Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Emperor Has No Clothes

Ricky had a short radio show the other night, and during this show he selected people he would fly to Las Vegas to view the "body". Dyer also stated two news reporters would be present as well.
Just last week Freezer Boy was on a fund raising drive for Dallas and Wayne to raise money in order to help the pair of Bigfooters, but now Rick is prepared to fly out a hand full of people to Vegas. Something isn't jiving here.
Have a listen to the archive. Don't worry, it'll only hurt a little bit.

While I was watching the show I kept wondering how he would pull this off. I thought for sure the trip would be cancelled for one reason or another because the cost to fly so many people out would cause Dyer to lose money, not make money.
Many of us knew something had to give, there is no way this will happen.

It became as clear as day when I saw a post someone had put up on Rick's blog. The post was coherent, so it wasn't Rick. It is by far, the funniest thing I have ever read on Dyer's blog and I laughed all the way to the end.....much like I did with the booklet.

Here's a snip from the post:

"Why are the ones who were on Sunday’s show the only ones going to see Hank? What about the others?
In order to protect the safety and privacy of my Team Members, I will not confirm who is or is not attending during this first viewing opportunity. I will say that we are working to adjust the roster (and manage ticketing issues) if necessary due to resulting schedule complications that arose when certain individuals returned to work on Monday after presuming they could be available on such short notice."

"Will the reporters be able to print and publish stories right after they view the body?
It has been the practice since the original interment of the body for any invited news organizations and their representing journalists and crew members to agree to withhold all reporting on the matter until a news embargo has been lifted. All experiences will remain completely off-the-record until journalists are released to share them."

The rest of the article follows the same lines. Anyone who goes to Las Vegas can not tell other members they went, and those who saw the body can't tell anyone what they saw.
All of this is under the guise of protecting the team members. In actuality it's a way for Rick to have a new story to tell without having to prove anything to anyone. He'll simply cite NDA's.
   The news reporters can view the body, but they can't report on it because of a "news embargo". Really? A news embargo for a news story, that's hilarious all by itself.

What it boils to is nothing can be verified to be true or false. This is the way Ricky has played the game from the start. He tells tall tales and if you dare question him, well that's it, you're not a team player. You're branded a "hater" because you had the nerve to ask the almighty one some intelligent questions.
After Friday Rick will have new material to get peoples' hopes up. He can continue to keep his fantasy world afloat and receive accolades from his adoring fans.
  His story and his promises are hollow, naked, and lack any substance whatsoever.

Is it possible Rick shot a Bigfoot? He called his rifle barrel a "thing".
There is no dead Bigfoot.

Racer X


  1. What a steaming pile of shit. No one will see the body. THERE IS NO BODY. No one will be flown to Vegas on Rick's dime. Is there anyone left who actually believes him? Team Tracker is in tatters, his hardcore believers abandoned him long ago, and even Pinkfoot thinks the tent video is fake. That Rick continues this farce is laughable. And pathetic. Seriously dude. Get a real job.

  2. Dyeria is naked no account piece of garbage. There is a reason that Dyeria left the South, if he was still here, he would receive those everyday beatings I am sure were common in his childhood. Dyeria's day is coming, hopefully a former paid member can take the cash out of his fat hide.

  3. New EMBARGO? BWHAhahaha what does he think he is the government that can control the press or something? There is no way Rick can legally control ANYTHING the press does. Hell the press reports on top-secret Obama controversy's like the IRS, phone tapping etc and if the government cant embargo them on that what makes you think Rick Dyer can embargo anything? LMAO Such a fucking joke

  4. Brilliant analogy with the *Emperor*.
    Dyer just came out with a VID that shows how magnanimous he was in letting the guy who Wrapped his SUV see Hank...LOL. What a fuggin JOKE that was.
    This latest ploy by Dyer will be his last..it's so blatanly obvious what crap he's trying to pull with this.

    1. The business who wrapped the car did see it according to the mans face book page.
      But I guess anyone who says they saw this bigfoot is lying. Because it can't be true because you all don't believe Rick so everyone else has to be now part of the over all plot.

  5. Blind faith lol!Journalists who can't report??Bahahaha!Gold members,silver members and cult members!!Or dumbasses

  6. because of the 'special' flight plan, Rick is having to buy all the tickets himself- BUT the people coming to see the body have to each pay him $500 for the tickets. Rick is making a BIG profit off these fools once more. They are going to land in LV and Rick is going to disappear.

  7. Rick is a friggin moron looool!!He said he
    put the flashlight on the end of the thingy(barrel)lol!

  8. Great picture of Rick with his ship of fools following.

  9. Have you all noticed Rick opened his blog up to accept comments? Be sure to post!

    This is a sign that the hoax is finally over and that he is bailing out to take off.

