Monday, May 13, 2013

More Lies From Freezer Boy

Rick Dyer is back telling lies about people again. Not long ago, freezer boy said he was leaving the Bigfoot community ( he was never part of), then he said he was going to avoid all the negativity that is bringing him down.
 For a guy who wants to lay low, he's doing a piss poor job. Last week Dyer attacked Liam Gray in this post, which was a complete lie. Later....much later, Rick posted a lame ass retraction. He couldn't admit he lied and made up a name 'Gary Parker' and then said he at least posted 1% truth. Dyer wouldn't know 1% truth if it walked up and kicked him in the nuts. The guy doesn't know "truth" as regular normal human beings know the word.

According to Dyer's rationale, I could call him a pedophile because he has children. I know, it sounds really stupid, doesn't it?

 Last night someone took a wrecking ball to Rick's Team Tracker site (he doesn't really track). I missed all of this but I found a post at Bigfoot Evidence. I'll repost the photos here because they make me happy. If you haven't read the story, visit Shawn's blog for the details.

Rick wasn't too happy about his nice looking site that someone else designed for free being demolished, so Rick did what he does best....he makes up a hit piece without any verification whatsoever. He says Jas Smith, Shawn Evidence and ZenYeti were responsible for the hack. He accuses Shawn of paying Jas to trash, but the truth is Jas Smith had a password for the site. I don't know if Jas actually did this, but that seems to be the story floating around. I personally have not confirmed if Jas was involved or not.
  If it was in fact Jas, and he had the password, WHY would Shawn or ZenYeti need to bribe him? Dyer even uses one of Jas' creations in the fabricated post.

Later on freezer boy makes a video saying his site wasn't hacked. If Dyer removes the video, I have a back up.

Is Rick suffering from short term memory loss or does he have an evil twin. More than likely, he just makes things up as he goes along. Much like his dead bigfoot in a secret facility that somehow defies decomposition.

Dyer has attacked everyone without providing evidence to support his claims.....much like his dead bigfoot story. He is now attacking the people who supported him. Why did they fall from grace of the illustrious cult leader? They asked questions and they questioned the story Rick gave. Because of this they were "trouble makers". Trouble makers? I thought asking rational questions made one a "hater".
  Yessiree, Dyer don't need no pesky people making other folks think for themselves now, do he?
  Rick doesn't care who he throws under the bus and nobody is immune....nobody.
  If there are any former supporters who would like their voice heard, feel free to send me an email or message me on Facebook.

Remember the person Rick said made the post about Liam Gray? Gary Parker is what Dyer wrote. The name seemed very familiar to me. I have not read any recent posts by a Gary Parker on Dyer's blog, FB/FB or anywhere else.
The only Gary Parker I am familiar is none other than Matt Whitton. Perhaps Rick thinks I have short term memory loss as well.

Racer X


  1. Good Blog Racer, what a wild ride this has been.

  2. A pathetic excuse for a human being. Maybe someone will come along and diagnose him, and it will be the explanation for all of his transgressions.

    1. We have had plenty of armchair experts say sociopath.

  3. Why he is not in prision? he should be, he stole thousands of dollars from people in Mexico, he returned to the US and use some of the stolen money to pay a coyote to cross his wife the border, which is very bad isnt it

    1. ^ not as bad as your grammar! do it again?!!

  4. The problem with the "Bigfoot community" is that it doesn't really care about the truth. Yeah, Rick Dyer is scumbag that most everyone hates. That fact seems to excuse the lies that get tossed around. The story that Dyer was under investigation by the FBI that Robert Lindsay put out is a perfect example. I understand that most people would like it to be true, but when it became apparent that it wasn't I saw no one print a retraction. Yeah, if the guy who worked on Dyer's website was owed money that is pretty sorry own Dyer's part. But I never saw anyone complain that he sabotaged someone's property. Truth and objectivity are not a popularity contest.