Friday, April 26, 2013

'Shooting Bigfoot' Review: NOW

I know, I know. I have been posting quite a few reviews lately, but these are important reminders for future reference. At least I think so at any rate.
 I came across this review and the last review thanks to some friends on Facebook and I want to share this with anyone who is interested.
  NOW rates documentaries much like the "stars" system except they use "N". The ratings are out of four N's, four being the highest, or best rating.

'Shooting Bigfoot' managed to garner a two out of four according to the reviewer.

This review is very short compared to previous ones but it's worth posting. Here is what was said about the documentary:

Review By Norm Wilner NOW Rating: NN

Less a documentary than a good old-fashioned freak show, Morgan Matthews's BBC documentary follows a bunch of American hayseeds in search of the elusive Sasquatch.

One of them, notorious hoaxer Rick Dyer (who once tried to pass off a monster suit filled with offal as a Bigfoot corpse), takes Matthews on a night-vision cryptid hunt that turns into a half-baked spin on The Blair Witch Project.

I guess it's technically a documentary in that Matthews is filming real people in real environments, but by the time the movie reaches its (supposedly) shocking ending, it's something else. Imagine the perpetually hapless Nick Broomfield remaking The Mysterious Monsters.

Note: it's co-presented by the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, which should give you a sense of its primary appeal.
Visit their site to find reviews of this and other films being shown at the festival.

Racer X


  1. This certainly doesn't look good for the monster tracker. It is like going into see the wizard in OZ and pulling back the curtain. But according to Mr. Dyer, all movie critics are "haters", as are everyone that exposes the truth about this latest charade of freezer boy.

  2. I notice you continue to flat out ignore any reviews that point to the possibility that Dyer could be telling the truth. Granted, I doubt it myself but at least in the beginning you seemed more objective in judging things.

    1. I'm not ignoring anything. I came across these reviews second hand. If you have links to other reviews, by all means, feel free to email me and/or post links.
      I have no problem with other reviews, I just haven't seen any positive ones yet.
      I do however think Dyer is hoaxing.
      racer-x(at)hushmail(dot)com if you wish to share other reviews.

    2. I think he probably is too, but there is something at the film ending in which he is hanging on to it. See the links on the comment on your entry "Shooting Bigfoot and Scoring Laughs: The Latest Review".

    3. This one seems rather positive. It seems to confirm that there is an exciting ending, real or staged.

  3. Dyer has said most recently that he has personally recieved 25 positive reviews of the movie, and only one bad one, of course what he did not say is that any of them said he actually shot a Bigfoot. Put em up, or shut it up Dyer.