Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Inconsistencies: Part 2

The following video is Part 2 to my previous post and I think most of the inconsistencies are covered in these two videos. There are minor contradictions not included in the videos, but they are very small in comparison to what is shown.
  This was a group effort and I wish to thank everyone who contributed pieces of information in order to help more people understand the obvious inconsistencies in the Rick Dyer story.
Those who believe this is a hoax are not haters, they are not troublemakers, and YES, most of them do think Bigfoot roam the forests of North America.
 Critical thinking and logic are not crimes. Do not let anyone tell you differently.


Racer X


  1. Even Rick knows he wont be selling many more memberships so he pulled them down off his website. He figures he has all the hard core crazies on board now that he needs on his 'ship of fools' and they are the ones that are going to blindly follow him until the end. As such Rick has changed his money making stratagem from membership sales into donations for various causes getting cash from the most susceptible, blind and fringe people in the bigfoot community- and let me tell you as far as communities goes the bigfoot community has some very 'fringe' elements. I don't want to say crazed people, but I think this community has more of that specific element than say other communities.
    By taking advantage of these types in the community Rick is still able to cash in. Right now he is taking money from the sheeple saying the donations will go to getting Dallas and Wayne (two of the most redneck and wacked out fringe bigfoot hunters you will ever see) a new truck transmission or something so they can afford to go bigfoot hunting with Rick again.

    If you are one of Ricks members still sailing on his 'ship of fools' then you need to get out, and get out by bringing others with you because you are part of the biggest Bigfoot scam in the history of this community. Standing up for Rick at this point just makes you look like a first mate on the ship of fools and is the same as being involved in the scam yourself.


  2. @Racer X:

    Check this video out!! Holy crap:

  3. Awesome stuff.When you lie all the contradictions are visible.

  4. Racer X...oh god, all those conspiracy theories..this blog is just the same crap as Dyer`s blog. There might be no body, OK, but please bring proof (Interview with Morgan Matthews, statement of Las Vegas casino owner etc. etc.) and not this infantile bullshit. Pink stated (according to your screenshots) that Rick HAS A BODY, "just" might have hoaxed the tent video and you sell it as the end of Dyer`s story!!! Conspiracy theories for school kids...however: entertaining ;-)!!!

    1. Since it appears evident that I need to spell things out, I'll do it this one time.
      The burden of proof is on Rick Dyer. He made the claim, and he has to provide the proof. To date he has not provided any proof.
      Pink 'thinks' Rick has a body. Her opinion is not proof.
      I never sold anything as the end of Dyer's story. Some people have a hard time understanding the music I used in this video. It's the Looney Tunes intro and outro and was used to show Rick's story is so full of holes that it's laughable- ergo 'Looney'. The outro is just as obvious. You are reading way too much in to That's All Folks!"
      Hopefully that makes it clear enough. Maybe I need to explain absolutely everything so a few people don't have to think.

    2. Yes we all get that Rick has to prove it.
      You all say the same things over and over and over.
      Why can't you wait till end of August?
      Don't you have other things you could do till then?

    3. Humans and their silly little egos. Egotistical people think the world is really interested in what they have to say. No we're just bored.

    4. Whoever you are, you need to get a clue. In my books Rick is scamming people and the attitude, wait till August, just allows him to continue.

      The Onus is on Rick plain and simple to prove his claims and he has not done it at all!!

      But really in the end anyone who still believes this admitted hoaxer, should quietly bow out. If that pertains to you, then time to bow out.

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  6. @Racer X - For the record the Looney Toons intro and outro are brilliant period. This should be Ricks new theme song for any of his videos that you provide in the future. Much better than the 'somewhat cool' sounding Knight Rider music which gives a cool sound, but Rick is a joke, so best to stick with the Looney toons.

    I noticed one of the guys on Youtube who does Rick Dyer investigative videos published a video that shows him calling all of the major convention centers and hotels in Vegas to check if there is anything booked by Rick for any of the venues. Guess what THERE IS NOTHING BOOKED ANYWHERE IN VEGAS.

    RICK DYER if you are reading this, if you want to provide a shred of hope to the few people on you ship of fools that still remain, how about you let people know where you are planning to display your fake-foot body in Vegas? I cant see that compromising anything on any sort of how about you do something here? Wait a second, by asking for this it would give credibility to the possibility that you actually have a body, and you have zero so I don't even know why I would ask for such a thing in the first place. Its clear you have nothing. Perhaps you are planning to display your fake body from the trunk of your fake-mobile?

    @Racer X - Have you checked with your internal resources to see if Dyer has posted anymore of his hilarious 'proof' video's for his ship of fools lately? Does his still only have the top secret bigfoot bathroom video only? It would be good to check on that. I can't imagine how all those people paid for a membership and all they got so far is an iphone video of Rick after he took a dump at his kids daycare and decides to flash his baby's teething ring claiming they are top secret keycards or something. My nephew has THE EXACT SAME TEETING RING lol!!! So funny that the ship of fools (Ricks few remaining followers) are still believing this.

    I think that maybe the reason the Fools on Ricks 'Ship of Fools' haven't jumped ship yet is because they got duped into paying cash and therefore want to stick around for some kind of top secret insider information lol.

    ARE THERE ANY RICK DYER SUPPORTERS on this website that are even reading this post? If so can you PLEASE:

    1. Let us know you are a Dyer supporter
    2. Tell us why you believe Rick
    3. Let us know what you are hoping to get out of your membership contribution?

    Thanks, I will be respectful to you if you respond to this post, and will stop the 'side-swipes' as I am genuinely curious, and want to know from someone on TT what your driving motivation is. Thanks again.