  10. Rick Dyer is an almighty pile of dog shit.
    In actual fact that's not entirely fair to dogs.

  11. Look at all the comments on Ricks recent blog. It leaked that Rick charged $900 per ticket to each of the 10 team tracker members flying to Vegas this Friday. A ticket to Vegas from anywhere in USA is usually about $250. He apparently told them the cost is for security and special travel arrangements to make sure they aren't followed. What a load of shit, and man he just made a ton of cash of those people. 10 people $900 each, and they have all paid too apparently (they said so themselves on the radio show) that's $9000 for $2000 in tickets. Ricks making a fat $7000 off this final hoax.
    Garunteed no Rick will be there once they arrive in Vegas. Its not a coincidence this is the weekend before his expedition either....he wont be going on that either I am sure. All that and all those thousands of members ever got was that bathroom video from Rick for their money! What a hoax!
    Also- It was also posted that Ricks home 3611 Elegant Saint Court in Las Vegas recently sold on May 2 2013 for $64,000. That's why Ricks radio video's haven't been at his home recently if you look behind him now in the videos. Its also why he was trying to sell his furniture to the TT people a few weeks back as he was getting ready to move.
    Its obvious he is already gone, or about to leave his Vegas address. I think Rick is gone for good and we will not hear or see him anymore now. Its also why he opened the comments up on his website.

    What an asshole to fuck people over one last time like that and even make them fly to Vegas!

    1. https://www.virginamerica.com/flightSearch.do?flightSearch.kids=0&originFltOneMC=JFK&flightSearch.destinationMC=&flightSearch.tripType=rt&flightSearch.depDate.MMDDYYYY=6%2F14%2F2013&homeID=&destinationFltTwoMC=&tabSelect=2&flightSearch.returnDateMC.MMDDYYYY=6%2F16%2F2013&promoCodeID=&flightSearch.returnDate.MMDDYYYY=6%2F16%2F2013&flightSearch.infants=0&flightSearch.origin=JFK&flightSearch.fareFormatType=Dollars&promoCodePageID=home&divName=BookFlight&flightSearch.adults=1&destinationFltOneMC=LAS&originFltTwoMC=&flightSearch.originMC=&flightSearch.depDateOW.MMDDYYYY=6%2F14%2F2013&promocodeFlag=false&method=flightSearch&tabNumber=2&flightSearch.searchPromoCode=&flightSearch.destination=LAS&flightSearch.depDateMC.MMDDYYYY=6%2F14%2F2013

      I suggest you look again Main Cabin is $920 from NY JFK to Las Vegas flying in on Friday leaving on Sunday.

    2. Mata-Hari,
      You do not know what ticket level Rick Purchased for them. You do not know where they are flying from.
      Go look at orbits and you will see prices range from
      500.00 to 1,600.00 depending on the ticket class.
      Short time in Vegas Friday to Sunday I assume for most people.

      Also his house for sale was that his old one in Vegas? He is having a new house built and he was staying in a rental until then since some people came to his home.

  12. I don't even know what to say anymore about this.I don't feel sorry for these people anymore.

  13. For all you people who don't understand News Embargo's. Read up and catch a clue. Its very common to do this. But you Brainiac's can't take the simple time to look stuff up.
    News embargo
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    In journalism and public relations, a news embargo or press embargo is a request by a source that the information or news provided by that source not be published until a certain date or certain conditions have been met. The understanding is that if the embargo is broken by reporting before then, the source will retaliate by restricting access to further information by that journalist or his publication, giving them a long-term disadvantage relative to more cooperative outlets. They are often used by businesses making a product announcement, by medical journals, and by government officials announcing policy initiatives; the media is given advance knowledge of details being held secret so that reports can be prepared to coincide with the announcement date and yet still meet press time. In theory, press embargoes reduce inaccuracy in the reporting of breaking stories by reducing the incentive for journalists to cut corners in hopes of "scooping" the competition.
    Embargoes are usually arranged in advance as "gentlemen's agreements." However, sometimes publicists will send embargoed press releases to newsrooms unsolicited in hopes that they will respect the embargo date without having first agreed to do so — the phrase "For Immediate Release" often found at the top of press releases indicates that the information in the release is not embargoed.
    News organizations sometimes break embargoes and report information before the embargo expires, either accidentally (due to miscommunication in the newsroom) or intentionally (to get the jump on their competitors). Breaking an embargo is typically considered a serious breach of trust and can result in the source barring the offending news outlet from receiving advance information for a long period of time.
    News embargoes are one of several ways a source can influence media presentation of the information they provide; others include providing information "on background" or "not for attribution," limiting or providing "access," or even direct government or market intervention against the reporters or media company. (See confidentiality terminology in journalism for a full discussion of these.) The manner in which journalists react to these and other attempts to influence coverage are a matter of journalistic ethics.


  14. You guys are giving Dyer too much credit. Guaranteed no one can produce a plane ticket because he is going to "wait" until Thurs to send them out. Must be a security thing. Dyer is already gone to Mexico. He got $900 out of whoever could pay and has flown the coop. Don't believe me? Come back Monday and post what a dumb ass I am because 10 people saw a body. The long con is over folks, nothing left to see.

  15. Honestly why? why, why, why? EVERYBODY with at least two grey cells working knows this is all bullshit. So why even talk, post, create blogs and more about it?

    As this is what Dyer wants! You are playing right into his hands. If you would all just forget about it, and never post this would of died along time ago - you are your worst enemies.

    1. We're interested because we are watching a class 1 sociopath at work and we know it's going to end in a flames.

      The man is a prototypical cult like leader and is capable of anything...including violence.

      I feel like I am doing a service in trying to expose the fraud that is Rick Dyer,so t want to do all that I can to protect potential victim.

      Vegas Rob