Friday, March 28, 2014

Rick Dyer's Statement - Half Truth, Half Lies

There is so much to talk about. I hardly know where to begin, so I will start with Rick's "Official Statement". He issues these like candy.

I am going to post his full statement in bold white text and offer my comments in bold red text.

Official Statement

From this moment own I will speak the truth! No more lies, tall tales or wild goose chases to mess with the haters!
 Rick Dyer does not know what the truth really is, except when it works in his favour.

 No more longing into my hater acct to heat the pot. All the so called info the haters received came from either me or a team members that I directed . True or not we just wanted people to talk eg.Prop maker, Addresses, People involved. It was crazy just for the attention!
This blog received no false information from any TT member OR Rick Dyer. I would know if that illiterate emailed me. Nobody gave us any addresses. I am blessed with being surrounded by very talented people. Two of them found all of Rick's home addresses based off of a few photos and some videos Rick posted. THAT is the truth. We told Dyer this when he booted Jason Judd but Dyer would not listen.
  Chris Russell was found by our amateur detectives via one photograph and direction of travel. These two people on our team would put real detectives to shame and I am proud to know them. 

The people on my tour knew everything from day one, They just didn't expect me to ever come clean, They thought they could say anything they wanted and I couldn't respond without giving my self up!.. 
Another lie. Here is an excerpt from a message exchange with Dale Boswell:
" 4) Up until the past few weeks, and as far as I know, everyone in Team Tracker believed that "Hank" was a real dead bigfoot, including myself. It was February 21, 2014, during the tour, that me and Andrew actually got to touch the body. And Rick was present. It was in Katy, Texas. What happened was, somehow the display case had gotten damaged during the trip from San Antonio to Katy. (probably my driving!) Anyhow, we pulled over into a Lowes parking lot, about an hour before they closed. One of the boards was broken and the lower third "plexi-glass" panel had shattered. While cleaning out the case, Andrew reached down and "squeezed" Hanks toe. He looked up at me (Andrew, not Hank!), and then I "squeezed" a toe. It was then that we realized that maybe, it was fake."

Excerpts from messages I exchanged with Andrew Clacy:  " the body on tour is a fake rick told me himeself in Daytona" "I thought it was real until texas"  "then I questioned, is it real? Is it part real?"  "We touched the feet, and started to ask does this feel like a taxidermi?
of course I had never felt a taxidermi, so I was no expert"

I've learned from past mistakes and I knew not to put to much trust in people. I found out quick I couldn't trust my house guest.
Damage control by Rick Dyer.
 I had a baby monitor in there room the wholetime. It was funny to me that they kept telling on each other to me, leaving out what they said of corse. It was a big game to me watching the greed and seeing what people would do and how far people would go for money!
Rick paid them next to nothing for their three month stay and 6 day work weeks.
We added it up last night here is what people made including Cash, meals and entertainment.

A. $11,668 + $260 bank he didn't return , $600 Samsung S4, and $1435 for a 2 year contract Over $5000 in cash
 Lies, according to Andrew Clacy: "rick paid for our meals and around $400 cash"

L $6235 + $600 i phone and $1435 for a two year contract
Almost $4000 in cash

I have not spoken to Lynk

D $200 ticket and meals
I did not ask Dale. Perhaps Dale can confirm or deny this amount.

C $250 ticket and meals
I have not spoken to Craig

M.$800 cash and a plain ticket to and from Vegas

Coming clean about everything is necessary for a new start!
Rick is trying to give himself a new makeover for the fifth or tenth time. I have lost track.

*Musky never saw the body, We stayed at hotel all night playing slots. He only wanted to mess with the Bigfoot community and I took advantage of that.
My message to Musky has gone unanswered as of right now. Nice of Rick Dyer to throw another lyal friend under the bus. Andrew told me Musky almost layed an ass whooping on Dyer during his visit. Maybe Musky can confirm it.

* The Body in the trailer is similar to the hight and size only
of the real thing.

LIE! Rick Dyer did not kill a Bigfoot. Get over it folks. Rick Dyer is reinventing his story again because this hoax failed miserably. Rick Dyer is an utter failure.

* Andrew acct was not hacked , he used one of my laptops and when I turned it on a conversation with Dale was on the screen. I read it and found out what was going on. Took about 300 screen shots and logged out. There is nothing to give back because I never had it.
Lie: Password help for Select one of the options below to reset your password:Confirm access to my recovery email:"
Rick Dyer hijacked Andrew's Gmail account by disallowing Andrew access to change his password. Rick may have not hijacked Andrew's Facebook account but he did break in to it. Dyer was not authorized to be on Andrew's facebook page and that is against Facebook policy.
Have you noticed that Rick can not accept blame for anything?

* We all was expecting over 200k in Daytona ,when that didn't happen ,People started trying cover there ass Andrew left when I was gone picking up the wife and kids from the airport and took the money from that day and turned his phone off. The only reason Andrew is making the false claims is to look good for and befriend the haters so they wont attack his side businesses.
Lies, according to Andrew: "he looks at himself on his tablet for hours, can not pick up the phone to make a business call needed me to do his dirty work" "barely came out in Daytona, because he was not a star there" "at times he was yelling at me to get a location
I was getting knock backs, they needed at least a weeks notice
this is what happened
you have to undertand for the 1st part of the road trip I believe, the 2nd part I was up in air
not sure if it was real, part real all fake"

* When we was in Spokane, WA , Andrew was the camera man and we filmed many different scenarios.
Lies, according to Andrew Clacy: "I was left behind because Rick needed me to do my job."
"Lynk was there to pick it up, but Rick bribed him with nasty stuff
I have a video of me waiting at the walmart"

*Lynk knew before he came but to be fair he did say that, he would only agree if we would really go hunting for Bigfoot in hopes of trying to get one himself.
I have not spoken to Lynk but Andrew told me if Lynk didn't play along that" Basically said that he would never get back into the country again"

* Miniola TX was false, I saw nothing and played off a women's obsession. I just wanted to make a movie!! and that I did. Lynk ,Andrew and Craig believed that something was out there....But it was just me shaking the bus and throwing
stuff on the top of the bus...Can't say what happened once I left but I gave them a Bigfoot experience minis the Bigfoot!

I have not been able to confirm or refute this but Jason Judd told me a completely different story. JJ can go in to detail if he wishes to do so.

* Craig got off bus because ,he don't finish anything, Lynk got off to kill a Bigfoot that wasn't there. I tried to get them to stay but couldn't. 
I was told by a source that Craig and Lynk were dumped there and abandoned.

* The tour was successful only because it opened peoples mind to Bigfoot and when it comes down to money Andrew made 20% $11,668 Plus Plus and Lynk made over 10 %
$6235 Plus Plus.,,,,,,,,The kids and all my fans smiles would have been payment enough for me....

 Seriously? Rick just admitted to fraud. Rick Dyer LIED to small children and their parents!! Way to go Rick. Make a buck from lying to kids. I bet you feel gosh darn swell putting smiles on their wee faces while you lied to them.

* My Fans I truly love you and I did shot and kill one Bigfoot
on 09/06/2012 with Morgan Mathews. 

BULLSHIT! YOU are a liar Ricky Traylor Chuck Dyer. First, you don't love your fans, you love their money. Second, you didn't kill anything. How does idiot manage to dress himself in the morning? Do they make Garanimals for adults?

* The Tent Video is 100% real and filmed with Morgan. FBFB has the Video complete with sound to prove that Morgan was with me!
The tent video showing an alleged Bigfoot is not real and it can easily be faked. No proof has been shown to verify the authenticity of the video. No hair samples. No saliva. No foot print photos and/or casts. Morgan Matthews has never claimed to be with Rick when the tent video was recorded.

*Not trying to be a smart ass , But when I said the haters made this happen and made me money that was the truth!
 Lies. We did everything to prevent him from making money and to a certain degree, we succeeded.

Controversy sales in a very big way.. It wasn't Andrew that made the media come a monkey can make a phone call... it was the haters and I really thank them for that...

Yes. People love a good train wreck and they love to laugh at stupid people.

Everyone that went on my tour had less than $100 in the bank with nothing going for them, some didn't even own a car.I made their life better, I never treated anyone bad, Im a joker , I play around thats just me.... 
No proof of this claim from Rick Dyer.

Team Tracker will be reformed and Tim Fricke will still be president. We will continue with the second leg of the tour that is already booked. The side show will continue to inform people about Bigfoot..
At least Rick still has one delusional believer willing to take shit and abuse for free. Good luck Tim Fricke. You will need it. Talk to you in 6 months or less.

I have made lots of people mad but 1000X more smile!
Those 1000X smiles will come kick your ass when they find out you lied to them. You lied to news reporters and radio hosts as well. Let's not forget all of the online news sources you lied to.

I can't and won't give you a date of anything to do with the real body because I don't know.
Lie. You do not have a real Bigfoot body. You're making yourself look like a complete moron. Maybe someone can colour you a picture of what that looks like.

*After the shot will be sent out on April 15th 2014.
This one made me laugh.

*I'm working with a attorney that has donated his services for free.
This one made me laugh harder. Rich boy needs a free lawyer.

The Future is bright for Team Tracker and thanks for the support! We are making history!
No one came to me with any problems at all when they was here in my face! It;s all done from behind a keyboard.
Making history by being the laughing stock of the Bigfoot community and now the laughing stock of folks everywhere. Well played you simpleton.

I will say I have so much junk and drama that I can show and tell you, screen shots emails ,and more! But i'm just not that way anymore... 
 You always say you have proof of many things but never show any proof. Could you be any dumber?

