Friday, April 26, 2013

Another 'Shooting Bigfoot' Review - And A Poster?

I didn't think this documentary could come off any sillier than it already has, but I was wrong. When I say "silly", I mean comedic. So far the reviews, poster and trailer aren't telling me the discovery of the modern age has been made.

There is a new poster out but I don't know if this one is legitimate. I found it on the page of FB/FB, so I remain cautious. Nonetheless, here is the new poster:

This poster looks more like something from a cheesy 60's comedy. I'm not bashing the art itself, it's nicely done, but I don't get an image in my head that anything serious or jaw dropping will take place.

Next up is another review: Panic Manual

 "Through the eyes of director Morgan Matthews, we meet three groups of people who have made it their life mission to capture Bigfoot (and profit from it). The people we meet are all blessed with colorful personalities which adds to the entertainment level of the film. Each of them have claimed to encounter the mythical creature and each of them are dedicated to being the first to find and capture bigfoot."

I won't comment about the review, you have to read it for yourselves.
My opinion regarding this saga has not changed. The documentary is real, but there is no dead Bigfoot. This is one long drawn out hoax.....and a boring one at that.

Racer X

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