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Morgan, Jeff, Rick, FB/FB and Hank

There is so much going on since the release of 'Shooting Bigfoot. Some people have jumped ship (rightfully so) on Dyer, some are explaining away the movie as a diabolical plot by the director, and some are questioning the editing and directing skills.
  Most of the reviews so far say nothing of the discovery of a Bigfoot, dead or otherwise. Most tweets I have read say the movie is a "hoot", "hilarious" and "fun". These are not words I would expect to see describing a serious film about the killing of a Bigfoot.
 Rick Dyer said, in his own words, there would be 3 minutes of clear HD footage of the "monster" he shot. Once again, this didn't pan out for Dyer. In fact none of the story has really panned out. His fans seem to forget or neglect to bring up the interview that was supposed to happen with CNN during sweeps week. What happened?
 The film was going to premiere at Tribeca according to Dyer and he was adamant about that. What happened? Rick said he would release the body after the film festiavl and people would not have to wait. He said this many, many times. Now the release has been pushed to August 15/3013. Why the hell for? Is membership low? Not enough cash for the Corvette yet?
 Rick's story grew with each passing radio show. What started out as a dead Bigfoot grew in to this creature with "extra nostrils" or slits on each side of the nose. It has double rows of teeth and it's jaw can open more. Some described it kind of like a snake but that's an analogy. Rick never said hinged jaw or anything similar. All he did was create a Bigfoot that really doesn't follow the "normal" description of a Bigfoot.
Rick and his followers say the film showed everything Rick said it would. Really? Where is the 3 minutes of clear HD footage? Where does the film show him killing a Bigfoot?
I still maintain my position, this is nothing but a money grabbing hoax being extended until the entire house of cards comes crashing down. That's my opinion and if by some miracle I'm wrong, I will own it.
Dyer has provided plenty of lip service. it's time to put away the excuses of why things don't come to fruition. It's time to put up or shut up.
Now that I have a few things off my chest I'll post a few videos most of you have seen, but we'll have them all together, all cozy like.
Here is the interview with Morgan Matthews:

Next up we have Mr. J.R. Dobbs, the man with boots on the ground doing interviews with the homeless people in the area. I like Mr. Dobbs' style, he let's people tell their story without interrupting them or spoon feeding answers. Here is Part 9:
J.R. Bob Dobbs Jr.

I have no idea what's up with these guys. They gave a scathing review of the documentary. Then they questioned the editing of the film 'Shooting Bigfoot'.

Here are our many discussion points & questions concerning "Shooting Bigfoot"

WHY did Morgan Matthews use creative editing to manipulate the film's real events? In one of the final scenes on the flight home, Morgan looks terrible, physically and mentally beat up. His eye is completely blackened by what was a tremendous force hitting him or the camera, giving him a cut as well as the shiner. You get the distinct impression that Morgan Matthews does not know what to think, he does not know what reality is, was this an elaborate hoax by Rick and this mystery man? Was it a Sasquatch?

However, Morgan by now DOES know the answer. It's either real or fake. So why leave it up to the audience to decide?

Other questions thoughts about the film/documentary.

1. The video is very compelling and shocked the audience. The first viewing was a flash maybe .3 seconds. The second viewing was at the end of a rewind sequence and the face was shown again for maybe 2 seconds. Certainly not enough time to do any analysis. The group is extremely disappointed it was not head to toe video of a Sasquatch either alive or dead.

2. The face that is shown in 10 frames was 15 feet high and 12 feet wide on the screen. The image is in black and white and the 2 frames it is clear. We have never heard a crowd react like that, almost primal.

3. Is it the face of a Sasquatch? Well it depends on your point of view. In our opinion it fits perfectly with a human ancestor theory. A long upper lip, a human-shaped pushed in nose, massive cheek bones and jaw, thick hair around the neck. Conversely, If you believe that Sasquatch is an ape-like Gigantopithecus, this would not confirm your belief.

4. Following that Face image, A two second clip of the camper video is shown, saying Rick Dyer had filmed better video of the creature. Then a picture of Rick ranting (w/ DJ Bashers) from November of last year is shown. Why show a post night of the filming perspective if you are not willing to disclose all the information you have.

5. Another question we all had is... if Morgan filmed a body after the event, why didn't he show that in this film? This would be a higher grossing movie instead of a low grade B movie that goes straight to Netflix and Hulu. Did his investors in this movie (BBC and Tribeca film council) make decisions on this film?

6. Does the video prove that it is a guy in a suit? Absolutely not. Could it be a suit? Possibly. The video is too quick, too dark, too strange. But everyone agrees that the face images do not look like a mask, it is certainly like no mask we have ever seen.

7. If it is a real Bigfoot. We would rank this video at #10 of all time. It is the closest film of a Sasquatch by far... taken at maybe 3 feet. The image is terrifying. The lips are wide, eyes are wide, nose is wide, it appears much taller and much more powerful that Morgan Matthews. In order for this to be confirmed there would need to be a body, it cannot be possible to have a more controversial image.

8. The film is a cliff-hanger of monumental proportions and definitely leaves it open for another film.

9. The ending of the movie shows Morgan confused "hoax or real" he is asking himself, but if he knows what is true (and is faking) wouldn't he be committing a reverse hoax on everyone? If he knows the answer he should tell everyone in the film. If he has film of the creature, he should absolutely show it. If he knows it is real then he should absolutely say so. If he's been hoaxed, he should be more clear about that as well. He is now caught in a trap just like any witness his credibility is now on the line.