That is the 100% truth guys! 
100% pure horse shit.

Thanks and God Bless
You should be careful. God may smite you.

All of the interactions reported above pertaining to Andrew Clacy took place LAST NIGHT, well before Rick came "clean". The fact of the matter is Rick didn't want to take any responsibility for his actions, so he went in to damage control.
  If anyone doubts me, I will simply ask Andrew if I can post the screen shots of our conversations. We have nothing to hide.
Andrew and I have settled our past with each other in private.

We talked about this here first. Many people doubted us. Thanks to the tireless work of some our team, we were able to find Chris Russell, the Bigfoot propmaker. Robert Lindsay called us haters. Rick Dyer and his followers including a well known troll called us liars. FB/FB and Chris Noel refused to believe it was a prop.
  I have to give kudos to Chris for not cracking under pressure. He maintained customer confidentiality until Rick gave him permission to speak on the matter. I sent Chris a PM and received a reply.

"I said I did make it. he said the secret project codeword and said he wouldnt break confidentialyt contract but I could if wanted to. I have been under contract." 

  I think it is time for FB/FB to shut down their fan page. It's also time for Chris Noel to quietly reflect on this... to himself. I have to wonder who Robert's sources were because I hope they never contact me.

We have a bunch of other news for you that you may find interesting and they come in no particular order.

There is a rumor floating around that Rick Dyer cheated on his wife Lily. According to Andrew, this is true and it happened more than once.
  Rick had a fling with one women more than once and at least one time with another woman.

According to Andrew, Rick would post a photo showing the "OK" hand sign to let the woman know he was thinking about her. I do know her name but I am not at liberty to mention it. The name of the other woman was not given to me.

Andrew did leave me another tid-bit:

"a blonde school friend came on the bus in Alabama but let when rick hit on her
 her son was in the car

Almost all of us had noticed that the "likes" on Rick's fan page increased rapidly and many of us suspected that Rick purchased these "likes"

Andrew provided me with this link to Fiverr. Andrew stated to me that Rick's real "likes" are around 3,000, not the almost 11,000 shown on his page.

While I sit here typing away, I just got a message from Andrew. We now have proof that Rick did more than just poke around on Andrew's Facebook page.
  This is how Rick explains what he did.
This is what really happened.

Rick Dyer lies at every turn. Even the smallest of details is fabricated by Rick. Some where in that huge melon, Dyer thinks this makes him more believable. Obviously he did more than poke around.

Rick has mentioned on numerous occasions that he is on permanent disability but he never said why.

"Can you tell me about his army incident. We know he went AWOL but not how he got disability."

"Actually Lynk is going to write up the details
but basically he he threw himself of an army tank to get home
he landed in oil
the helicpoter picked him up
he was 100% ok"

"Was he hurt? Did he fake an injury? I don't understand"

"until the helicopter crashed
the he was really hurt"

" Ohhhhh"

" but his comanding officers knew he was lying"

" rick recorded a conversation and went above his head, in the end Rick had weeks at home"

 "Rick ratted on a commanding officer?"

 "yes, above his head"

Rick Dyer has been at this con game longer than I thought. I guess only the U.S. Army could verify this story. Maybe some upstanding tax paying citizen will make an inquiry in to this.
Veterans with missing limbs have to fight tooth and nail with the government for anything they get while people like Rick Dyer just skate through life with little care for anyone else, especially armed forces personnel.

I'm sure I have more to tell all of you but we can continue this as I receive more information.
Before I go, I would like to add a message sent to me by Dale Boswell.

"1) Despite the rumor, I have never given Rick Dyer any money, and he never ask me to. It is true however, I did offer, but he always refused to take it. And for the record, he did pay for my trip to Texas, to join the tour.
 2) I have invested way too much time and money into visiting Rick, and doing graphics, than I probably should have. But again, it was my choice. He never ask me for anything. In fact, several members of Team Tracker has helped me, financially, so we could afford to go to Vegas. I won't mention their names, but I do publically thank them. 
3) Rick insinuated that Robin "faked her illness" to get me home from the tour. The truth is, she had an intestinal blockage. Her doctor treated her, prescribed some medicine and sent her home. Unfortunately, she had a severe allergic reaction to the medicine. The doctors said that if my daughter (who doesn't drive), hadn't reacted as she did, and found a way to get Robin to the hospital, that she could have very well died. And, true, when we got there (two days later!), she had recovered and was being released from the hospital. I do thank Rick for going out of his way to get me back to Alabama. 4) Up until the past few weeks, and as far as I know, everyone in Team Tracker believed that "Hank" was a real dead bigfoot, including myself.
 It was February 21, 2014, during the tour, that me and Andrew actually got to touch the body. And Rick was present. It was in Katy, Texas. What happened was, somehow the display case had gotten damaged during the trip from San Antonio to Katy. (probably my driving!) Anyhow, we pulled over into a Lowes parking lot, about an hour before they closed. One of the boards was broken and the lower third "plexi-glass" panel had shattered. While cleaning out the case, Andrew reached down and "squeezed" Hanks toe. He looked up at me (Andrew, not Hank!), and then I "squeezed" a toe. It was then that we realized that maybe, it was fake. And honestly, even Rick appeared to be surprised.
 I had spent the whole week, telling hundreds of paying customers, and swearing on my life, that it was a real dead bigfoot. As did Andrew. Boy, did I feel like an 'ole fool. Still, I kept trying to come up with a legitimate answer, and telling myself that maybe, just maybe, that is what a "taxidermy, human looking toe" felt like! Hell, I have never touched an embalmed toe before! Have you? Anyhow, we repaired the case, and basically did not discuss it anymore, at least while I was there. Still, even after what happened in Daytona, I desperately want to believe that I, just an 'ole has-been, country singer, was once in the presence of an actual dead Bigfoot body. But, probably not."


  1. Nothing to add. Dyeria your days are numbered. It is only a matter of time before more hater karma comes down the pike. Making kids embarrassed in front of their classmates? Seriously? Rot in Hell, motherfucker.

    1. Yeah.....bringing children into his 'I'll fuck over anyone for buck' scenario doesn't fit well with me also.

    2. You're not the only one. This comment was posted under Rick's posting of the "Happy" song.

      Elias Koteas
      How can you be Happy? If you want to be happy then return the money you tricked and robbed from little kids and their parents for entertaining you and your teams lazy asses instead of getting a real job. How can you be happy when the kids are sad by your trick and their are parents who wasted time and money just to come see you in addition to paying your fees. you did not provoke the thoughts of those kids. now when they know of the fraud they will look at everything skeptically. Shame on you. but the fault is also with the sheep in this country who are not educated or are educated but are juist sheep who continue to encourage fraud instead of using their common sense. happy yeah right! allways telling year after year that you will turn honest just to start another hoax.
      3 · 3 hours ago

  2. If I had known that crow tasted like this, I'd have been punching them down my throat like mad the past few months.

  3. Great Job, Randy! I am finally glad to hear that we finally have the proof, we all knew existed, to discredit this asshole. I hope this all shuts up Noel and Lindsay.

  4. I hate my husband, he a cheeter and lyar. I will hit him with big hammer after he fall asleep toonite. It want be long, as he drink to much and take to many pills.

  5. thanks randy for the hard work.

  6. What is the deal with musky? Why is Andrew defending him (don't talk bad about musky) and why are we concerned that he threw a "loyal friend" under the bus? Musky is every bit as evil and criminally minded as dyer.

    1. Please don't let musky turn "states evidence". It was him who gave dyer credibility and drew a bunch of people in. Don't let him pretend he's a hater now. Remember he was sued by Illinois for scamming homeowners. A criminal who needs to be flushed down the drain with dyer. Don't give him a break randy.

    2. I had no such intention of doing that. Mt "loyal friend" comment was in reference to Rick. Rick cares very little for friendship if he is willing to throw the man pillar of his story under the bus.
      That was the point of my comment.

  7. Randy...thank you for all the hard are the main reason Dyer failed.
    Maybe you can relax soon knowing it was a job well done.

  8. This implosion was some time coming. I wonder if Lily will read about Ricks cheating? Probably not as she likely doesn't come here. We will never see Link again, he is banned from the USA forever for blowing his visa to smithereens on a massive overstay. I hope that Clacy can chef some light on Dyers black eye? I always wanted to know the truth on that one, but thought it was Craig.
    The question is Clacy and other ousted TT members that were cheated, abused, financially raped and just downright taken advantage of- WHAT ARE YOU ALL GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? Sue Dyer? Not likely. Can you out every dark secret you know on Dyer? You should, you owe him nothing and should get some revenge.
    I also want to know did Boswell really loan Dyer $10k and take out a loan?
    Tell us the truth about Harsh and a Dyer on the desert bf trip- what's the low down?
    How much did Craig get paid for real? Lynk and yourself?
    Did Dyer feed you on the trip? If so was it mcdonalds every night?
    What is Dyers new home address?

    Start answering these things Clacy, you know Dyer will be fucking you at every chance and he has been all along anyways.

    1. Some of those answers are actually in the post...

  9. Randy Filipovic is an American hero!

  10. Randy thank you for ending this! RD will try this again I'm sure of it. But he will always know in the bak of his little peanut brain that you and your people shut him down! He may of made a little bit of money but the show is over! I would just like to thank a few contributors for their awesome investigations and comments that really helped end this thing in my opinion!

    Randy -obviously (my vote for best blog)
    AL carter- speaks the truth and is just an awesome human being.
    DYCK RYDER- one of my favorites! Has tons of info enjoy his posts!
    Steve- love his youtube videos and seems very determined to end dyer!

