Wednesday, May 15, 2013

PSA: From The VP of Part Deux

I received a few questions last night after I posted this conversation between Jas and Pinkfoot.
Jason Judd was kind enough to say the following:

Jason seems quite sure this is a lie. I wonder how he knows this for a fact?

Some rude fucker left this message:
If this is true, produce the screen shots of the conversation. I bet you can't. It's made up.

Last but not least:
So when did this little conversation take place? Do you have screen shots indicating that "visual aids" came from pinkfoot along with the conversation?

In the interest of fairness, and the very polite requests, I have obtained the screen shots.

We can see the font is correct and the blue font is correct. So, was this lengthy conversation photoshopped? I like to use a program called FotoForensics to help me see if a photo has been manipulated.
I decided to run three of the screen grabs through the program and I left three for anyone to try for themselves.

I don't see anything unusual with the screen grabs and it appears to be unaltered. This is what a photoshopped picture will look like:

Notice the white rectangles. Those are books that have been added to the original image. The dinosaur has been added as well.
   In the screen grabs you will see the same fuzzy white areas where text and text bubbles have been added.
  This is an example of a photoshopped conersation:

You can clearly see the exact same white snowy areas where the text is. Here is the fake conversation beside the Jas/Pinkfoot conversation. Jas/Pink are on the left and fake is on the right.

These two images are night and day from each other. The colour of the text on the left matches that of the rest of the image. The colour of the text on the right does not.
Don't take my word for it, try it yourselves.
Apparently Rick got wind of what was said about Pinkfoot's conversation and Rick replied with a very short rebuttal. He doesn't call Jas a liar and he doesn't defend Pinkfoot. I have to wonder why.
 Rick tried to be clever and he posted a "conversation" with Jas showing how easily things can be faked. He did a bang up job, because his fake is easy to spot.

I don't have to run this one through photo forensics because it's obvious the font is wrong and the message exceeds it's boundaries.

Keep trying Rick, you might get better some day.

Racer X


  1. Rick Dyer is faking facebook messages now ? That just about sums how low this crook will go.

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    2. no, those are real messages between pink and jas. i suggest u wait till round 3! even more, nail in the coffin, incriminating evidence of pink hating on dyer and suggesting he maybe hoaxing. as well as musky caught red handed lying in cold blood!!!! saying he flew to meet up with Jack and Jeff to give them documents proving he worked with renee dahiden, LIE! hopefully randy puts it up tonight, i would kill to see dyers reaction to it and the rest of team trackers reaction, and they are more than likely going to be calling it fake, especially pink will be saying that, but they are 100% real!!

    3. WOP WOP WOP racer x is spanking dat ass WOP WOP WOP

  2. Dyeria is faking everything, always has, always will.

  3. So you say that the one Rick Did was a Fake?
    So is this why you didn't Post it because it shows up as not being a fake.

    So what is it?

    1. Look at the text in Rick's fake message. The font is bold and wrong.
      Go type a message to someone and see if you can get the text to go under the time stamp. You can't.
      You can be a denier for as long as it pleases you. Facts are facts.

    2. Racer, that is not answering what anon said. You may have realised that the text went under the time stamp and that the font is wrong so thats how you knew it was fake and thats fine, but, if rick had not ran the text under the time stamp and used the correct font (which im sure Jas would not have missed being 'quite techy') then your software would not have picked up on that fact, it would have showed up EXACTLY like the convo between Jas and Pink. Am I wrong??? Facts are facts

    3. ^^^^ no answer Racer?? says it all.

      Monsterbator: Definition
      a clown named Rick Dyer is the original monsterbator
      a person that makes up stories of monster encounters.

  4. Racer,
    So now the FotoForensics is not accurate?
    The proof is in the pudding as they say.
    So if Jas's conversation with Pink is real according to FotoForensics, then the conversation between Jas and Rick is as well. Or are we deciding both are now faked.
    By they way you do know that facebook offers aps to change the font display of your facebook page.

    I would also like to point out this little handy application that can be used to make fake facebook conversations

    So which is really the real ones?