10. The film opens with Ivan Marx, the infamous hoaxer, and the many ridiculous films he took of men and women in suits. It then shows Rick and Matt Whitten, contrasting their story with Tom Biscardi's story of the 2008 hoax. Biscardi is shown as unethical and mean spirited. Dallas and Wayne are lovable. Rick Dyer is lonely and determined for redemption.

11. After listening to the voice of Morgan Matthews throughout the movie, including him saying "Rick Rick, Rick, Rick, Rick" in an evening shot. The voice in the #2 Camper/Tent video is definitely Morgan Matthews. This lends great credibility to the video. The face of the "Sasquatch" that Morgan shows and the end "Shooting Bigfoot" matches the face of the second clip taken by Dyer, except it is in Black and White and turned sideways.

12. Why not show the ribs being nailed to tree? What was up with the ribs in the tent covered with ants? What is up with the truck with the tarp in the back, is it imagery'? Why did Morgan film himself terrified in his tent? There must be at least a half a dozen people associated with Minnow who have knowledge of the events (not to mention people on the expedition) How can they all be quiet?

13. Morgan seems genuinely confused and distraught in the film. Why? Rick Dyer is hell bent on shooting something, he tells Morgan to stay away from the end of the gun, he is loading real bullets into the gun.

14. Everyone knows the power of special effects and any film can not prove the existence of a creature so controversial as a Sasquatch. The explanation for why Sasquatch make sense is far more important than the proof. Unlike Morgan's other documentaries, this film does not try to answer questions but rather makes one feel lost, almost like he gave up on the film.

This film asks so many more questions than it answers.


This post by FB/FB on their page seems like a scramble to save face. Once again the "experts" confirm this as a genuine Sasquatch. Just remember these are the same group that confirmed a kid dressed up was a Bigfoot, and the blowing leaf was a tippy toeing Sasquatch. The boys don't say how they obtained this HD footage but I have been told there is a pirated copy making it's way around the Dyer people. They are the only ones who apparently have the film, so unless Morgan Matthews sent them some clips, one or more of these people committed piracy.
I'm almost at a loss for words, you have to read it for yourselves.

#1/84 "The Matthews Dyer Night Footage" The entire authentication committee spent the last 24 hours slowing down and analyzing the three clips of Sasquatch in "Shooting Bigfoot".

“Matthews/Dyer Night Video”
We have analyzed and debated the merit and knowledge gained from the three short clips in “Shooting Bigfoot” that show the Sasquatch. We all agree, definitely not a mask. Confirms on all points. This is the closest video of a Sasquatch to date, at just 4 to 6 feet. The video is shocking but needs to be viewed frame by frame to appreciate and authenticate. It is by far the most frightening of all videos. We were first angry with the belittling tone of “Shooting Bigfoot”, hell bent on mockery, but Matthews did not write a script and have them read it, they said it themselves. But these short clips are remarkable, showing, speed, power and size, no wonder a Sasquatch can not be caught alive.

We had hoped to see a definitive proof in this film and were gravely disappointed. Later, we received the HD clips and watched them frame by frame. it became obvious the clips had great merit. We feel it necessary that everyone knows this is a real Sasquatch. The face matches #2 Camper and posthumous descriptions. There is only one logical explanation for the facial characteristics. (Heavy brow, wide hooded nose, lips, cheeks, square jaw) After watching it several thousand times it ranks #1. We will not publish an authentication of the video. -FB/FB

This is only 1/8 of a single frame of the Sasquatch shown in the “Shooting Bigfoot” and does not show the body, arm, legs, hair etc. it shows the lips, nose, chin and cheekbones.. It is shown for educational and research purposes under fair use laws.

This is what happens when you disagree with a cult leader. Looks like Dyer had a hissyfit and got out his big bad ban hammer. I say Shawn O'Reilly is much better off because of this.
The FB/FB guys and their crew managed to grab an HD still (blurry) of "Hank". I don't know who or what the hell that is, but it sure doesn't look like the "Hank" in the tent video.
This is what we were presented with today:
This looks nothing like these:

I have no idea how FB/FB managed to confirm the film still as Hank, but they did.The face looks more human than anything else and not like the skeery monster Dyer has portrayed.

Racer X


  1. Well rick has another hoax under his belt and he is probably planning his next as we speak.

  2. Who would have thought that people on different sides of an issue would have different interpretations of events? I am shocked.

  3. Dyer's world is coming down around him. He is getting rid of key team tracker members who are now speaking out about the inner circle that has been this hoax, no expeditions are being planned, although people have purchased spots. The movie and the HUGE letdown that what Dyer claimed to be there never was, and now the interview with an individual who was hired by the movie, shows that Dyer and the film crew staged the entire event that was the supposed shooting of the Monster(as Rick calls him). Dyer once a supporter of J.R. Dobbs work accuses him now of wanting to ride the Dyer gravy train, unfortunately for Mr. Dyer that train de-railed at 10:25pm, Toronto time.

  4. RacerX... I love you.

    Rick's bunghole must be burning from the reaming you just gave him.