    You guys did an amazing job with this, the work that has been put into this blog is astounding.
    I salute all of you with my beer held high, while dyer sits in the corner of his in-laws basement, lonely and afraid like he will forever be! CHEERS !

  11. My bad disregard the Boswell donation question. Anything else above though beside that question I am just looking for some elaboration on. For example how much Dyer paid you- how EXACTLY did it work? I mean when Dyer scored $4000 for a tv interview (allegedly) that Clacy essentially set up- did you all get cuts? Did you get weekly pay? Details!

    The a Dyer black eye- can that be elaborated on or is it truly not that exciting?

    Did those tv shows really pay out a lot?

    Where did Dyers funding come from? Do you have details on his investors? All the shit he bought and buys on a regular basis costs a lot! Where is it coming from? FbFB? Details please!

    1. only 1 TV show paid. Black eye came from a gun kick back.

    2. Most TV news shows don't pay. In most cases you have to be a member of SAG, AFTRA, or a local musicians union to get paid from the few that do pay - at least that's how it used to be

  12. Dallas Gilbert said on Steve Kulls' show last night that he heard that Dyer shot two Bigfoot on that lady's property that told him in Texas she had Bigfoot on her property and allegedly killed one of them. Once again, the bullshit is getting deep. Now he is REALLY trying to do damage control. Steve Kulls had a great line referring to hoaxers-manure salesmen with mouthfuls of samples. LOL

  13. Yes would love to know about the black eye !

    As well as his main investor GUY CANNON, who rented him the rv and money in advance from what I've read. (No confirmation but heard it thru the vine) did guy cannon know it was a fake Andrew!??? And the black eye thing please tell lol

    1. Guy is a really nice man. He was not the investor. He thought it was real.

    2. ok in one of ricks videos he is at guys ranch and says "i would like you to meet my investor guy cannon" are you sure he didnt invest with rick? he does seem really nice though

    3. Then who WAS the investor??

    4. In another video he slips and says the Cannons paid $5300 for "bonded security" to bring a shag rug back from Spokane. Now, of course, we know it was to pay for Hank. How does Guy feel now that he knows he was swindled by his great friend? I remember the other Cannon brother from FBFB and how obnoxious he was and condescending. Sucks to get burned but WE TOLD YOU SO.

  14. Randy, did Clacy and whoever else, mention they are going to contact the media outlets that published this garbage to let them know it was a hoax? They certainly should. The more articles written about Dyer being a hoaxer and conman the more difficult it will make his life going forward.

  15. "* Miniola TX was false, I saw nothing and played off a women's obsession. I just wanted to make a movie!! and that I did. Lynk ,Andrew and Craig believed that something was out there....But it was just me shaking the bus and throwing
    stuff on the top of the bus...Can't say what happened once I left but I gave them a Bigfoot experience minis the Bigfoot!
    I have not been able to confirm or refute this but Jason Judd told me a completely different story. JJ can go in to detail if he wishes to do so. "

    Jason Judd is as delusional as Dyer. If it was real, where is the proof??
    These guys will believe anything. It is ridiculous.

    1. Ok Rick if it's so false release the footage.... But you don't want everyone in the world seeing "The best bigfoot tracker in the world" acting scared out of his whits like a pussy. No courage at all that night.

    2. Great job as usual Randy! SO GLAD this farce has finally crumbled -

      I've visited Lyer's facebook page a few times since confronting him in Daytona. Today he said,

      "Everybody thinks I'm an a****** because I don't talk behind peoples back - No cowardness here...".

      Along with everything else about him and his scams, I take exception to his claims that 'there's no cowardness here', along with other post he's made accusing people of 'hiding behind their keyboards because they're too afraid to confront him face-to-face'. I have video/audio PROOF that this is a blatant lie, and am in the process of getting the video ready to post on YouTube. In it you'll hear me tell him TO HIS FACE, loud enough for everyone around to hear, that he's 'a damn liar' and 'everything about his deal is a damned lie', and he's never seen a 'Bigfoot' - dead or alive, to say nothing about killing one', and a bunch of other stuff not fit to print
      here, but it' on the video. What you WONT hear is ONE WORD from Lyer - NOT ONE!! When I started in on him he said, 'well I don't know what to tell you sir', but those words are barely audible because he was walking away fast as he could when he said them. I said, 'I KNOW you don't know what to tell me - you know damn well this is nothing but a farce and you're taking advantage of people.'

      Evidently when he got behind the trailer to hide he sent some guy who was obviously sloshed out to try to diffuse the scene unravelling at his booth, who said, "Man, how do you KNOW it's not real? You know they're finding thousands of new species on earth everyday", to which I replied, "They'll not find any new species in that little box you boys are toting around in there - nothing but 'PlayDo' and shag carpet"...

      My point is, he's always accusing OTHER people of being cowards and 'hiding behind their keyboards' - but you'll see that when the 'kaka hits the oscillating device', Ricky Lyer is the coward who hides behind a keyboard (now from his inlaw's home in Rogers, Arkansas).

      After months of watching this stupidity go on and on, hours spent on forums trying to reason with people who lack the capacity for such - like 'Cathiee' and Noel, begging people not to send this clown money when he begging for donations for the homeless, begging folks not to pay for DVDs that don't exist, and on and on - I took great satisfaction in confronting him where everyone around his booth could hear what was being said, and stopping a squad of Police we encountered on our way out to report "a guy set-up at 405 Main claiming to have a dead body on display and is trying to charge people to see it within TEN FEET of where food is being served, which you KNOW aint right, and of course if he DON'T have the dead body he's claims to have - then he's hoaxing the
      good folks down here for Bike Week, and you KNOW the Bikers aren't going to go for that"....My BIG regret is not following the Police back over there to document what happened. I'd encourage anyone who hears about Lyer being in your
      area with this foolishness to contact the Police about it.

      Glad it's over. If anyone even contemplates believing another word that comes out of Lyer's, Issleb's, Noel's, or that 'FB/FB' bunch's mouths ever again - I'll not exert a breathe or thought in trying to tell 'em any different. I've had enough Ricky Lyer and his scams to do me a lifetime -

    3. 12:14 wasn't there. He/she knows nothing.

    4. larry perkinsSaturday, March 29, 2014 9:28:00 AM
      "nothing but 'PlayDo' and shag carpet"...
      lol......thanks Larry and I was hoping you would come thru with eh video you mentioned, did you happpen to catch any video/audio when the woman called him a 'wife beater' too?

    5. I meant to say, 'begging people not to send this clown money when he was begging for donations for the homeless' - does anyone remember that? Lyer begged and begged folks to send HIM money for the relief of 'the homeless' down in San
      Antonio (where his little 'chunky chalky white underwear-clad ass was filmed firing blanks at his buddy in a suit' skit was
      filmed). Of course the folks interviewed who lived there said
      they never saw any of the money he supposedly collected for
      them, and we KNOW he collected some money because people
      whose honesty is beyond doubt (far as I'm concerned) SAID
      they sent money to him to be distributed amongst the home-
      less. How he managed to skate by that one without
      being taken to task for it is beyond me. Maybe they'll get him
      yet for that and some of his other blatantly fraudulent schemes
      to defraud folks.

      I sure appreciate everything you've done, Randy, along with Steve Kulls, Steve Lane, Don Boucher, Eugene Hampton, Thomas Berlin, and others to try to keep folks informed and warned about this foolishness that was allowed to go on for FAR too long...

      Glad you made it home safely, Andrew. You seemed like a nice guy the day we saw you in Daytona. Seemed obvious you weren't comfortable in the situation you were in with Lyer, but maybe just weren't sure how to get out of it. Glad you figured it out and got away before the ship sank. If you thought being stuck with Lyer in a RV dragging a silly looking fake 'Bigfoot' around all over the place was bad - just imagine how fun it would be to be stuck with him all cramped up at his inlaws house in Arkansas...

    6. TEAM PERKINS!!! Chu chu! Woohoo Larry, you're BAD ASSI can't wait for your video. Literally. I can't wait! When can we expect a few snippets? I'm sure you're probably busy with other stuff, but your video would be icing on this very delicious cake. We are reveling in Team Perkins victory. I await with anticipation good sir.

    7. Thanks Mr. Lucas - yes sir, there is audio of a couple people (not me) talking rather loudly about Lyer beating up on his pregnant wife "right here in Daytona" and imploring bystanders to not patronize him and his $5.00 exhibit on account of it - not that anyone was lined up to see his old carpet with a Silly Putty head 'Bigfoot' dummy to begin with. He was just surrounded by other vendors who WERE doing business and these Ladies wanted to be sure everyone knew about Lyer in case they were even thinking about coughing up the $5.00 to see what was in the box.

