for him.

I wonder if the government took the body from the 2009 hoax as well. It's funny, Rick never mentions this hoax. The problem with Dyer is he can never remember his lies or keep his stories straight. It's funny as hell.

I suppose Rick Dyer's booklet from last year is a lie as well, but he had no problem lying to anyone who would shell out the five bucks for it. I wonder if he still has it for sale on Amazon.

I could go on and on pointing out all of Rick's lies and inconsistencies but I would be here all night.

This is what a properly taxidermied primate looks like. Keep in mind, Gorillas are a known species. I would think extra care would be taken when allegedly mounting a newly discovered species but Dyer's Bigfoot dummy is simply a horrible prop. There is no way on this earth that the discovery of the modern age would be taxidermied by a bunch of bumbling and inexperienced  university students.
Do universities even teach taxidermy? I thought a person would have to attend a community college or trade school for that kind of vocation.

Taxidermy Gorillas:

Now let's compare Hank to the Gorillas:

For the life of me I can not understand why some people think this abomination is real. So many things have been pointed out by several taxidermists and several special effects artists, and all of them say this is a terrible taxidermy job if it's real OR it's a terrible prop.

Above is what has to be the stupidest thing ever spoken by Rick Dyer. Only a complete moron would believe that. At the end of the day there will be no real dead Bigfoot. There will be no legitimate scientific evidence released. There will be no absolute proof. People are paying to look at a big doll, nothing more.