Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tim Fasano Speaks Up

I'm not sure what's up with Tim Fasano, or what got under his skin, but he's letting loose and talking about Freezer Boy again. Maybe it has to do with the fact that Dyer has been bashing Tim as well as everyone else in the community. Things have been fairly quiet yet Rick continues to bash people even when he isn't provoked. Close your eyes and randomly pick a Google Hangout video. Witness the toxic venom for yourselves.
Well, I think Mr. Fasano has had enough and he's sticking up for himself. I say good for Tim.

Video #2
Tim says he will release more of his thoughts or information for the rest of us to see. I have no idea what Tim has up his sleeve, but I wish he would get it all out. Be specific, and PLEASE, do not pull your videos down after a day. Leave them up there for all of us, newcomer and veteran.
Here is a link to Tim's channel. Fasano also has a blog, so you may want to visit for any more information.
This is a photo Dyer took last year, claiming he was hoaxed by people unknown to us. Rick has never mentioned any names and that's not his style. Personally I think he was trying to pass off another hoax but it was so weak, he gave up on it.

The documentary is only a week away. Rick is now down playing it saying the "haters" won't accept it as fact. Dyer also has a release date set for the "body" but he's only going to tell the people who dished out for the gold membership. Next in line are the people who dished out less money. Last but not least are the people who didn't waste a penny.

  This entire hoax has been dragged out far too long and quite honestly it's become boring. Whatever happened to the pictures that were allegedly sent to Musky Allen? That was the only half way exciting thing that's come around in awhile.

Racer X

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  1. Fasano says that the suit that Dyer allegedly purchased used in the first Florida hoax was later used for the tent video. For what it's worth, it doesn't even look close to me.