      One of the more humorous portions of the clips is when a Lady walks up and observes, 'So the 'T' shirts are $15.00 - but it only cost $5.00 to see the exhibit. You KNOW something's wrong when a 'T' shirt cost more than the exhibit!'
      I regret that during most of our encounter my phone was in the bib of my overalls recording only video - I had 'Banjo's leash in one hand and a cane in the other, but did manage to capture some video and will include ample evidence in the YouTube video that substantiates the veracity of my account of what happened the day we met Lyer in Daytona. Andrew Clacy was there, though I don't know how much he heard/saw of what happened because he seemed to be the only one there trying to do any work.
      After my initial confrontation with Lyer raced off, grabbed what looked like an iPad, and took off behind the trailer. He only came back out briefly to ask one of the Ladies why she was telling folks about him beating up his pregnant wife, to which she said, 'because you did it - want me to pull up the police report with your picture on it?' He asked her if she believed everything on the internet that's said about President Obama's real name and birthplace, to which she replied, 'What does Obama have to do with you beating up on your pregnant wife?' - then he took off again. Next thing we heard was Dyer had left Daytona later that evening or early the next morning - 10 days prior to his scheduled departure, and the Daytona Bike Week folks were trying to sell the 'T' shirts they had made for his exhibit at 1/2 price. They still have a BUNCH of 'Bigfoot 'T' shirts for sale at bargain bin prices so I hear. Reckon they found out there's no demand for 'T' shirts with a phony 'Bigfoot' printed in the middle of 'em with the bikers in Daytona (-:

    8. When he said last year he was taking in money for the homeless I knew he was a scammer. It is what drove me to shut him down.

      Did anyone else notice in the movie about how bad Dyeria talks about the homeless and then in his so called reenactment at the site he continues to bitch about them?

      Dyeria will most likely be on that side of the fence soon. Karma is a coming.

  16. It's been a week of bombshells for sure and nearly all were provided to us by POS himself.LOL! Many of us here understand that Dyeria is not a stupid man, he's extremely sly and conniving, but he's not really stupid in the true sense.The difference now since TT has been dissolved, he doesn't have anyone to watch over him or prevent his behavioural outbursts and psychological meltdowns.

    Everything has been proven false with one exception, he's still claiming and maintaining that he still shot & killed a bigfoot in SA in 2012. That lie will be busted eventually too.

    I actually considered that MAYBE Dyeria didn't do anything immoral to gain access to Clacy's account, other than just seeing the page already opened. However, the new evidence does seem to show that he purposely requested a password reset on an account that isn't his and THAT is criminal.

    I still hate the whole lot of them and as far as I am concerned they all perpetrated and facilitated this hoax on various incriminating levels. The main players who held the most clout were: Christopher Noel, FB/FB, Musky Allen and Robert Lindsay. On Team Crapper; Jason Judd, Dale Boswell, Jake Sannar, Lynk Paul, Craig Phillips, Andrew Clacy, Chris Sands, Melissa Harsh and Frank Cali too. And then the less pertinent players: Wayne Williams, Paul Coleman, Tishana Lane, Jackie Pridemore, Jacki Leighton-Boyce, Big G, Walter Shrum, Joerg Hensiek and so many, many others who simply refused to use any of the common sense that Dyeria kept suggesting they use to weigh out the pros and cons.

    Sorry for the long post, so many things to say about this entire waste of time and effort. It's not completely over yet though and I know/hope many won't give up until he's buried for good. There's still one more lie that needs to be busted and I hope that it happens sooner, rather than later.

    Randy, thank heavens for this site and all the 'good' it's doing.

    1. Al, I have known Andrew for more than 25 years and I can assure you that he was not an original participant in the PRick Liar hoax.

      I was in occasional contact with Andrew before, during and after the trip to the US. We have spoken about his experience in detail once he returned home and it appears that there may be more to disclose in coming weeks.

      In regard to the other people mentioned in your comments above, I can not add any further information because I only know Andrew.


  17. I am happy to show the last 3 months of credits made into my bank account. Rick has no one to back his claims because he makes them up as he goes. I have people who were treated like dogs who can back me up. His circus is over. Thanks for admitting you have 300 screen shots of inside my accounts I was waiting you stupid idiot.

  18. I can back up Dale's statement to 100% correct. You can take his word over's Dyer's.

    1. What about the RV Andrew?Was it a rental?

    2. Andrew told me Rick purchased the bus for $13,000.

    3. What? Not $150,000? lol

  19. Andrew. What does Kim Little think about all this?

    1. I will let Kim say what he thinks. He has not been around lately, that says something.

  20. Someone commented that the biggest revelations have come from dyers mouth, but that's the problem. Nothing dyer says is the truth so why believe him now that's why Randy was refuting each comment. That's why we would be better served if the information was coming directly from you Clacy and other tt members. Dyer will never stop unless there was someone there other then him or Morgan Matthews to say he never shot squat.

    1. I don't have to lie. Dyer does that for the smallest things. For example we (Dyer, Lynk & I) were at KFC, Lily rang and asked him where we were. He told her we are on the road on the way back home. Lynk looked at me and shook his head in disgust.

  21. So, my guess is RD will NOT be posting his hangout session with Chris Russell. How very convenient.

  22. @Andrew Clacy: Can you clarify whether or not you still believe Dyer might have a Bigfoot corpse?

    1. I would love to 100% say he does not. There is a slight (20%) chance that there is. All I know I can't believe a word Rick says anymore.

    2. I got a buddy that met you in San Antonio, named Chris (bearded guy) and he bought the DVD's Dyer was peddling. Did you ever see Dyer make an honest attempt to make good on delivering said DVD's?

    3. You see, THIS is why Clacy and Boswell and the other assholes deserve zero respect from anyone. In the same breath he says you can't believe anything Dyer says BUT there is still a chance he really did shoot and kill a bigfoot. Are you mentally handicapped? What is wrong with you people? Who exactly do you think made the claim that he shot a BF? Dyer did you assholes. No one else!! The only other person involved, MM, claims he saw nothing of the sort and was knocked down by a guy in a suit. What is wrong with you??? Holy shit you are dumb.

    4. At this point I think the Rick Dyer faithful would continue to believe even if Dyer himself confessed it was all a fraud.

  23. So what exactly happened in Daytona? It sounds like you and Dale touched Hank in Katy and that at that time you started to question its authenticity.

    What happened in Daytona specifically that caused you and Musky to jump ship?

    Also, can you confirm that Hank's penis was modeled after Rick's? :) Albeit Hank's was slightly bigger!

    1. I can't tell you anything about whose penis was modeled after whose - or if any of that bunch even has one: I do know there was a woeful deficiency of balls around there.

      If you're interested in reading a Truthful account of what happened in Daytona you can refer back to Randy's March 12th edition of this blog, and there's a bit more added in this list of comments under my name. Hoping to have a YouTube video posted soon that will provide some audio/visual to illustrate the written accounts.
      Maybe Mr. Clacy will add his take on what happened around their 'exhibit' after we left..

  24. Clacy,

    Why do you seem so calm about the last three months you spent in the company of a sociopath and what's taking you so long to react? He's dismissed you and after all this time and like many other expendable minions, you were used and abused without conscience. Wouldn't you agree?

    Do you have the ammunition against him or not? This is your personal fight against him but it doesn't really seem like you intend to do anything about it.

    What is your purpose and desire here? Is this just an alternative venue for you to vent your frustrations and because you were so incredibly stupid & gullible to believe Dyer in the first place?

    Why and what are you waiting for?

    1. Thanks Al that's what I really wanted to say to Clancy just didn't do it as direct.
      Anon 1:38

    2. Clacy (dang auto correct)

  25. As I've said before I'm pretty new to all of this I just finally found FBFB page lol. What a bunch of shit they're peddling! Paid dyer to view hank!? Wow does anyone think they will actually shut down their site now that's it's been confirmed by everyone that's had anything to do with it ???

    1. Chris,

      FB/FB was a farce and a joke from the beginning. Those two guys wouldn't know the difference between a cowbird and a starling. Every shadow or leaf flutter to them, was eviidence of an elusive bigfoot hiding and camouflaging itself.

      The guys at FB/FB said they would shut down their site and after Dyer's evidence & claims weren't substantiated last May by the Shooting Bigfoot mockumentary. This came and went but FB/FB never shut down, but they SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR 6 MONTHS on their page.

      Nothing has really changed since then and hundreds if not thousands of people are still railing and ranting for them to close their site. It's a complete fraud and hoax built on the backs of other hoaxers and fraudsters.

    2. No, I don't. They essentially have only posted once since the release of the movie anyway, however for some weird reason they are still getting new Likes every day.

      They should shut it down though...if they had any balls

    3. Thank you Al and Anon, I agree I noticed they had been quiet for a while since they got "dyered" the pics of hank up close are laughable. There is so much glue and air bubbles on that body lol! Wow total disbelief that they would agree that rug was real wth

  26. Does anyone else see a resemblance between all of the ex-TT members and people that have been rescued from cults?

    From Jason Judd, to Andrew Clacy and Big Jake, they all admit that they were fooled and in some cases they even apologized for their actions. However they still have this fear of upsetting their supreme leader (in this case Dicky Dyer).

    It's amazing that Rick can be over on his website slamming away at their good name and the most we hear are tidbits here and tidbits there.

    We're left having to interrogate it out of them and we're getting partial answers. My suggestion to these guys would be just to lay it all out there. I don't really care if you implicate yourself if you sink the supreme leader of your hoaxing cult. If you were promised tens of thousands of be it. I think a lot of people on this board would have probably taken the cash (or possibility of cash) if it was offered to them as well. Just come clean.

    Start from the beginning...who paid for the trailer, the RV, the body, etc. What was FB/FB involvement? Was Morgan Matthews and Rick ever in contact with one another? How much of the tour was pre-booked and how much was ad-hoc? Did you guys ever post fake information on this site, if so under which accounts? Was Lily evicted? What happened with Musky? What happened in Mineola? Spill the beans guys...stop protecting the douchebag. He is gearing up for a fresh cycle in a couple of months and you guys should do your part to ensure that he doesn't make another cent from these types of hoaxes.

    1. and don't forget the DVDs. I don't think they exist but can you confirm? Have you seen any other footage that Rick hasn't shared with the rest of us? Did you know that Rick was lying when he said he had two bigfoot bodies? Damn this is a long list...

