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Who is The Mastermind behind The Current Bigfoot Hoax?

Who is the brains of the latest hoax? Quite obviously it can't be Rick Dyer because I don't think he's smart enough to pull this off all by himself. Dyer is a talking head, a walking contradiction, and a known hoaxer, liar and conman. I say conman, and the proof is Freezer Boy's own words  from an early radio show from 2010. Rick talks about the gullible folks who dish out hard earned cash to go on an "expedition" with him. He talks about planting hair and faking other "evidence".

Johnny Bigfoot tells what he thinks in this video:

Are the guys from FB/FB in on it or are they just wishing for this tall tale to be real? At this point in time I don't know one way or the other. Johnny is right, the boys are neck deep in this. They confirmed the Tent Video as authentic, but I don't see how they can "confirm" anything about this video. It is their opinion that the video is authentic and unless they have a Bigfoot of their own, they can't confirm anything. The subject is in frame from the shoulders up, so it wouldn't be difficult to have a realistic mask made.
  At the very least, they are promoting Rick Dyer and his weak video. It's humorous that Freezer Boy brags about his alleged wealth and recording equipment, but he only ever records videos with his cell phone. He explains this away because he says it's convenient for him. Good quality HD cameras a re small and inexpensive, so I find Rick's excuse quite lame.
  Whys is it that Rick has no copies of the Tent Video on his YouTube channel? Does FB/FB have exclusive rights? They are the ones who have the breakdowns. Dyer removed the original Black and white video that was intentionally altered. I wonder why Rick altered the video in the first place.
  The Shooting Sasquatch Youtube channel only has a couple of videos that point to an international press conference that never happened.


Exactly how long does it take to organize an international press conference? My guess is that it takes more than five months.

I think Dyer should have written a new playbook.Maybe he ran out of crayons, who knows. This video from '08 sure sounds like Ricky's current banter. I give Rick credit for changing "tick tick tick" to "tick tock", that was a stroke of brilliance and clarity.


Here's another video from 2008. Compelling evidence that will change everything you knew. Hot damn, same script and playbook as today. The originality is overwhelming. At least we get an idea how they track Bigfoot.


At least the Bigfoot hoaxers had a press conference in 2008. What happened this time? Rick said he had interviews done at his home. How come it's not all over CNN in 2013?

I spent a considerable amount of time trying to pinpoint the exact location Rick Dyer was at on Sept. 6/12, and my research paid off. Shortly after I posted the information, Freezer Boy denied that was the area where the "kill" took place.

In a recent interview Rick says this was the location. Once again he lied. Rick Dyer always lies. None of his fans even bring up the glaring inconsistency in what he says.


Once I had all of the videos to support what I found, Rick removed all of the incriminating evidence. To this day Rick has not provided an explanation why he did this. If he has nothing to hide, why delete the videos? Again, none of his fans ask him why.

The saga continued ad nauseum. Rick needed to keep stringing people along, so he kept adding things to the story. Originally he said the documentary by Minnow Films might be shown at the SXSW, but for sure it would be at Tribeca. We found out later that the Doc was not selected for SXSW. Undaunted, Rick pushed the Tribeca Film Festival. He sted on numerous occasions that this film would show at Tribeca and the body would be revealed shortly thereafter.

We now know that 'Of Monsters And Men' will not be shown at this film festival. In fact, the film was never entered in the first place. Rick says he isn't in control of what happens, yet he promoted his statements as facts. Not being in control is one thing, being out of the loop entirely is a different matter. Dyer brushes it off by saying it's the information he was given. Why would someone from Minnow Films tell Rick an absolute lie? If the documentary was not submitted in the first place, it certainly won't appear at the festival, will it?
  Do you see the shell game Dyer is playing? He confuses people by changing his story, changing timelines, and misdirecting people by attacking people who wish to expose him for the conman he is. Every time a truth is told about Rick he goes on a bashfest to deflect the attention from himself and place it on the shoulders of other people.
  Since when is the onus on skeptics of Dyer to prove he hoaxed anything? Rick Dyer made the claims and the onus is directly upon him to prove his claims. He stalls and stalls for more time by fabricating new exciting angles to his fairy tale.
  For the longest time Freezer boy said he shot the Bigfoot in the back of the head, taking out two teeth. I always found it amazing that Rick (6' 2") shot a Bigfoot (almost 9'), in the dark and took out only two teeth. Since Rick is shorter than the Bigfoot, his shot would travel upwards toward his target. How did the bullet travel in a straight line?

By all accounts, "Jack Barnes" and "Jeff Andersen" are intelligent men and they are successful businessmen in their real lives. As rational thinking human beings I would think that Jack and Jeff would have done some homework on Rick's story and changed their opinions, or at least take a more cautious position. None of that has happened and that begs me to ask why? Are these two the most gullible wishful thinking men in all of Bigfootland, or do they have a vested interest in this whole ordeal?
 Before you ask, the answer is yes. I know who these two men are, their occupations, and their relationship with one another.

At least one of the FB/FB guys is well versed in marketing. Under normal circumstances this wouldn't be out of the ordinary, but this is not an ordinary story. Didn't Musky Allen go to St. Paul recently? So many coincidences with this hoax yet people continue to believe. It should be noted that the above blog post was removed from it's original place. I found the cache for this. Why was it removed? Are people covering their tracks and erasing more incriminating evidence?
  I have much, much more than this that I am holding back. This is a lengthy post as it is.

Take time to digest it, and remember this: Every time Rick Dyer attacks, it means he has been caught lying. Rick can out me, I don't really care any more. Will I continue? I just might. I don't take kindly to bullying.
 Just the other night Freezer Boy was whining about Steve Kulls outing Jack Barnes. It's amusing to me that in Rick's little world the "fair" rules only apply to other people.

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  1. Awesome post. Looking forward to the stuff you're holding back. KUTGW Racer X!

  2. Great post! Finding out who you are is that much more awesome! Gives you more power to expose these guys! Yes, I said guys. Keep on keeping on! Looking forward to you burying this hoax and exposing all parties involved! No room for this crap!