Saturday, August 10, 2013

Kudos to Steve Kulls And J.R. Dobbs- Dyer Is Irrelevant, Move Along

These are the videos that Rick Dyer made to lure Steve Kulls and J.R. Dobbs to Los Angeles on the evening of August 9, 2013. Both men went based on the words of Dyer that he would be there to pick them up. Let's not exclude Frank Cali of Fayetteville, NC, he is as much a part of this as Freezer Boy. What a lovely, lying couple they make.
You better obey your master, Frank, or you'll get thrown under the bus just like every other VP.
I have compiled all 18 parts to save going back and forth, but let's see the videos that started this sad attempt at a "joke".
First, we have the unbelievable story of a Hermaphrodite Bigfoot as told by old man Cali.

Next, we have the oh so sad story of the baby Bigfoot running in to Rick's arms.

What an acting job. Did Ricky have to pluck a few nose hairs to produce those watery eyes? If Rick and Frank Cali, of Fayetteville, NC can lie with such straight faces, what makes you think they are in possession of a dead hermaphrodite Bigfoot?

Here is the compilation of Rick spewing his lies. A man of his word? I don't think so.

Rick Dyer and Frank Cali have shown they are not above telling lies and they do it everyday. This is a long video, so you may need a break or medical attention. If you feel dizzy, nauseous, or shaky, pause the video until you return to your normal state.

Here are a few of the Team Tracker members who think this is some funny shit. I had no idea that some adult humans stoop to the level of a three year old.

 Ricky Traylor Chuck Dyer: President of

 Frank Cali: VP of Lies and Propaganda

 The Kool-Aid Gang

Racer X


  1. First.

    'At'll do, Racer X, 'at'll do...

  2. Oh good, he can go back to doing what he does best. Hump sheep.

    1. Hey don't knock it if you never tried it!

      Anon. TT member

  3. Frank made those terrible hate blogs about Skyla yet TT member Melissa Harsh is so fat her blood type is gravy.

  4. I just had an epiphany...I think Rick Dyer was using this latest hoax as a veiled attempt to publicly announce his own personal issues. We all saw his tiny 'member' whilst pissing on Meldrum's book...maybe...just maybe...he has a penis pouch as well. Or even more likely perhaps his penis is under developed due to him being a hermaphrodite, hence the whole 'Hank is a Hermaphrodite' story. He is just seeking acceptance. His shame with his own penis size is at such an extreme level that he is willing to make up crap out the bigfoot anatomy to make himself feel better. At least this way he has an excuse and will feel that he belongs to some offshoot of our society.

    I guarantee that his next hoax will be that he ran his OWN DNA and that it shows traces/lineage to Hank's DNA...meaning that they're distance relatives. This will close the loop on this whole topic and explain his tiny penis as well as his extremely low IQ.

    Not a bad story actually.

  5. Maybe we should tell the "real" Frank Cali that this numbnuts is disparaging his name:

    Could be a happy ending for all. :)

  6. Dyer was just>>> *Hoisted by his own PETARD*

    Definition for those who don't know>>>
    To be hurt, or destroyed by one's own plot or device, of one's own doing which one intended for another; to be "blown up by one's own bomb".

  7. Melissa Harsh is so fat she uses the highway as a slippin' slide.<-----------old school!

  8. She's so fat so leaves footprints on concrete!

  9. I took Melissa to the zoo, and they threw me out, for buying her a hot dog.

  10. She's so fat, when she entered a fat contest, she came in first, second, and third.

  11. She's so fat when she took a shower her feet didn't get wet.

  12. only one I feel bad for is Dallas Gilbert,he's a nice guy and Dyer used him. The rest of the people including FB/FB, Musky Allen and Robert Lindsay should never be back in the bigfoot community. No one should support these people, none of them are real researchers.

  13. Rick dryer is a liar. I am sick of him and his whole fuckin team the closest Rick dryer has been to a hairy mammal is when his ugly ass wife dropped her cunt cover and he saw that hairy ass musket rat she is a dumb ass bitch. But that dumb ass keeps on saying I got a bigfoot body. Just wait ,,,, lol. He's a joke,,,lol got his pic on his SUV ... Dumb ass all of team tracker