Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Shooting Bigfoot - The Aftermath

Several bloggers have a head start on this story so I'll share all the links here. Tonight has been fast and furious. I have been busy with friends on Facebook watching Dyer's "Celebration" show. Most of us had multiple tabs open trying to gain any information from movie goers.
Bigfoot Evidence has several posts with updates and information points to a hoax. You will need to read the posts Shawn has up to get the full effect.
Next up we have Steve Kulls. As many of you know, Mr. Kulls has taken a severe bashing from Dyer lately, an undeserved bashing at that. All we want is the truth.
Here is what Steve has to say: Survey Says.........HOAX
The Crypto Crew has joined the crowd and put up a post here. TCC some time ago was of the opinion that Dyer had indeed killed a Bigfoot, but it looks like their opinions may have changed. Check out their site to find out what they have to say about this entire farce(my words), not theirs.
 So far FB/FB have been silent. They were tweeting all day about their trip, customs, dinner etc. then it went quiet after the film.
Some people were not quiet and were busy tweeting:

I was busy watching the celebration show and it was interesting, even if Rick wasn't there for most of it. Rick finally got on the show and things got heated. Things got heated and people were demanding answers. Dyer looked visibly shaken and distraught. He was at a loss for words and his face was red. All of a sudden there were audio problems and Rick eventually got it fixed (or turned on again), then the show just stopped as if someone yanked the plug out of the wall.
  I'll add the video tomorrow, it's currently uploading. I missed the first part of the show however.
  Rick did say the body will be released August 15th. That's another 2 1/2 months. Does he think people will stick around that long?

Racer X


  1. A total exposure of the HOAX that has been going on for months. Dyer's big celebration turned into his wife yelling at him on YouTube. As the posts came out, the haters became to be the reason that the movie review was bad, typical Dyer, spins it to the members and they lap it up, like thirsty dogs, it is a shame. Tricky Ricky's days are numbered, this you can take to the bank.

  2. There were fake accounts galore. There were people impersonating Dyer's members and even his wife. It seems like one would want the story to fail on it's own but there were plenty of people wanting to take part.

  3. I really dont think that the film proves this to be a hoax and as for Ricks reaction, to me thats the reaction of someone who was genuinely expecting more than what was shown. I still believe him 100% as I have from the very start. This film shows exactly what Rick said it would appart from the length of time the bigfoot was shown (I think there is much more that Morgan did not show). Yes I for one will be sticking around..


    1. That's well said. I agree. It is still not proven to be real and it is not proven to be a hoax. There are interviews and other circumstantial information that point towards a hoax and there are interviews and other circumstantial evidence/information that point towards a bigfoot was shot and killed by Rick. The truth, whatever it is, will be known soon. Everyone just has to be patient. Calling each other names and threatening violence is not the way to act.

  4. if you have half a brain you can see this is a hoax

    1. And if you have a full functioning brain you can see that the jury is still out. I believe Dyer to be a first-class asshole, who happened to bag a Bigfoot.

  5. I wonder if he'll have Matthews helping load and transport the body in this book or will it be the new version.