Friday, May 3, 2013

Rick Dyer Busted? A Breakdown of Stacy's Video

Is this the real face of Hank? Just recently a video was posted by Stacy Brown Jr. and it appears this may be all over for Rick Dyer.
"Dude told me that he was there for the filming of the tent video," says Stacy.I have no idea who Stacy got the video from but it's compelling. Unfortunately, without a name and/or lengthy back story it's difficult to nail this one shut. The evidence is damning for Rick though.
Hank was described as having heavy scarring and the above mask seems to show just that.
Here is Stacy's video and a link. Stacy is an honest to goodness researcher and a stand up guy. I will take the words of an honest man over those of a known hoaxer any day.
After watching the video, I thought the face looked familiar and it didn't take me long to find what I was looking for.
The above rendering was created by Daz, an avid and vocal supporter of Dyer's. As far as I know Daz has not stated how he created the image. A person suggested to me this is "3/4 artistic rendition". If that is the case, why bother posting it? That just means it's 75% fake. Some people should think before they debate.
It appears Daz took the photo on the left and blended it with the one on the right.In fact, the photo on left dominates whatever was underneath on the right.
I was originally going to compare these two photos but there is a good chance Daz made a composite picture using the mask photo. I am now going to compare the Hank photo posted by FB/FB to the mask photo instead.

I see a few similarities between the movie still and the caveman mask.

1.) Bulbous nose.
2.) Same chubby area near mouth.
3.) Downward curve under lip. Thick lower lip.Thin upper lip.
4.) Very similar, if not identical cheek line.

I decided to grab another still from the video, the one of the alleged suit. If this suit is known to exist in other footage, please let me know. I have not seen this one before.
The very first thing that catches my eye is the body is more auburn than the entire head . The face and hair look washed out compared to the bright body. Notice the long flowing biker type hair.
 Does this guy look familiar to anyone? Let's compare faces as best as possible.

Both "Bigfoot" have a high hair line, round nose, facial hair, and long hair past the shoulders. These two look very much alike.
I noticed something else in the full body shot. Is the Bigfoot carrying something? Possibly a camcorder?

If this is in fact the suit used to hoax the tent video, who is wearing it? Who took the photo of the dude in the suit? Why does it look like Bigfoot is holding a camcorder?
The hair colour of the body also bears a strong resemblance to this photo that Rick photoshopped.
Notice the hair around the neck is different than the auburn arm. It closely matches the still in Stacy's video. My question is this; who is taking a photo of themself while wearing a Bigfoot costume?
Just a few things to ponder. Here's one more for you to think about:
Bigfoot Blogger

Racer X


  1. Very nice article. I think you nailed it!

    1. It appears to be a dead end. The image is from a History Channel show years back. Musky Allen posted it a while back saying it looked similar to the BF body he reported to see. It has been passed around and made its way to Stacy Brown by someone who apparently misrepresented themselves.

    2. I agree. This site is really showing the lack of any serious efforts by the debunkers. Or perhaps they are letting their emotions control take over. Its really become more of a witch hunt than thoughtful analysis.

  2. Sorry X, I actually saw the movie, and the "mask" rushes the camera and changes it's facial expression and opens it's mouth wide. IMO (as someone who actually saw the footage) it is not a rubber mask. Could be CGI, but a mask, no.

  3. This should be put to rest....for good! Hoax..always was and still is,would you expect anything different from Dyer??

    1. Rick ,is a piece of shit, but hey he's an AMERICAN and it's uneducated Americans who are letting this BS continue! In Canada this asshole would be in jail for fraud.

  4. Notie not one of Rick's people had a thing to say about the Tent video hoax.The tent video is what the rest of the hoax was based on, now we have the costume with matching face.

  5. I now believe the tent video was done on a separate trip from the Minnow event, but very likely in the same area. It was either a prop or perhaps the head/shoulders of a suit and may not have even been the same suit used to bluff MM in SB. Any lack of serious effort on this subject is from the lack of incentive. The job is done, There never was a body, tent vid was a hoax and RD is now thanking his 2000 (imaginary) paid members with a free hike on Mt. Charleston. I'm sure a little waterboarding would get some truth out of RD, but why waste the water?

  6. You all are doing the same thing Dyer is doing: making unfounded claims with no real evidence, merely supposition. I don't know if Dyer achieved what he claims. What I do know is the epistemelogical concerns that are relevant. "They want to cheat the axiom of existence and consciousness, they want their consciousness to be an instrument not of perceiving but of creating existence, and existence to be not the object but the subject of their consciousness—they want to be that God they created in their image and likeness, who creates a universe out of a void by means of an arbitrary whim. But reality is not to be cheated. What they achieve is the opposite of their desire. They want an omnipotent power over existence; instead, they lose the power of their consciousness. By refusing to know, they condemn themselves to the horror of a perpetual unknown."

  7. Has an actual ANTHROPOLOGIST (Like Jeff Meldrum) actually seen the alleged BF corpse? Didn't think so. Science is needed here. This whole affair is a ROTFL trainwreck, which will set back REAL BF research by 50 tears. BTW- I do not believe BF exists, but respect Kulls as an investigator.

  8. A moment of silence for Ricks poor kids. I feel so bad they have to grow up under his mushroom cloud.