    1. look dyer why do you keep posting all this crap under anonymous
      if you had any balls or proof you would use your real name
      you dont even let people comment on your channel
      so keep off this one thanks!
      we are looking beyond your hoax into the real investigations that are truthful
      not a sick little nobody with delusions of granduer
      and you made the statement that your are leaving the bigfoot community.
      why should we waste our time just saying good bye good ridance over and over to you!

  5. Right on again Racer! Jas Smith has no reason to lie he got stiffed by Ricky Traylor and PInkfoots he has a good reason to publish i know i wud.

  6. Please show exactly the contract and the agreement Jas Smith had with Rick and Pinkfoot about the work and the agreed upon price and the time frame it would be paid.
    I understand that Jas Smith gave Rick an ultimatum to be paid or else, well the or else happened.
    So did Racer X pay Jas Smith for the rework of his logo? Did he pay Jas Smith $500.00 for the work. If so then perhaps Racer X can show us the receipt of payment paid to Jas Smith for the logos.

    1. What you understand is what Dyeria has told you. The proof is that Dyeria changed the copy to suit his own argument. Racer X has shown you the facts, but because Dyeria is still a part of your subconscious you cannot see it. It is apparent that Dyeria had originally agreed to pay Jas, but decided that he was expendable, just like the rest of his members. Hurry up and get that logo in for your $50 prize. What a joke.

  7. Thomas,
    Explain then how the conversation Rick and Jas had shows not being edited by any program, according to the fotoforensics.
    You take the other chat as truth because of the fotoforensics yet you ignore the fact that the other is fact as well.

  8. Good news report on Dyer. Please keep up the good work and make news releases as often as you can! People are watching your site!

  9. Racer X, Why have you failed to answer why the Rick Dyer and Jas Smith chat shows up as not being edited. You said you were going to be honest in reviewing the conversation but you debunked the chat with out verifying it with the fotoforensics that you are holding as evidence of truth of the other ones with Pinkfoot. I understand you believe everything from Rick is made up. I think it is obvious since Jas Smith made you your new logos you will not question his conversations. But I think as someone who wants the truth you should be calling into question Jas Smiths own chat as well if you question Ricks. So are they both real or both fake? You can not claim Ricks is because you don't believe it when we know Jas Smith vandalized Team Trackers site. This should call into question his own motivation and morals as well. You don't like Rick yet you believe what Jas Smith did as acceptable which shows your own bias to the chats you presented. If Rick is a lier, Jas Smith is not to be trusted either because of what he did to Team Trackers website. This shows he is just as bad if not worse than Rick on his morals. Rick doesn't go around ruining others websites because he is mad about something. All Rick does is smack talk people.

    Mr. Nancy

    1. Mr. Nancy- Thanks for the nicely worded comment. You have valid concerns that I will address this evening after work.
      Some people seem to think I'm ignoring the comments and issues but that is not the case.
      I have found discrepencies in Rick's faked message and I will present what I see.
      As far as Jas goes, yes he made me new logos at my request. I initiated that myself, not Jas.
      I questioned Jas about these screen grabs of Pink's and he assures me they are true and not fabricated. I'll see if we can find a way to show the screen shots in a way that will remove doubt.
      If it's discovered the screen shots are fabricated, I will offer a retraction.
      More screen shits have been sent to me that appear to be from quite awhile. The subject matter indicates this.
      I will present these as well. For the record, Rick has never said the Pink screen shots are doctored and Pink hasn't said anything as far as I know. If she wishes to refute what I have posted, she can email me.
      You are correct, I do not believe anything Rick says because he is prone to lying. His history confirms this.

  10. Racer X,
    But Jas Smith's character is also called into question as well. He vandalized a persons website because he was upset and angry that Pinkfoot and Rick did not get back to him in his the time frame he needed.

    Website vandalism includes destroying, changing or defacing other's website content, and be it a private or government website. What may scare us is the fact that website 'vandals" may be characters far different from their neighborhood counterparts. Website vandals are usually software or high tech gurus and they may be located in foreign countries. Website vandalism may entail a variety of law; copyrights, criminal law, international law, and civil procedure rules on jurisdiction.

    So lets be clear here you say Rick is prone to lying yet you support a person who has done a criminal act. Jas Smith also bragged about what he did. You all encouraged him to do this if not more to the site.

