Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Shooting Bigfoot - Dyer's Epitath

I had a post I was going to put together tonight, but then I came across this gem. The author puts in to words what we have been thinking. The Dyer supporters and FB/FB can try to spin this in any direction they want but the fact of the matter is the film does not show what Rick claimed it would. Freezer Boy can keep saying "it's out of my control" all day long but that weak excuse was worn out after the press conference that never happened. What about the CNN interview during sweeps week? That never happened.
What about the film being shown at Tribeca? Um, that never happened.
Where is the body Dyer promised to produce right after the film? Gee...that never happened BUT, the body will be shown August 15th. That's 3 1/2 months from now. You know we won't see a real dead Bigfoot.
  Rick keeps saying everything he has said to this point in time has been validated. Seriously? Why do people have so many questions then?
Here is a video by "Ruck" trying to perform damage control, and failing in my opinion.

Here is the article posted at Bigfoot Buzz

 "Editors Notes > Disappointment reigns across the Bigfoot community this morning not just because the movie Shooting Bigfoot was not what was advertised in the months leading up to it’s premiere, but many like myself were secretly hoping that finally the ultimate question whether bigfoot is real might finally be settled. But what I see as the dust settles this morning after is a community gut punched  one more time by a man who enjoys it so much.  Rick Dyer and his supporters knew all along what this movie ending was like but they decided to take this community and the poor souls that sent him hundreds of dollars to be part of this farce"

  Racer X


  1. I have followed the events of the past several months with amusement,I find it utterly fascinating how easily people can be fooled, now having said that, take a look at all the scams that separate the gullible and the greedy from their money. So the fact that a person such as Rick, who in my opinion lacks credibility, intelligence and sincerity is not only able to string along his feeble minded followers, but sells them worthless memberships speaks to the desperation and the desire people have when they just need to believe. Take a step back and ask yourself
    1) If Morgan Matthews witnessed a genuine Bigfoot during the filming of his documentary then where was he during the premier?
    2)FB/FB claimed they had information that the masses were not privy to.. Where is that information that was going to educate the ignorant?
    3)A dead Bigfoot that will be unveiled to the world some 8 months after the fact. Seriously?
    Was it embalmed, mummified or frozen?
    4)If you had the find of a lifetime would you a) peddle crappy memberships or b)go on Leno, Letterman and maybe even Oprah herself?
    Finally the "INVESTOR" Now maybe a guy who thinks its an incomprehensible amount of money to rent a freeze truck for 35 to 40 days can't scrape up enough change selling used cars and crappy merchandise etc.. to keep ownership of the BIGGEST find of our times, but surely if he has travelled the world hunting Bigfoot as he claims it would be within his means to keep it.
    I could go on but what's the point. To those who will call me a hater or a non believer all I can say is get a life, get out of your mother's basement and open your eyes. History has many sad lesson for those who blindly follow.

  2. Well said Rick. I'm still with you buddy!! Keep your chin up!!


  3. A great question was raised by a writer where he asks why would FB/FB waste money to travel to Toronto to see the film if they have already seen the body? Because they havent seen a body. There is no body for them to see.

    Also probably the most damning proof is the interview over at bigfoot evidence where Morgan clearly states he did not help move the body to a secret location and was not in the possession of a body and he did not put those rumors out there. Key word "rumors!" Sorry Dyerites, there is no body! He even says there was something at the end of the film that "May or may not be a close encounter." So Morgan states in summary there is no body, but interesting footage at the end of the film. Which fro what we've heard is true. Other than that, Dyer lied from the start and is still lying even as yesterday. He is a sociopath and they are great actors and believe the garbage they spew.

  4. Dyer is a friggin clown.

  5. Dyer was diabolical. Prepping the tent video to release right after the filming of the movie, but way before release and then hoaxing Mathews on his own segment took some serious balls. I'm glad it's over.

  6. Sorry folks, there is still no definitive proof this is a hoax or not. Keep trying.

    1. I would think the burden would be Dyer's to prove it's real, not for the rest of us to prove it's not.