Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Inconsistencies: Part 1

After Daz and I did our live book review of 'I Shot Bigfoot', there were some supporters of Rick who had some issues with the review.
  The biggest arguing point was where actually had his "first sighting". I honestly don't know why this was such an issue. Rick has always maintained he saw a Bigfoot behind The Home Depot. It's interesting to note that not a single supporter disputed any other "facts" in the Dyer story.
One person went so far as to ask for video evidence of the inconsistencies in Rick's verbal account versus the book story, versus the documentary story.
Ask and ye shall receive.
Many people have already seen the light after the documentary did not show what Dyer said it would. There wasn't 3 minutes of clear HD footage of a Bigfoot as Rick said there would be. Dyer tried to dismiss this as being out of his control and then poked his supporters with a stick afterwards by saying he was sorry the Bigfoot didn't do a "song and dance" for them.
Rick has always enjoyed telling people he changes his story to throw people off. Throw people off of what?
  Changing the description of "Hank" really isn't such a big secret that it warrants altering. The same goes for other information Rick has "leaked" out.


Racer X


  1. Even a seasoned liar, and a pathological one, can't keep the small details in order. The full documentation of the greatest scientific discovery in the modern world, will be spot on, and not contain the multitude of miss steps that Dyeria's story is becoming famous for. What it does have is the same traits of the 2008 hoax.

    Fortunately folks like Racer X are around this time, to present the facts to the world, as they happen. Bravo!

  2. One point about the "kill" site. Rick has at least on a couple of occasions hinted that it might be the Government Canyon State Nature Area. Logistically, I doubt know how that would effect his story.

  3. Once again another good news release!! Love this site. How can people still be part of Team Tracker? I mean I have heard of doomsday cults before, maybe we are dealing with one of those.

  4. Can barely wait for part 2!!

  5. Racer X,
    You said the following.
    "Many people have already seen the light after the documentary did not show what Dyer said it would. There wasn't 3 minutes of clear HD footage of a Bigfoot as Rick said there would be. Dyer tried to dismiss this as being out of his control and then poked his supporters with a stick afterwards by saying he was sorry the Bigfoot didn't do a "song and dance" for them."
    You claim to be logical and critical about the information you pick apart on Ricks comments. So I ask you this.
    Did Rick Dyer make the movie "Shooting Bigfoot"?
    Did Rick Dyer edit the movie "Shooting Bigfoot"?

    If both of these answers are no. Then people expecting something that Rick said about the film is there own fault. Rick was not in-control of the film. He knows what was shot by Morgan Matthews those times. Rick never saw the complete film so he was hoping Morgan Matthews would have put more of the shooting in the film. It is peoples own fault for getting their expectations up in regards to something that Rick Dyer had no control over. It is possible and logical by your own logic that Morgan Matthews does have more footage that is HD and better. He just choose not to put it in his film.

    1. You really should take a moment to read what you wrote.
      Rick hyped up the 3 minutes of HD footage, nobody else did. So, now it's the supporters of Dyer who are to blame for believing him? I hope everyone reads this. According to your rationale, nobody should believe a thing Rick says.
      Rick should keep his mouth closed if he can't produce what he says he can. Where is the last 5 minutes of film Ricky says he has?
      Do you seriously expect me to believe Morgan Matthews cut out the most important piece of the film? That makes no sense at all.
      You haven't helped Rick's position, if anything you made it worse.
      The crux of your comment is people shouldn't believe what Rick says.

    2. All I know is that whoever Mr Anonymous is left Critical thinking at the door when coming here.

  6. Racer X,

    Actually it makes perfect sense for a film maker that has spent years filming something to not want to change his whole concept of the film because of 1 night.

    Lets look at the Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman case. We know now they 911 call asked Zimmerman certain things. But the one news Media "edited" the 911 call to make Zimmerman sound different. That is where Media manipulates the narrative they want to show.
    You say you can't believe that Morgan Matthews would cut that out. Was that piece really Important in his Documentary? Or was how he ended a better ending?
    I believe he felt the ending he provided was what he wanted to show to people. It leaves the mystery still.
    I saw the film did you?