    Did you pay Jas Smith for said graphic work?
    Did he request any money from you for the work?
    Did Jas Smith do the work for free?
    If he didn't request money from you. Why are you so positive that he didn't do the work for Rick when he was a fan of Ricks for free.

    Now lets look at Pinkfoots chat. So what if she had doubts on what Rick said of the Tent Video. To me this her a smart intelligent person to question the story. Your all using it as some damming evidence against Rick and Her. So what made her believe is the better question you should be asking.
    You also forget that in the "Shooting Bigfoot" film that video is in it. If Ricks Film company he is partnered with made that it would have to be listed as such. Was it listed in the credits? I didn't see it that it was.
    Mr. Nancy

    1. Now you are accusing me of something I had no part of. The defacing of Rick's site happened while I was asleep. I have not encouraged anyone to do anything to Rick or his site.
      Any agreement I have with Jas about services rendered are between Jas and me.
      I find it odd that I get grilled and questioned over a blog post than Rick gets about his dead bigfoot hoax.
      As far as legal matters go, that's between Rick and Jas.

    2. So your agreement is between Jas Smith and You.
      You can't answer the simple question did you pay him for the work. Or did he do it for free.
      Wasn't Jas Smith's agreement between Rick and Pinkfoot and him why should he have gone to everyone and cry about it. If he was promised money it was a legal issue not an issue to allow him to deface a persons website.
      Example: If a person gets work done on there house. Lets say plumbing. I am late paying them or they can not get in-touch with me for what ever reason. The can not come into my house even if they have a key and remove the plumbing in my home. That is vandalism and they actually now are the party that is breaking the law. They didn't go to the proper channel to collect the payment I owed them. In the end I would win the case. They can also be charged criminally.
      Yet Jas Smith decided to do Illegal activity as well as threatening Rick with ultimatums.

      I never accused you of doing it. I said you encouraged him after the fact and patted him on the back for doing it. It is and was all over Sasquatch Warz page which your other alt is on in Facebook.

      I am saying you question Rick and his stuff. Yet you give Jas Smith a pass because he in your mind hurt Rick. I wouldn't trust some one like Jas Smith since he has shown that he will turn on things in a moment of supposed anger.
      So when you piss Jas Smith off, He will demand you remove the logo he made for you.

    3. Like I said, any legal matters are between Rick and Jas. You are asking me questions that should be addressed with Jas.
      I do not owe any explanation to anyone about the art Jas supplied me with. He indicated that the bigfoot within the circle has been legally copyrighted by him. If at anytime Jas asks me to remove the logos, I will comply with his request.
      Since I have permission to use this logo and Rick does not, Rick needs to remove the logo from his blog.
      Thanks for the analogy, I understood the first time.

    4. He does not hold the copyright for that Image.
      This is why it is not his to give away.
      It is free clip art so he can not copyright it.

      Also since said image was also on the shooting bigfoot movie poster

      So I suggest you do your homework before taking another liar's word for things. Since you do not like people who lie to you.

    5. "Since I have permission to use this logo and Rick does not, Rick needs to remove the logo from his blog."

      This is where you are wrong.
      Rick had permission from Jas Smith to use the logo.
      Jas Smith had placed it on the website owned by Team Tracker in doing so Jas Smith gave permission for Rick to use said graphics.
      Let me be clear, Jas Smith owns a limited copyright on the entire logo he creates. He can make that copyright official by processing it legally. He can not claim in your logo or Ricks that he holds the copyright for 1 part of it. If so then he is breaking copyright law on the entire other pieces since he is saying he doesn't own those other rights.
      when he placed it himself on Ricks sight he gave permission for Rick to use it.
      He can try to say he didn't but a court of law and copyright law will show how long it was up on the site and then look at when he sent Rick e-mails and they will not award him anything.

      Mr. Nancy.

    6. Oh shut up Nancy. Point of the matter, Rick through Jas and many others under the bus. Your here defending the lowest of the low! Why? Do you have anything to gain?