    2. I do agree with you somewhat, anon 3:46

      Cults, religions...both of these type of groups have a long history of violence, abuses and wrongdoings. In the name of good, God and what's 'right', why leave so much destructive ideologies solely based on myths.

      I roll my eyes every time when thinking about the many narrow minded, shallow, cruel and selfish humans on the planet. And NO, I DON'T think or feel I'm better than anyone else. What I have a problem with is a society that chooses to be ignorant or oblivious to important, social issues that affect all of humanity, the natural world and ultimately the planet itself.

      New day, Saturday...gotta run!

  27. I agree. Getting tidbits here and there is tantalizing, but annoying. Tell the whole story. Make your statements. Answer the questions we've been asking. Thank you.

  28. Anyone got the convo with Chris Russell from last night? I see Laura had posted it in the last blog comments but deleted them. Please post if you've got it. Thanks.

  29. I wish that I had Christopher Noel's ability to cling to hope--holy crap. That dude could be standing on a sinking ship and would tell everyone "Don't worry. The angels will swoop down to rescue is soon. It's true, Rick Dyer told me so."

    1. I know right?
      Unbelievable Gullible as shit.
      His habituation stories from his books are even less likely now than they ever were. I mean come on, if he believes Dyer, he will believe any whack job out there based on word of mouth.

  30. 1st time poster here, I really wanted Dyers Bigfoot to be real, regardless of all the bull shit, you know whats interesting is in "Shooting Bigfoot" when they bring up the idea of a bigfoot autopsy dvd, seems like dyer decided to try and go witth that idea, and yeah no one is ever gonna give a shit ever again when they here the name Rick Dyer, I think Morgan Matthews is in on it, I mean look how many people watched his movie who would have otherwise never heard about it or gave a shit about it, and maybe he realized how gullible the B.F. community is,but gullible is a strong word I think a lot of us just want to really see this mystery solved you know, we want it to be real so bad sometimes we become sheep.

    1. This entire Dyeria saga is proof that many are indeed sheep when it comes to bigfoot.
      It has really opened my eyes up with what is a huge problem in this so called "community
      And a couple years from now Dyeria will have a whole new flock of sheep.

  31. MUSKY ALLEN you lying, scamming son of a bitch. Where are you, you chickenshit. Abusing women again? Piece of shit.

    I think we should call Musky and let him know what we think of his lying fat ass. 847-526-6123

    1. Musky Dick Ryders Gay Ass Lover AllenSaturday, March 29, 2014 7:05:00 AM

      I'm here fellas.Looks like I need some new friends to have MAJOR BUTT SEX.
      Rick,please don't leave me. Remember all the MAJOR BUTT SEX we had.Wasn't it great?
      The best was when we did it on top of Hank and you swore that Hank was giving you a reach around.You so funny Rick.
      Good times.Good times.

    2. Sorry to hear you and Rick broke up. After all you did for him, the ingrate, throwing you under the bus like that. So tell us the truth about Las Vegas. Nevermind the saying. Tell us the truth for once. The only hairy thing you saw was Rick's ass, right? As for new friends for butt sex, have you tried Jackie Pridemore? He must be finished trimming his mullet by now. I'm sure he's free. Anyway, I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding someone else to FITA. Lots of fresh potential TT members on Rick's page ready and willing.

    3. "Musky Dick Ryders Gay Ass Lover Allen"

      I think RL would be interested. But he might play hard to get because he likes to pretend that he is straight.

    4. "Musky Dick Ryders Gay Ass Lover Allen"

      Also, did Rick let you play with his false tooth? Did he stutter like porky pig when you had aftersex conversation?
      I know these questions are sick, but I would like to hear the answer for a laugh.

    5. Musky Dick Ryders Gay Ass Lover AllenSaturday, March 29, 2014 9:49:00 AM

      I must confess.Rick has a dick the size of a hamster.But us guys like that cause it's great for MAJOR BUTT SEX.As for the false yeller toof we would make fun of Rick about it but that just made him want more MAJOR BUTT SEX.We invited RL but he said only if youngsters were involved then he would join in.We told him no.But hey,even us pervs have some morals.As for the stuttering,he only did that when we were pile driving him in all orifices,which was a lot.

      This will be my last post about our MAJOR BUTT SEX sessions.
      It was fun while it lasted.
      I apologize to RacerX.
      All good things must come to an end.
      But the truth had to be told.

    6. Musky is the one, I will never forgive, for the torment he gave people on FB/FB, his lies about Rene, his complete and utter part in the scam. He has seen Justice, he should see it again.

  32. Fucking Robert Lindsay is still banging the drum for this hoax. What is wrong with him??

    1. He's insane and delusional.

    2. His blog views are wayyy down haha. That pedophile needs some cash for candy for the kids. Rick stole that "I do it for the twinkle in the kids eyes" from RL you know that right ? I guess I'll make my way over there and see what sexist, racist shit is blobing about haha can't wait!!!

      Warning your comment doesn't agree with mine, you are BANNED!- RL

  33. Rick is almost in as good a shape as Curly from the Stooges...

  34. How many women did Dyer hook up with on the tour.

  35. Does Dyer work out all the time? He's got to do P90X or something.

  36. Replies
    1. Men Earning No Substantial Assets? Yes, he's the President of MENSA.

  37. Does Dyer have delusions of grandeur?

  38. I know everybody is excited because Dyer's hoax kind of blew up in his face and I don't want to ruin the party but keep in mind Dyer is like a cockroach that just doesn't die or like herpes, it might go dormant for a bit but it will always come back. This new "honest official statement" is just his way of keeping this hoax going. He's "coming clean" because of what Clacy could prove but all this does is refresh the hoax for naive people that see the good in everybody no matter what. It just makes me sick and I hope Clacy does release everything and does everything he said he would do to Dyer. Like I said a long time ago, even Dyer himself could say he was lying and it was a hoax and his followers would still believe he has a real body somewhere. No offense but Clacy just proved that in an earlier comment even after being screwed over he still believes theres a 20% chance that dyer does have a real body /smh

    1. No worries, this is why this site exsists if he rears up again or I should say when, we will slap the truth out of him again. ;)

    2. No worries Beth, we are not done until Rick sees a Judge.

  39. Heya fellas, it's Manthiee here but you can call me Cathiee. I love men who lie, steal, cheat and abuse me over and over....

    I'm a tad overweight andI have a nice personality but I have to admit, I have a thing for a RIcky Dyer. This man is a hunky hoaxer with a big gut & small cock but, I still love him. He's my pillsbury doughboy and he giggles when I tickle his tummy.

  40. RL s ride broke down and he's slumming it at some relatives he hasn't sorted through all the revelations yet but can say this. We the haters are in a contest for being lousy human beings. The bf in sb are real ! It was a GREAT prop he believes the two drs were "fooled" by its greatness. It's a new post said he won't be making a new post on RD's confession until Sunday.
    I could spew what I think of this asstoad , but it would contain unintelligible curse words and insults. I must calm down.

    1. lmfao!! Yeah he "will need to speak with (his) collaborators in the Bigfoot community to sort all of this out." Translation: check with Musky on what to say now. BTW, did you all know that "Morgan has as much as admitted that there was a real Bigfoot in San Antonio," ? I did not know that!

    2. This is granny , I wrote that post. Ty for adding the rest of his crap I'm still stuck on us and dyeria being in a race for lousy human beings, and his continual hoax perpetrating. I really think pasty white toad blogger thinks he's a rival blogger to Randy. Not even close you bum pervert. Im not banned. Yet. I will be on Sunday though.

  41. I have two questions. WHY is Dyer now outing the Musky affair? He could so easily have left that out of his statement. Is Musky about to come forward? It seems like he was always frustrated with Dyer and I wouldn't put it past him to try and position himself as a former TTer turned hater like the others. Is that what Dyer suspected? Everything he says in his statement makes sense as far as motivation except that.

    I am concerned about him whitewashing his involvement because Dyer appears to be trying to preempt him and also Andrew said something that included Musky when warning Dyer not to slander the tour guys, like Musky was just one of them. He may have pulled the Dyer "I'm a good guy really" routine on them when he had them together apart from Dyer.

    Never forget that Dyer and Musky are equally culpable in this. Musky dragged a lot of good people through the slime with him and they weren't all BF community members.

    I believe if the scams he was sued for in Chicago had been known about last February that his testimony would have been questioned much more broadly, and I think he does too, or he wouldn't have tried to get me banned from Lindsay's blog for bringing it up last month.

    The other question is why Dyer would continue to hold Matthews' head under the water. He's now saying Matthews is the only person who can corroborate his story (not even Musky!), so Dyer obviously feels he can count on Matthews still, my guess being that he knows Matthews fears the fallout from being exposed as a collaborator. I mean, that movie just fell apart in the last half. The attempt to go back and shoot a better ending failed. Had Matthews wrapped it all up and made Dyer's hoax that night the cherry on top, it would have been Oscar-worthy. But he couldn't do that because he was in on it.

    And I don't say it enough...Randy, you are a great man. I'm sure many former TTers wish they'd have paid more attention to your blog months ago.

    1. On you too on that Banned HAND nonsense from RL,, hilarious!!! This what he can do to intellects cos only intellect in the world is HIM!!

    2. Hey Martin, how goes it? Been a while. Are you reveling in the Team Perkins victory? I am. I agree with your thoughts on Musky. I assume Musky was blackmailing Rick with something as well or trying to control him in some way. Rick doesn't like that. But Musky will not get the safe passage that has been afforded other former TTs, even Andrew and soon Lynk. No, Musky was a major player in this hoax. He's not getting let off the hook.