  7. I am not a member of Team Tracker, I have not paid Rick any Money except for the 5 dollar e-book.
    I believe Rick did shoot a Bigfoot. I also believe that he has very little control over the situation in general. Rick likes to talk a big game and such but once his "Investor(s)" got involved he lost much of his so called control. I believe his Investor(s) are to busy dealing with the Bigfoot Body to be to concerned about Ricks stories or what he says. Racer-X talks about this being the biggest discovery of all times. This is correct so as the person or people that invested in Rick also know this they would rather spend the time making sure all the "Medical Records" "Dna" "Scientific" evidence and proof is indisputable to the masses and to every day media. This is what I think many people would want done before presenting a Bigfoot Body to the world. They know of Ricks past they understand Rick is a well known hoaxer so why release the body or anything before hand. They would want this all proven to be real so people can Ignore who shot the bigfoot but deal with the reality that Bigfoot is real. So you all can sit and go over and over what Rick says. But some of what Rick and Musky have said has come true. Some of it hasn't. Remember when people said Rick was not in the Film. Rick wasn't in SA TX, There is not bigfoot in the film. Yes you are debating over the small details because you can. I think many of you are missing the Big Picture. Information that comes out leads some of us who decide to sit and wait till August 15th. Does this make us believe everything Rick says? No it doesn't. It makes some of use believe that Things are going on that don't involve Rick directly and how we think we would have handled things if we were Ricks Investors. You can take apart the book that Rick Wrote but if you read the book you do see that Rick basically "lost" control once the "Investor(s)" came into the picture. They are the ones that took over. Rick is just a player in the story he is just the man who shot bigfoot. So some of us do think about it logically just in a different way than you all. You all look at everything rick says looking for the inconsistency while missing the stuff that hasn't changed.
    My gut feeling is the investors finally told Rick that he needs to stop. That is why he has been somewhat silent.
    So we can wait till August. I have a question for you all. If it is proven that Rick did shoot the Bigfoot. People who you respect in the bigfoot community who have possibly already seen it. Come out and confirm it is real. Will you all make Public apologies to Rick and the people who have sat on the fence and said we will wait? Or will you just turn to well Rick was an evil person for baiting and killing the creature?

    1. Thanks for your reply - even though you aren't a TT member. As promised a respectful reply on my part:

      If for some reason the .5% chance that this is real and he does have a bigfoot, I will NOT jump on the bandwagon of the people who would be angry over the baiting and killing of an endangered species. I would be amazed and immediately stop my criticizing of this whole ordeal.
      That being said, even if by some small minute chance it were to be real, I would still think Rick is an idiot. His 'swagger' and conceded ego is insulting, his constant assaults on people is unprofessional and he would definitely still be an idiot- and someone who wouldn't deserve to have killed the first bigfoot. That being said, I would still stop all criticism simply because I would be flabbergasted.

      The truth of the matter plain to see is, is that this is another hoax. Rick knows it, and so does almost everyone else on the internet. FBFB shutdown, people are angry at Rick, and even Morgan the filmmaker made some comments that lead me and just about everyone else to believe that there was no real bigfoot.
      Perhaps its just because you want to believe so much that you want this to happen so badly that its blinding your vision to the truth>?
      Rick is a repeat hoaxer and well known with the police. He already made his money on this whole thing which is why he has stopped just about everything now- since there is no more money to be made.

  8. "Morgan the filmmaker made some comments that lead me and just about everyone else to believe that there was no real bigfoot."

    Please be specific of what HE said. for you to believe the above is a Hoax.
    I have listened to all his interviews and I have not heard him say anything to lead anyone to believe it is a Hoax.
    All he said in regards to it is that "He would assume people would think its a man in a suit" That is an open ended statement can be read several ways.

  9. His actual quote was “a viewer could reasonably conclude that I was attacked by someone in a suit.” REASONABLY CONCLUDE THAT I WAS ATTACKED BY SOMEONE IN A SUIT. It couldn't be any clearer, not sure how you could say that is open ended.

    1. Yes that's pretty much a clear statement. I think the ones who believe Rick still are ones that would hear what they want to hear. If Morgan was quoted saying "One would conclude that I could have been attacked by a friend of Ricks in a costume, that being said we were on a bigfoot hunt and it was a little dark outside". I garuntee they would still think it was a bigfoot.
      I am listening to Ricks latest radio show where he is begging people for more money and its making me sick. Now its to turn the water on in Dallas and Waynes house and get their roof fixed. It was just the transmission before but now they need a whole new what a lie. He is like OPEN UP YOUR WALLETS cause these guys are some of ours! Making me sick that people are so dumb to still give money to him.

  10. Was it about 3 weeks ago that someone said they had it on good authority that Rick would open up memberships again? He just announced it that he is going to.
    Now Rick is begging for cash donations to fix up Dallas and Waynes house. He is making it sound like they live in a dump lol. Rick- "They have holes in the roof, it rains inside their house, the toilets don't work and there is no running water now for 10 years" I mean wtf, a house like that would actually be CONDEMNED and vacated by the city! Rick made it sound like they are going to die from exposure unless they get your money right away!

    RIDIDCULOUS- Rick says "Dallas and Wayne need money so bad to just survive or they will literally die. So open your pocket books so we can save our friends!:

    Rick then goes on to say:

    "Team Tracker wants to help these guys out SO badly that we are even going to open memberships back up to get money for them to survive! I know I wasn't going to do this, but consider it a charity because its a life of death situation over there"

    OK how dumb are people to actually believe this schlock still? I mean really. I am on Team Tracker and even I can see this from a mile away.