    7. I am wrong am I?
      First of all, user agreements can and do get terminated on a regular basis. Jas can rescind permission at any time because he is the creator of the graphics. Rick did not commission the work and there is no binding contract.
      You bring up a very good point about the artwork and breaking it down in to two separate works. Thanks for the link for the clip art.
      If we remove the clip art from the equation, we are left with the supporting graphics that Jas designed himself. It's widely accepted that Jas created the entire logo and you concede to that as evident by your statement "that he holds the copyright for 1 part of it".
      Therefore, Jas retains copyright to the main body of work and the "pizazz" of the entire logo.
      At the very least, Jas can ask Rick to remove that portion of artwork he owns and created. At best, Rick can keep the Bigfoot silhouette.
      I believe you defeated yourself with your own argument.
      I also believe that is checkmate.

  11. p.s.
    Jas Smith is lucky that Rick said he will not press the matter legally against him, because of Jas Smith's disabled brother or something to that affect.
    I would suggest that Jas Smith back off or he may end up in a civil and possible criminal legal issues. The more Jas Smith gives you and more you put out of it. The likely chance of Rick going Legally against Jas. Many people have Jas admitting to it so he will have no stand in a court of law. As well as the Website provider having the logs of when it was done who did it.

    1. Earth to Anonymous poster before this!!! What could Rick pursue Legally?????Nothing!!! Also Rick is committing so many crimes he wouldn't want to draw any attention to it!! Get a Clue!!!!

  12. p.s.s
    18 USC §1030 may be one of the laws applicable to website vandalism involving criminal conducts. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act mandates website owners' to include a copyright ownership notice. 17 USC §1202. Since website vandalism may be international in scope, many countries have ratified the International Cyber-crime Treaty, which includes some provisions against conducts that may constitute website vandalism. This is an excellent example of how website vandalism may be attacked and its criminals brought to justice; though domestic legislation and international agreements are the perfect combination of laws against this new phenomenon. Website vandals may easily hide from domestic authorities and courts but international cooperation will eventually bring them to justice.

    So again Jas Smith committed a Criminal Act. The websites legal copyright holder was Rick Dyer not Jas Smith.
    You may have thought it was funny and ammusing and supported it. But Legally hey violated the The Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Not only that. He unless he registered his images he handed copyright over to Rick when he used them on the site. He made them for Rick for the site.
    He should have made an agreement on payment up front before allowing them to be placed on the site.

  13. What I can tell you is that everything reported by Racer is fact, period. The thing is Rick, lies, distorts truths, throws people under the bus, slanders people with made up lies, hits pregnant women, does not care who he throws under the bus, takes money from anyone, uses a noble cause (Homeless) to benefit his scam. The list goes on and on with Rick

  14. Rick Dyer openly stated the money goes to the homeless, the IRC should be looking closely into that.

    Get your receipts in order Rick! Someone will come a knocking for you. It is all on tape, you said all that money was going to the homeless. Good job we have the evidence to support that.

    Team Hoaxer - Team Misfits - Team Scam - Team Tracker all the same.

    1. So is IRC (Internet Relay Chat?) Or did you mean IRS?
      If you talking about the IRS I think they have enough to worry about right now then the little amount Rick is making.
      You also forget Rick is not a Non-profit organization. He is not set up as a charity when you pay him via paypal you are paying his LLC which will have to claim what he earns. So I doubt this is an issue for the "IRC" smirks.

  15. Rick doesn't give sh1t to the homeless. Think about in the heck do you track his money when he says he buys food to distro to the homeless (which is undoubtedly a blatant lie). Rick is just full of shit and anyone dumb enough to still be on his bandwagon I actually feel sorry for because they are the last of the last people to still be strung along on this crazy hoax. If you watch Ricks video Rick and friends you can JUST TELL its a hoax when he said last week "If this was a hoax IT WOULD BE THE BEST HOAX EVER cause everyone is talking about it!" and he says this quite proudly like he is proud of himself and begins laughing like crazy...but I thought it was really funny in another way because none of his 'friends' were laughing and they all kind of had a look on their faces like 'you asshole this better not be fake'. Anyways I think even his 'friends' must know by now its a hoax, at least most of the intelligent ones.


  16. OK, doesn`t Pink state that he HAS A BODY??? So, what`s the scandal about it??? That he hoaxed the tent video??!! Does not matter as long as he has a real body!!!