Saturday, May 18, 2013

I Shot Bigfoot: A Booklet Review

I just finished reading Rick's booklet 'I Shot Bigfoot'. Rick talks about his childhood and growing up. He also mentions his love of cars, and speaks very highly of his mother.
  This is the very first time I have ever heard of Rick talk about his family, especially his mom, so I did find that part of the book interesting. It's plainly obvious Dyer loves his wife and kids, even a hoaxer has a heart.
  I had a few problems with the narrative however. Rick's use of God was over the top and had that T.V. evangelist air about it in his story telling.

“God, please help me…please let
Morgan see a Bigfoot…please let something

The transportation of the body left me somewhat perplexed. On past radio shows Rick mentioned on more than one occasion that "authorities" came directly to the "kill" site because the Brits were worried about getting in trouble. Rick also said samples were taken from the body on site.
  This is excluded in the book and I don't know why. Apparently tissue and hair samples were obtained in Las Vegas. This is yet another example of the story changing.
 I also have issue with Rick's claims about the refer truck and long term storage of the body.

 "so we spent an anxious night watching a
Bigfoot thaw, hoping he would make it to
the next morning."

I am familiar with reefer trucks and I am not aware of any reefer truck that would freeze a 600 lb. + body, even if a bulkhead door was used. Trucks of this kind are designed to keep frozen goods from thawing,they are not designed to actually freeze goods.

 The book talks about the experiences of Musky Allen, and there is a glaring discrepancy with the description of "Hank". Most of us have read Musky's account of what happened, and his description of the body. We have also seen at least four different artist's interpretations of the facial features.
  Musky gave very detailed descriptions of the face but at no point in time, past or present, did Allen ever mention "slits" on each side of the nose. A prominent feature such as this would be very difficult to miss or omit when describing the face of a dead Bigfoot.
  Dyer, in his own words said the beast had slits or extra nostrils on it's face. This can not be disputed or retracted because Rick has said it more than a few times. Once again, why is such an important facial feature left out by one person, and described in detail by another. Why did Rick omit this from the booklet?
  The rest of the book talks about haters and how Rick is the best Bigfoot Tracker in the world. That's also a contradiction because by Dyer's own admission he does not track.
  The narrative jumps around a bit but is presented in a timeline that's not difficult to follow.
If you're a fan of Rick Dyer, the book will not reveal anything you have already been told. If you think this is a hoax, the book is a fun read to find the contradictions. Is the booklet worth $4.99? I think you know my answer to that question.

Racer X


  1. I read the book too. Too bad Rick didn't include pic of his hot wife in lacey red panties and bra. Might have been worth the five bucks then.

  2. I read the book to and it seems more like a exercise in self- ego. It is quite apparent in the wording that Rick has no body and how the Co-Author thinks he does is beyond me!!!!

  3. More than the 1st half of the book is talking about Dyeria. I was wondering when he was going to get the actual event, and when he finally did, I was thinking well I have heard this before. I have a question for Dyeria, he said he shot and killed a Bigfoot, but Morgan Mathews clearly stated in his post film interview that no Bigfoot was hurt during this outing. So who do I believe? Not Dyeria.

  4. Why is this booklet in the nonfiction section? It's obviously a steaming pile of crap.

  5. You guys spent $5 on hoax literature with all proceeds to RIck 'The Biggest Ego-Maniacal Hoax tracker in the world'.
    Rick is quite likely a sociopathic liar. Its clear he needs professional help. For a guy who says he follows christianity so closely he sure likes to sin by lieing.

  6. Personally, I didn't spend a dime on it. I got a copy from a team tracker member.

  7. Me too. Thanks to that TT member. You know who you are.

  8. Sometimes the 'complexity' and depth of this hoax baffles me. I mean a book, a movie (even if he didn't make it), a website, memberships, an expedition (close to Ricks home so he doesn't have to pay much to travel, that inconvenience I am sure he is hoping will deter his members from attending).
    A big "tell" is that ALL OF THESE THINGS came out before the release of his bigfoot body. Its the only way to cash in on them by doing it this way.

    As for someone saying Rick has a heart....what planet are you from? Its a book meant to make him look good amidst his mega hoax. Rick has no heart trust me....most hoaxers don't.

  9. I was a believer at first because he seemed so sincere and the Allen's story aout seeing it. Then I saw the interview with the homeless guy who said it was all staged. And I too was wondering about those nostril slits and why. Musky never mentioned them nor the missing pinky supposedly taken off by the truck lift. And wouldn't one think if you were expecting to met up with an 800 lb apex predator you'd be in full battle gear ready for it and not lounging in boxers?

  10. Great post, Racer. I agree, even a hoaxer has a heart. Nobody is pure evil and nobody is pure good. Like I said before, when I saw Rick and Lily walking hand-in-hand, I must admit I was touched. You can tell that Rick really does love his wife. You could see it in the body language. I'm not excusing him as a hoaxer...but even Rick has some traces of good inside.

    Vegas Rob

  11. DS, I just have to say how impressed I am with you. You have come a long way and have owned up to your previous delusion like a man. I think you are setting a fine example for TTer's. I hope they notice how you were able to rise above your pride and free yourself from deceit. Great job!

    Vegas Rob