Monday, March 25, 2013

The Faces of Hank

Has anyone taken the time to take a good, hard look at the various artist's rendering of Ricky's alleged dead Bigfoot? You know, the Bigfoot named Hank. The Bigfoot that is not embalmed or frozen, but somehow manages to resist decomposition through some miraculous procedure. Here are the various interpretations provided by Rick Dyer and Musky Allen.

The image above has been cropped to show just the face and shoulders. This was the first drawing Rick released on Jan. 3/13. The "Bigfoot" appears to be balding, he has deep set eyes and a graying beard. This rendering remained unchanged for over a month. The picture below is the full body drawing.

Up next is Musky Allen's impression of what he saw. An artist created this interpretation based on information Musky gave the artist. From what I have read, it sounds like considerable attention was given to this rendition in order to present a reasonable facsimile.
  Hank is balding, but not as much as Rick's version. The mustache is thinner, the beard is shorter, and the beard is void of any gray. The skin tone is much lighter as well.

This version of Hank was shown AFTER the Musky Allen version. Notice the lighter skin tone and wider nose. For some reason, a longer beard was added. At least this rendering is now somewhat similar to Musky's idea of what he claims to have seen.
Why the sudden changes? Is it because Rick's first drawing doesn't closely resemble Musky's?

Last, but not least, we are shown this nice piece of art. To me this one depicts the tent video Hank the best. This artwork does not look anything like the others. The hair line is closer down on the forehead, skin tone is darker, and Hank is sporting a full, thick mustache. The eyes are very human compared to Rick's description of almost completely dark eyes.

 I'm not going to bother trying to convince those still sticking with Dyer. They've had plenty of time to weigh the glaring inconsistencies in the story and come to a rational conclusion.
  The latest addition to the grand story line is Hank has two rows of teeth. How come this was never mentioned in the past six months?
  Just recently Dyer said the sale of the body was declined, but it would be shown at a casino in Vegas. The very next day the story changed, and the body would be sold before the documentary is shown on April 30/13.

Dyer is now down playing the film festival and appears to be focusing on an alleged second film of an autopsy and other footage. Kind of familiar from 2008, don't you think?
Same story, in the same order. Even a good old fashioned book burning was mentioned.

When this entire charade is exposed for the hoax that I believe it is, those who thought this was real will have no excuses. They can't blame Rick Dyer, that's for sure. They will only have themselves to contend with. They will be the ones who will be asking how they were fooled.

Racer X


  1. Musky's drawing looks just like him. All it needs is a Saint's ball cap. Probably is still more handsome though.

  2. You can go back to licking ricks balls now anon 8:16

  3. Contradicting sketches are like contradicting testimony. It proves a lie. Sasquatch don't have long bushy mustaches because they have no pockets to carry the scissors, with which to keep them trimmed and out of their way while eating. 4 out of 5 of the about sketches, have long bushy mustaches. The Tent Video subject also had a long bushy mustache, which gives him away as a British actor. The Brits did not know that Bigfoot do not have long bushy mustaches, since they have no experience with them.

  4. Obviously between the January drawing and the February drawing Bigfoot had a Bosley hair transplant. It looked like it was coming in nicely too.

    1. Not only is Sasquatch the owner of Bosley.....he's also a client. lol

  5. Seems that disagreeing comments are being removed.

    1. So I'll repost...

      Nit picking at different artist interpretations seems to be a weak argument for a hoax.

    2. Not as weak as supplying drawings instead of actual photos as supporting evidence for your claims.

  6. All of the sketches except for the last one seem reasonably close to me. I agree the last one looks closest to the tent video. I don't know under what circumstances it was drawn, but it looks like it was actually done from a still of the video. It's near the same perspective.

  7. In the last phony recreation sketch, the artist failed to catch that the Tent Video actor has no visible hair between the eyebrow and the ear. However this sketch has a whole wad of hair. You just can't find a good sketch artist these days, who can do a simple thing like make a sketch from a photograph.