Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bigfootpolice Censored

Many of us in the Bigfoot community are aware of the Bigfoot Police and the videos he/she produces. bigfootpolice has been around since the 2008 Georgia hoax...probably  before that. The tag line on the YouTube channel says it all; "Our goal is to expose hoaxers"
  Lately the Bigfoot Police has come back to share more videos with us regarding the latest Dyer not embalmed-not-frozen-somehow-magically-preserved-dead-Bigfoot hoax.
Today bigfootpolice posted a video that clearly shows Rick being the hypocrite most of us know he is. It shows Dyer contradicting himself. Freezer Boy has stated numerous times that he is not a racist and he is tolerant to all people regardless of their colour, religion and/or sexual orientation.
  I won't get in to names, but there have been many times that Rick has subtly made fun of a friend of mine for being gay, and he lets his groupies post anti-gay commentary. Dyer also had an anti-Muslim video up until he swept his channel clean.

Rick Dyer is also intolerant of ANYONE who disagrees with his claims that he shot and killed a Bigfoot and he viciously attacks any person posting anything negative about him, especially when the posts are based in FACT.
Sure, Rick makes weak excuses for what he's said in the past and unfortunately some gullible people believe him. Most of us however do not. Rick has done nothing in the past five years to redeem himself. He has done nothing to change his ways.

This brings me back to bigfootpolice and the video that was posted today. The video posted was based on facts any person can read, yet the video was pulled by YouTube.
My guess is either Dyer, his thugs or both initiated this. They are likely upset because FB/FB had their own channel shut down for copyright infringement......once again, blamed on the "haters".

I have uploaded the video with permission so everyone can watch it. If you have a downloader, please download the video. If you have a YouTube channel, post the video.

Show your support for bigfootpolice and visit the site: bigfootpolice

Racer -X


  1. Stage 4. Waiting for stage 5 where Freezer Nitwit will claim he was hoaxed by Facebook find blobSquatch, and they will claim he hoaxed them.

  2. Yes, stage 5 will be arriving shortly.
    What a fricking mess!

  3. What is your commentary Racer X on the people like Don Boucher who obviously has no problem lying and manipulating people to achieve his goal? How about those who impersonate other people on Facebook and Youtube? My point is that there are "thugs" on both sides.

  4. Cathie, you are so transparent.

    Proof? I asked you for proof on Linksys blog, and all you posted was a comment from me, at the beginning of all of this saying I thought it was a hoax, and that I was going to watch.

    You then accused me of erasing comments from Lindsay's blog, which cannot be done, except by Lindsay himself.

    I understand you got clowned, when we said we had seen a pic of hank, and you are upset. I'm sorry I hurt your internet feelings.