  42. Robert Lindsay. What a waste of flesh. No wonder he doesn't like capitalism, he is so poor he had to move back into mommy dearests basement. That's what a USC degree will get you. He is so butthurt Bc his only friend, musky Allen, lied to him.

    1. The world's greatest reporter, and God's gift to women... Pan handling for money to fix / replace his car? Lmao someone help him please.. He has to feed his aunts kitties hahaha Now we all have to wait until Sunday for the real news on RD and BF, poor poor Robert hahaha, Hahahaha.. I'm crying, n can't stop!

  43. Did dyer always maintain to musky there actually was a real one? If not we should be hearing about that soon, unless dyer and musky both cooked up this little confession because musky slipped up and told somebody the truth about Vegas during the tour.

    1. Yes....did Dyer REEEAAAAALLLYY maintain to the scammer Musky that there was a Bigfoot? Ha ha, of course not. So Musky is part of this new plan or he'd bust Dyer out completely.

      Both are criminal minds. They operate differently than you and me.

      Musky CAN'T say that Dyer told him there was no Bigfoot. Dyer knows that would end it and make Musky look as ultra-devious as he is.

      SOOOO expect Musky to come forward saying he really knows the truth but HAD to lie.

  44. To Andrew Clacy

    Please tell us you learned a lesson from all this!


    1. and... are you done with bigfoot?

  45. Well, I guess there will be no "press conference so has to be delayed because so many people want too attend"

    P.S. Robert "bullet" L. Is a goof

    1. Lindsay should hang around here. Apparently he can learn more about investigative journalism from this site then he did in college.

    2. So the hank-maker is out. Rick Dyer's former closest allies have turned. Yet not a single university researcher or other real scientific authority has come forward or been revealed. AC, can you speak to that?

  46. Hey Rick Dyer, seems like how would be the perfect time to reveal more of that evidence you're holding back. You're getting lots of negative attention right now and that is only going to decrease because you've got nothing but lies to your name. What'cha got?

    1. ... but here's the catch, Rick Dyer. It needs to be real evidence to impress us. None of this mamby pamby "evidence" that TT members will wet their pants over. Anything? Bueller?

  47. From ricks official statement:

    "The future looks bright for Team Tracker"

    No Dyer, the sun just set on your ass.

  48. Noel, hang it up man, your credibility is shot. Editing your comments 4 hours after the fact doesn't help. And yes, we think that you have the memory of a fruit fly, as you so aptly put it.

    1. Noel called everyone, "Childish" if they didn't agree with him.
      Umm...Who's the Yale educated child now?!

    2. Noel is one that truly pissed me off with his arrogant replies, to you telling him Rick is lying. Well he made his own bed, like Rick to, time to lie down in the ignorance you created Noel!

  49. Anyone else posting here and then coming back and their post are gone? Its happens about 4 times to me this morning.

    1. Sometimes comments get thrown in to the spam folder for some unknown reason. Perhaps it's a result of making a few quick comments.
      I found a few in there and marked them "Not Spam".

  50. Still a puzzle ... Months ago it was noticed that the Rick , Rick ! Dubbed onto the Tent video really is the exact voice of Morgan Matthews from the SB film .But how the bloody hell could Rick of had access to that all that time ago before film was released in US let alone here in Uk ...perhaps there is a story between MM and Rick we can only guess at hmmmnn...

    1. Oh good grief, it was a loud whisper that anyone can fake!! It wasn't MM at all. Come on people!!

  51. Any confirmation on the whole university research thing being a lie as well?

    1. Seriously? Yes it's all a lie! There is no bigfoot.

    2. Dude (1005), slow your roll. I'm not questioning whether it's all a lie. I'm asking if Rick Dyer or any of the others have explicitly admitted to that part being a lie as well.

    3. No confirmation is needed. The body is a prop as found out months ago now. Every time Dyeria opens his mouth he is lying, period. He has no interest in the subject if Bigfoot, he only sees dollar signs and the opportunity to scam. Whatever the story told from Dyeria's words are pure unedited bullshit.

    4. You and I know that but obviously, there are a bunch of people who can't reason their way out of a paper bag who bought what Rick Dyer had been selling. I'd like to see Rick Dyer categorically admit to those lies (university, scientists, MDs, scans, DNA, investors, etc). Not because I need to hear it but because there are people who hang onto that bit of hope and leave their thinking skills behind.

    5. If people don't get it even after everything being readily available online, then they are mostly ignorant beyond measure and no matter what is said it will fall on deaf ears.

    6. EXACTLY Thomas!
      A few educated people like Noel, RL, FB/FB fell for this because they are clearly lacking in common sense. I may not be as educated as some of them, but I am proud to say that I (and the rset of us "haters") have a hell of alot more common sense than any of them!
      Maybe they call us haters because we are not as naive or stupid as those (so-called) educated dip-sticks?

    7. Dyeria used the term "haters" to portray us as being jealous, another redirect by the master bullshitter.

    8. The whole University thing is a lie to, I even talked to Dr Sykes US counterpart, Proffessor Rhettman about it. Rick refused their attempts to get a sample for their Bigfoot study, etc.

  52. AnonymousSaturday, March 29, 2014 9:43:00 AM
    Still a puzzle ... Months ago it was noticed that the Rick , Rick ! Dubbed onto the Tent video really is the exact voice of Morgan Matthews from the SB film
    Iphones can recorded audio too, not just screen captures, let me guess, did this MM audio added all of a sudden appear in the 'tent video' after the Toronto premiere when we knew that the FBFB guys were 'screen capturing?"
    RD didn't dub it, he has no PC tech knowledge(except maybe how to use a 'delete' button..the audio had to come from someone that was at the premiere, RD wasn't even at it or wasn't invited. I don't think the original tent video had any audio at all did it?

    1. FB/FB removed any audio that was in the tent video. After the premiere, they dubbed the audio on to the video.
      Because the video was tampered with, the audio portion should be tossed out as evidence. It could have come from the documentary itself for all we know. Added out of context.

    2. Randy FilipovicSaturday, March 29, 2014 9:59:00 AM
      FB/FB removed any audio that was in the tent video. After the premiere, they dubbed the audio on to the video.
      Because the video was tampered with, the audio portion should be tossed out as evidence
      I agree, but that is one of the 'key' elements that RD claimed yesterday....saying MM was there when the 'tent' video was taken, you can hear his voice on it, the FBFB have it..
      Come to think of it, why wouldn't RD have the original copy of the 'tent' video? I thought he claimed he took it. What did he do, erase it from his Iphone, the most 'compellin' evidence he had....oh well I'll send it tot the FBFB guys and erase my copy.
      PS: Personally I don't think RD had anything to do with the 'tent' video, he's just not that 'tech savy'.

    3. It wasn't exactly Morgan Matthews clear as day. It was a stage whisper. It could have been anyone. The audio was dubbed in. Anyway, none of that matters! EVEN IF the tent video shows a real bigfoot (which it doesn't!) it doesn't show a DEAD bigfoot and neither does the movie. Enough about this. The tent video isn't evidence and shooting bigfoot isn't evidence. Rick's word certainly isn't evidence. MM not denying something IS NOT EVIDENCE. Fuck! THERE WAS NO BIGFOOT LIVING OR DEAD!!!

    4. It was dubbed in, I looked and looked for the original after the fb guys released the version with MM whispering "Rick" and couldn't find it anywhere but 3 weeks ago some goof posted it up on YouTube claiming it was his but it was the original and if you listen to it you can hear Dyer russling around as he's moving and then you hear him exhale. in the version of MM whispering rick that's all been cut out.


  53. Yet another thing the haters called.... Even if Dyer himself admits it was a hoax, there will be a few that still believe him. Haha can't make this stuff up folks!

  54. Yes hank was made at the university of CRGW. CHRIS RUSSELLS GARAGE WASHINGTON. Cmon is this still a real question? Why would there be a fake hank which he used to burn the hair from swearing on his kids lives that was the real deal? When this whole thing was about redemption and the scans were a before the hair hank doll. Smh this makes me sick that the university question is still in people's minds

    1. We know it's a lie but for the sake of those who don't practice responsible thinking I want Rick Dyer to explicitly say that was a lie as well. Let's take that hope off the table for TT members as well.

  55. Isnt it hard for many of you to give Clacy, etc, shit when you are more or less of the same mind set as them? There has never been any legitimate proof, literally EVER, that BF is anything more than a fun story. Yet many of you on this site choose to believe it is real. If Dyer wasn't such a cocksucker you likely would have believed him as well. So while I think these guys are retarded, sadly this entire community tends to fall in the same category. I apologize in advance because I know this sounds offensive, but I just find it slightly hypocritical. If any of you on this site believe in BF, you have no right to think these guys are assholes for believing Dyer. It is the same thing.

    1. Welcome back jimbo/manthiee!! How's the crow taste? Luckily the crow was served with a side of egg on the face!

    2. Sorry, bud, not either of those people. Feel free to have Randy check. This is a legitimate comment. How is it you believe in BF with zero proof ever, yet when they believe Dyer with the same standard of proof it is ridiculous to you? Please explain.

    3. And how is it I was served crow? I don't believe in BF and knew this was a hoax from the word go. Soo, perhaps you should read the initial post again...

    4. The difference for me, as I will only speak for myself is that I would never follow a known hoaxer that did the same thing in 2008. There's no way of comparing people who believe in bigfoot to people following a known hoaxer, or at least bundling everyone togther like that.