    1. Are you for real????????????? The greatest Discovery ever and the Film maker leaves it out for the prior years working on it???? To leave a air of mystery???

      It was left out because it never happened. So many Contradictions/ lies/ in Ricks story.

    2. This bears repeating,

      "It was left out because it never happened."

  7. First of all, you can't compare a news report with the making of a film.
    You appear to be downplaying the biological discovery of the modern age by saying "because of 1 night". Allegedly that one night would prove once and for all that Bigfoot exists.
    You insult my intelligence and the intelligence of other proponents of Bigfoot with your last statement.
    "it still leaves the mystery". Why leave something a mystery when that mystery could be proven to be real?
    Ask any Bigfoot enthusiast what they would prefer to see. I for one would want the mystery solved.
    I have not seen the film but I have spoken with many people who did see the film. Every one of them were deeply disappointed.
    I stand by the videos I posted. People can accept them or dismiss them.
    Where is the last 5 minutes of video Rick promised to post on YouTube? All he gave paying members was a video of himself in a random bathroom and a recorded interview thst damaged his story further.
    Yoy have succeeded in marginalizing Rick's entire story and the documentary.
    Well done.

  8. Racer X,

    I have not marginalized anything. I have stated that a film maker was creating a story. Just like you make videos you pick and choose what you want to use. Seems ok for you to do that but not a film maker who was not filming a Bigfoot is real film but a film about the men who do bigfoot hunting.
    Look at the group of people Morgan Matthews decided to film, do you feel these men are the best to represent an honest and legitimate film about Bigfoot? That is what you are making it sound like. Which it isn't. Morgan Matthews no matter what you may have wanted was not set out to make a film declaring Bigfoot is real.

    Yes people were disappointed because they had high hopes in the film, I mean I was disappointed in SW Ep1 because I had high hopes for the film.

    Of course everyone would want to see a Bigfoot in a film. But question is would you have believed it. Lets look for a minute. Many of the people have been trying to say the Bigfoot that IS shown in the film is a mask. So what would make you believe it in a film? Your logic is all over the place.
    The movie is for entertainment,nothing more nothing less.
    You seem to not be able to grasp that.

    Also that one night still could prove Bigfoot is real.
    But who knows you will just need to wait and see.

    1. Get a grip man. There is no body. Racer was great enough to put some of the contradictions we all knew, in one tidy package. Its like you are gabbing at anything to validate a known scammer, scam this time.
      Really you should be ashamed of yourself if you still believe or do you get a cut of the Book sales??

    2. Why is it if you disagree with someone, you feel it gives you license to diminish that person or claim that they are somehow in on it? Ashamed? A cut?

      I suppose the vast majority of people would conclude that even arguing over this issue would be a waste of time.

    3. Stefan,
      According to Racer-X "Yoy have succeeded in marginalizing Rick's entire story and the documentary. Well done."
      So how could I be part of Team Tracker or getting profits from the book if Racer X feels i am treating this all as insignificant then I don't understand your assumption that I am part of Team Tracker.
      I do believe the "documentary is insignificant it is a humorous look at the world of Bigfooting. Many of you seem to want it to be something more than it is. This is evident by who was chosen to be in the film. I don't understand why many of you try to read more into things than it is. Rick is a Showman a Huckster. You stop talking about it and trying to prove its a hoax and that he has no body it will die down and go away if he really doesn't have the body. You can sit and wait till August. If nothing else is shown by the end of august you will all be vindicated. But if he does prove to the world he did shoot a Bigfoot in August many of you will look like idiots. Stop feeding him. As the other person said just because i disagree with 1 take on your view of it being a hoax doesn't make me a Team Tracker or koolaid drinker. Heck many of you could be have said to have drunken the koolaid to the other extreme. Why can't there be a middle ground? Seems for many of you it can only be one or the other.

  9. Well done Racer!Gold members,silver members,and cult members.