Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shooting Bigfoot and Scoring Laughs: The Latest Review

I know I'm late to the party. Things always seem to happen when I'm at work. It really makes no difference, this post will be another piece of the Dyer archives for future reference.
 There is another review of 'Shooting Bigfoot' and this one should leave no doubt that there was no killing of a Bigfoot, but others may think differently. I'm sure some Dyer fan will try to say the reviewer probably didn't watch the film, but it does not happen that way, so get over it.

The documentary Shooting Bigfoot follows three expeditions led by four different devoted and off-kilter trackers.
One subject is Rick Dyer. Dyer has had his name besmirched in the world of hunting Bigfoot due to a scam that took the media by storm. Once he finds Bigfoot, he plans to capture it and take its life.
Another hunter is Tom Biscardi, a well known tracker who has no interest in killing Bigfoot, but was involved with Dyer’s hoax. By the skin of his teeth, he was able to somewhat clear his name even if both parties have different stories. He was, and still is, a man who is passionate about the hunt for the elusive creature and will stop at nothing to prove his truths.
The last team of hunters are a couple of best friends. Dallas and Wayne may look unprepared…and that may be true. However, with their prior experience hunting the mysterious beast and their ability to “successfully” make familiar calls to it, they’re the underdogs in this truly oddball story of dedication and the line that’s drawn in the sand between hopefulness and losing your marbles.

I seriously laughed my ass off after reading this review.If the documentary is shown in Calgary, I may go to see, I more than likely will watch this because of how long I've been following this hoax by Dyer.

You can read the entire review here.

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  1. There are other reviews out there.

    The review from Toronto Standard

    "For the first hour, Shooting Bigfoot alternates between a sad and hilarious portrait of grown men determined to prove the existence of bigfoot to the filmmaker, the audience, and themselves. Then, in the final third, two particularly aggressive hunters promise to introduce the uppity director to Bigfoot himself and well…the result is in the title. Maybe it’s real, or more likely it’s an elaborate (and surprisingly violent) prank, but either way Shooting Bigfoot is not a movie to be missed and a rare documentary that demands a midnight screening."

    Another from Tom Turnbull

    He seems to indicate a dramatic ending as well

    "So how does it end? Well, like Bigfoot itself, you’ll just have to see it to believe it."

    I have no idea what really happens or if Dyer's claim is true, but to be thorough you have to look at these as well.