    5. This isn't your traditional bigfoot blog, debating the authenticity of submitted "evidence", but instead it was a group that banded together to stop a scumbag lying piece of shit from perpetrating another hoax and stealing people's money.

      I suspect there is a wide spectrum of believers and non-believers on this site and frankly it doesn't matter. As long as we all believe that Rick Dyer is a lying sack of shit and his hoax train needs (or rather needed) to be stopped.

      End of story

    6. Anon 11 27, I agree that is what this site is about, and my point wasn't meant to start a debate about the existence of BF. I have been reading this blog since day 1 and have seen some great things. However, since I have been here so long, I have seen many people state, with certainty, that BF is real, etc, etc. The truth of the matter is there is nothing that has ever been presented that shows BF to be real. Never, As in ever. And I do find some of the people here to be hypocrites. If you believe in something without any valid proof, it is no different then these imbeciles believing in Dyer with no valid proof. The entire community is based on he said/she said. Plain and simple. So I find it difficult to understand how they can trash people like Clacy, which is well deserved by the way, but they cannot see they are doing the exact same thing - just not with Dyer.

    7. If you don't think BF is real you are either ignorant or dense. It is impossible for so many corroborated sightings to ALL be a lie or misidentification. You underestimate the intelligence of people. A standing bear looks WAY different than a bipedal ape like creature. People simply don't care enough about a fake creature to be that dedicated to lie about it all across America and the whole world. SOMETHING'S there, but we just aren't quite sure what it is.

    8. I'd like to add that skeptics are so obsessed with their need for physical evidence and lack any sort of trust in people's word. Yes, there are many bullshitters like Dyer, but there has to be a balance between literally not trusting what anyone says ever without evidence, and believing what anyone says no matter what. Of course, these sightings and stories from people don't PROVE that BF exists, but it is enough to warrant more investigation into the subject. Skeptics are annoying when they claim that something 100% can't exist just because we haven't found any evidence yet. It' ridiculous. There are many things about this earth and it's creatures that we haven't discovered or found any evidence for yet. I myself consider eyewitness testimony a form of evidence anyway if enough people testify to seeing something and they aren't all lunatics.

    9. I wouldn't say that there is no evidence. I would suggest that there is no incontrovertible evidence.

      Personally I think Daris Swindler and Grover Krantz provide some credibility to the study. Check out this Youtube video:

      Daris Swindler was a world-renowned professor of Anthropology at the University of Washington and a well known skeptic. He even appeared in The Province (a BC newspaper) to support evidence AGAINST the existence of Bigfoot.

      However, after closely studying the Skookum cast he declared that the cast had to have been made by a bipedal animal that exceeds 800lbs. Again, not incontrovertible but definitely circumstantial.

      Anyway, let's stick to the task at hand or spawn off a separate thread to debate "evidence".

    10. I am dense or ignorant? LOL. You believe in something with no credible evidence EVER presented. Just a bunch of hearsay, most of which comes from HIGHLY uneducated people. You included, it seems. This community is made up almost entirely of the type of people who believe someone like Dyer. You know who people consider credible? Christopher Noel. FBFB. Everything presented has been shown to be a hoax. I will gladly accept being called dense and ignorant so long as you are not a part of that group with me.

    11. Oh and yes, us skeptics and our pesky need for physical evidence. LOL. That was one of the dulbest statements I have heard in my life. I suppose anything anyone ever says should just be assumed to be real - no evidence needed. You are right. How could I have been so misguided all my life? Wow. How did you not support Dyer is probably a better question here....

    12. Because Dyer is a proven hoaxer. DO. YOU. UNDERSTAND? duh.

    13. All of Bigfoot is a hoax. DO. YOU. UNDERSTAND?? Pot, meet kettle.

    14. Though Bigfoot is in the name of this blog and Bigfoot is what Dyer is hoaxing with, this is not about Bigfoot. Its about a man with no morals, who stoops to any level to scam people. Its about what is right, about compassion for others.

  56. Shouldn't Dyer be changing his slogan "Haters make us famous". The "us" is me now and the "famous" is a loser.

    1. Dyer will never admit it, I believe the work of Randy, Bigfoot Police and all the others and I know who you are. The work of people you don't see, helped bring this down.

  57. Posted this on RL blog. Was deleted in minutes:

    Robert im disappointed in you. Not because you were duped by Dyer, its because you claim to be some OG pimping bad ass know it all journalist with a degree from the University of Spoiled Children, yet your mom who is in her 70s takes care of you. Pathetic.

    On to Dyer. He bashes you and you back him. He lies and admits it and you back him. The fine people on Randys blog have shown enough proof that this is a hoax and you still defend Dyer. WTF is it going to take for you to swallow your pride and and your "sources" are full of it.

    To recap just a few of the points that have been covered over on Randys blog.

    1. Height of the creature. Hank is supposed to be 8 ft tall. Unless Morgan was standing on a ladder, this thing is 6'4" tops. Thats if Morgan is at least 6' himself.

    2. Mask adjustment. You can clearly see the man in the costume adjust his mask to see after he hits Matthews.

    3. Lack of facial movement during the attack. That creature has zero facial movement during the close up. Its a mask.

    4. The tent video. Judging the angle the video was shot and the distance, it would be impossible for that man in the costume to be 8 ft tall and be fully seen in the video.

    5. The camera position after the attack. The simple physics of the camera that was being used to land on its butt in a upward position is almost statistically impossible.

    6. My observation. When the creature walks by when Matthews is on the ground you see perfectly rounded fingertips. This tells me the creature has very well manicured nails, since you do not see fingernails extending past the fingertips. So unlike you, Bigfoot must have a job to pay for his beautiful nails.

    7. Where is the eyeshine of the creature. The light from the camera was directly in the creatures face, yet no reflection from the eyes. How can this be possible? Because the eyes are behind a mask limiting the reflection the eyes would produce when hit directly by light at night.

    So Robert you are either in on this hoax, a liar, or the worst "journalist" in the history of the world.

    So the question remains, what did Dyer offer you to back him in all this?

    Convenient that your having problems as this hoax is unraveling.

    I know I know. "Hand, im banned, blah blah blah."

    Be a man. Get a paying job, stop bitching, and answer these points.

    1. Amazing post for RL, or course you were hand banned and deleted lol!

      Anyone who tried to question that man gets it!

      These are known facts that he just refuses to answer so like rick, he deletes it and keeps the bs spewing from his mouth.

      Notice that randy never deletes people's comments and bans people for questioning his thoughts on this.

      The only two people to delete and ban people for asking for answers are RD AND RL! They're two peas in a pod!

    2. Exactly. I dont comment often but I have followed this here from day one. Randy has been the upmost professional in all this. Even after all the bs TT has said about him. Not once has he asked us to hurt or harass Dyer or RL. He lets us discuss the hoax and when we get off course he rights the ship politely.

      RL and RD can learn a thing or two from him. Hell he even opens his blog for discussion to the ones who spent the better part of a year bashing him.

      RL is a fucking creep and I question everything this low life says. Dyer and RL will both be living together in a van down by the river. Soon......very soon.

    3. Perhaps RL is RD's smarter brother!

  58. The ultimate ones hurt in this entire hoax are the children. They are the innocents. My heart goes out to them. Dyers children as well as all the ones who saw Hank and believed.

    1. It's true that we have lost the sparkle in our eyes, rat bastard!

    2. yea just think of that "amazing red headed boy" (per dyers comment) that got to hold his heroes rifle and get a pic next to the doll. a memory he said he would have 4ever. LMFAO

  59. Anon 10:40, I assure you BF is real!!! The problem is that we want it to be proven, so we can have our redemption. I wish I had never seen one. I never thought I would be ridiculed the way I was, pretty much no one believed me. I don't blame you for not believing, I didn't believe before I saw one. I saw foot prints bear hunting 10 years ago, in the middle of nowhere.....I followed them to a tree, and they ended there. Clearly human footprints, about size 12, wider than my boots, and I was doing a full split to keep the same stride, in 14" of snow....At that time I thought Bigfoot, but laughed it off, and didn't think about it ever again, until I actually saw one.....I have seen 5 since then. It's become a hobby, and the signs are everywhere, if you know what to look for (Tree breaks, syllabic, ect)
    I believed Dyer initially, mainly because I wanted it to be proven. But you have to be off your rocker to believe anything he ever says.
    I am hunting (Literally) For BF as much as I can. Trail cams will be up in a few weeks, and I already have several habituation sites marked with syllabic (Stick structures they use to communicate)
    I hope to take one down, and I have plenty of TT members here that I'll need to help tour this thing!! Dirt, AF, will be my "Andrew & Lynx" Racer will be the secret investor, Thomas can be "Craig" the bodyguard, and Steve Lane can be the "Chris Sands" Media guy!
    No charge for memberships!

    Dr. Squatch!

    1. As long as we start a family band in the process and tour the countryside. And raise turtles

    2. You assure me BF is real? Ok, prove it.... Wait, you can't? Wait, no one has EVER been able to prove it? Wait every bit of evidence presented has been shown to be a hoax? I remember reading your story, DS. You saw something suspicious. Went online and then decided it was a BF. Since then everything you see/hear/do is a Bigfoot. Psychology 101, my friend. And I want to repeat, I am not saying this to be nasty. I just find it hypocritical.

    3. Count me in....but I get a cut of the turtles.


    4. You believe in god 11:43?

    5. No sir, I am an atheist. I believe in evolution and things that have been proven by science. I believe in the concept of religion as far as having tradition and teaching morals. But the bible, much like Bigfoot, is a bunch of old wives tales.

    6. Glad to hear it 1:40.

    7. Count me in but I got 3 conditions:

      1: play lead guitar

      2: I get pick of the liter on the turtles

      3: no brown M&M's


  60. I could easily prove it to you or anyone, if I had you in the woods. If you look at "Buck rubs" on trees, you will see BF evidence there. Above the rub, you will see an upside down "Y" hanging above the rub, and tree breaks near the rub.....You will also see a separate branch hanging above the "Y" which marks the travel pattern of the deer. I have seen this phenomenon only where deer are.....They are clearly marking where the deer are.
    I'm not a hoaxer, and I will prove it one day!

    1. Uh, yea....good evidence you've got there. Let us know when you have actual proof. Not just a bunch of horseshit you attribute to BF because that is what you are out there looking for.

  61. Are you a drummer Dirt? I know Racer & Steve like Metallica/metal, and I do, I'm sure, So "Death to the Hoax" or some cool metal name, huh?

    1. That sounds good. As long as we wear Gwar type outfits. Long live GWAR!

  62. DS........How Rick & Musky metSaturday, March 29, 2014 12:20:00 PM

    Rick walks into a bar with a pet alligator by his side.
    Rick puts the alligator up on the bar.
    He turns to the astonished patrons.
    "I'll make you a deal. I'll open this alligator's mouth and place my manhood inside.
    Then the gator will close his
    Mouth for one minute.
    "Then he'll open his mouth
    And I'll remove my unit unscathed.
    In return for witnessing this
    Spectacle, each of you will buy me a drink."
    The crowd murmured their approval.
    Rick stood up on the bar,
    Dropped his trousers,
    And placed his Johnson and related parts in the alligator's open mouth.
    The gator closed his mouth
    As the crowd gasped.
    After a minute, Rick grabbed a beer bottle and smacked the alligator hard on the top of the head.
    The gator opened his mouth
    And Rick removed his genitals unscathed as promised.
    The crowd cheered,
    And the first of his free
    Drinks were delivered.

    Rick stood up again and made another offer. "I'll pay anyone $100 who's willing to give it a try."
    A hush fell over the crowd. After a while, a hand went up in the back of the bar.
    A man named Musky timidly
    Spoke up..........
    "I'll try it -
    Just don't hit me so hard
    With the beer bottle!"

  63. I say fuck ALL of those idiots that Rick the ass clown shat upon! If they want to fill in some holes go ahead, for Randy's sake. As for anything else FUCK THEM. How many times did they lie and bad mouth people that come to this forum? You wouldn't be able to count! Anyone who helped shithead or rode with him deserves what they got. Fuck you Rick and may the fleas of a thousand camels infest the next Hank you try and roll out pussy.

  64. I finally was banned from that stupid Dyer-loving blog

    That dumb ass Chris Sands was trying to tell everyone that he was an innocent observer that really didn't involve himself with Team Tracker outside of posting on forums and joining in Hangouts.

    I told him that he was just as culpable as Rick as he never EVER came clean about the DVDs. He still hasn't admitted that he doesn't have them. There are people that spent close to $200 on this that were asking on his blog whether they should still hold on to the hope that the DVD will be sent out soon.

    He could have just as easily said "I haven't received the originals from Rick and I am not even sure that they exist at this point". Instead he just kept saying that they will be sent out soon.

    I told him to grow some balls, man up and apologize to all those suckers out there that he helped Rick steal from.


    1. I read it and good for you. You are right on. This is typical of TT. I was merely watching from the sidelines. No harm no foul. AND he still considers Rick a friend. Who wants to be a friend with the likes of him! Oh it was just a little hoax, all in good fun, right? and we're the bad guys.

      Silence is tacit approval. All TT who supported him in various ways are complicit.

    2. Your right Scott, Chris Sands you need to grow some balls and come join us here and help have Dyer brought to justice by the legal system.

  65. so dyerrhea tried to purposely injure himself to get out of the service and by a stroke of luck for him the chopper crashed and now the taxpayers are supporting this pussy? pathetic waste of human life dyer is.

  66. Someone lives near, go to his house and Kick the Shite out off the dirty HANK DIRTY, SO DIRTY bastard.

  67. I hope this does somehow get to the court system. All these Team Tracker asshats will be subpoenaed and have there lives disrupted. Would be awesome.

  68. First time posting here. That piece of shit banned me from his FB page last night for calling him a piece of shit. Isn't he all about honesty now?? Then he should be able to admit that he's a piece of shit, right?

    1. Rick has most of Facebook blocked, except for a few or the regulars that comment on his page like Wayne Williams. Rick is one the most Callous conman ever and would use his own children to further his monetary gain.
      He hit a pregnant person, so that tells you it all. Glad that you came to visit Charlie!


    - Dyer has apparently declared full on war against you as you know and is planning to use all his websites to post hate and dirt on you. You may have heard this already.

    What you need to do:


  70. I don't want to get too involved in this discussion between you guys. I will only add that the "sightings" and stories really have no credibility. It is no different then the over 50,000 people who have claimed with absolute certainty to see Elvis after he died. People see what they want to see. You hear about something and then you just so happen to see it. Not unlike reading about a sickness and then assuming you have it a day later. Have you ever watched that Bigfoot show they have on tv? Do you see the people that are making these claims? Do you listen to their stories? They are utterly ridiculous. I will leave it at that, but you should really not assume several thousand people claiming to see something that has been widely publicized holds any weight. It does not.

  71. why is FB/FB's facebook page still up? They promised! Don't tell me they were lying to us about shutting down.
    And will chris noel make changes to his new silly book? Will he still be marching on Washington?
    Will Lindsay buy a used car from Dyer now? (he needs one I see)
    Dyer owes him for helping with the hoax so I would say so.
    Will Lindsay's mother let him use her computer so that he can post an update on his blog?

    1. Yes we demand answers to all these questions!

  72. so how long till dipshit dyer makes a post saying that his FB was hacked and that he wasn't the one that posted any of that lol

    1. Going to be hard to do when he did a google hang out the same day and admitted it.

    2. He screwed himself on that one. I guess it would be hard to explain the hang out.

  73. lol he'll blame them there haters

  74. Now Rick has a bigfoot dummy worth a couple thousand dollars that will be collecting dust... when a true carny could have been touring that sonuvabitch around the country (or at least certain areas of it for months).

    He could have glued pieces of other animals together and done a whole 'Strange but true!?' side show. He could have even kept the shooting story, but changing the story to 'someone claims to have shot this crazy looking thing in Texas!' But, that would have been thought out and not egocentric, so nuts to that.

    Also, ill point out that after all the number crunching Rick didn't say how much money was given to or what all the charities made. You'd think in his statement of 'truth' that he made to be such a good and honest guy....he would have actually mentioned the good and honest things he did for the people that were connected to him 0%.

    And, Rick's funny backhand to Andrew saying something like 'Andrew's phone calls to local media didnt get us any local media coverage, it was all Randy's blog and the haters that got us local media coverage!'

    Dont worry Andrew, even if you regret it, you did do a good job as a PR rep. If local media looked here (if at all) without being pointed here by someone, there's no chance they would have said 'wow! Now this is a story worthy of our time!'

  75. Has Musky surfaced??

    He's either been thrown under the bus by his co-conspirator (who was careful not to directly tell him there was no real body) or they're gonna say Musky knows the "truth" but just didn't really see the body.

    Which is it, grandma scammer????

  76. larry perkins Saturday, March 29, 2014 11:49:00 AM
    "They still have a BUNCH of 'Bigfoot 'T' shirts for
    sale at bargain bin prices so I hear. Reckon they found out
    there's no demand for 'T' shirts with a phony 'Bigfoot'
    printed in the middle of 'em with the bikers in Daytona (-:"
    Yep....I wrote the shirt people asking if they had any of the left over t-shirts
    (I thought I would get a couple to commerate the 'Bike Week ' tour fail event)
    man...he's got 300-400 misc. sizes and colors left over..
    only wants $6.00 a piece.The 'Shooting Bigfoot' video( hasn't even been released yet) has resurrected a couple of recent web posts from Daytona Bike Week as well.
    Bigfoot Hoaxer Rick Dyer
    Moves To Arkansas After Failing
    To Make $200K On Daytona Bike Week Hank Exhibit
    March 25, 2014
    By H. Nelson Goodson
    He will now target and market Hank to kids,
    that will most likely have parents pay their way
    to see the fake Bigfoot, according to his posting on Facebook.
    Bigfoot Hunter cancels "dead body" tour
    after failed Bike Week scheme
    28 March, 2014
    by Greg Newkirk
    Rick Dyer, a well-known Sasquatch hoaxer based out of Texas,
    told his fans that he was taking a three-month hiatus from
    his nationwide "dead Bigfoot" tour after he failed to bring
    in anywhere near the $200,000 he planned to make by posting
    up at Daytona's Bike Week festivities.
    Apparently bikers care more about motorcycles than sideshow props.
    Who'd have guessed?
    But while one fake Sasquatch is off the market for awhile,
    it's still possible to see one of the most well-made dead
    Bigfoot hoaxes of all time, The Michigan Ice Man, at the
    Museum of the Weird in Austin, Texas. The legendary sideshow
    attraction went missing for decades, only to reappear in a
    storage shed last year, prompting the museum to snatch it
    up and reintroduce to rave reviews from curious onlookers.
    The question is, why is one fake Bigfoot from the 70's raking
    in more cash than one created last year?
    In a word: craftsmanship.
    I'll leave you with these photos to decide for yourself: