Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Squatchdetective Blasts FB/FB

Today Steve Kulls let loose a flurry of anger at the owners of the popular Facebook group, FB/FB. The Squatchdetective is mad, and if what he says is true, I can't say that I blame him.

"Apparently “Mr. Barnes” wants to go on Dyer’s show and now claim I put the picture of his house on line…. A provable blatant lie.
First, if I posted it, let’s see some evidence that is not just words.
Can’t find that can they? Because it never happened.
They blame me for Barnes real address getting out there, but it is Tquite misplaced. After I took down the name of Barnes and our exchange."

I would like to address the email I sent Steve. After I had posted a story on FB/FB here, I started to receive a lot of comments, and I never saw them until the next morning.
  One cryptic comment caught me off guard, so I sent Steve a quick email thinking he might understand it better. I've never heard of fbfbjs. Later on during the day I thought maybe who ever this is wanted to add information to what I had already posted the night before.
 I never posted Jack or Jeff's personal addresses or phone numbers or pictures of the homes. My post was strictly to cover FB/FB and their relationship with Rick Dyer, if there is one at all. I am not interested in the personal lives of these two men at all.
  Unlike Rick Dyer, who blasted my name on his radio show along with my home address and phone number, I did not do this to Jack and Jeff. Believe me, If I wanted to, I could have posted that information as well as photos and so on.
  I didn't have a problem with Rick telling everyone my name. He found out who I was, and that's the way it goes. I DO NOT advertise my home address and phone number, Freezer Boy DOES, end of story.
  Anyway, getting back on topic. I have read the comment section from the post I mentioned earlier and a person stated that fbfbjs had posted a photo of Jack's home on the fan page. Several people have corroborated this story, so it puts Mr. Kulls in the clear.
  Perhaps Jack is confused to as to what really happened. I can say with 100% certainty that Mr. Kulls did not post a picture of Jack's home because I read the post in question at least five times. There was a picture of Jack-Jon, but no photo of his home, not one.

  You can read the rest of Steve's story at Squatchdetective

Steve Kulls had two posts today, I guess he was pissed off to the factor of two. Here is his other post: The real motive behind the hoax...

Early this morning I promised Jerry Trips I would address his comment. The only thing I know about Jerry Trips is that he's an anonymous researcher, and I've seen his 3.5 mile trackway findings on YouTube. Jerry left his comment:

"I'm having trouble logging on with my google account from my phone but I go by the name of Jerry Trips. Some of my findings have been posted on FBFB and if you have seen them you can be sure that I am not actually Jack or Jeff. I Am just a guy who knows bigfoot is real and one that absolutly knows that you guys aren't even close on this conspiracy theory. All you have done is uncovered their identities; identities that they would gladly uncover themselves if there wasn't nearly 1200 jobs dependent on their proffesional reputations. There is no conspiracy. Just because there is information you don't know and the events haven't unfolded as you would predict doesn't mean its fake."

Personally I don't see that I'm promoting any kind of conspiracy theory, it's more of a speculation on my part. I see two successful businessmen who operate a Bigfoot fan page, and they have over 40,000 likes. These men by default declare themselves "experts" by authenticating videos they have no right authenticating. The fact is this; NOBODY can authentic a video or photo, period.
  By doing so, they themselves are disinformation or misinformation agents because they mislead people in to believing EVERY video they authentic shows a real Sasquatch.
   These men are not scientists, biologists, anthropologists , or any other word ending in "ist". Do they possess any degrees that would give them credibility?
I wouldn't have so much of a problem with their breakdowns if they qualified their statements by saying "it's our opinion" or something to that effect. Presenting something as facts without the facts is absurd, and these two men should know this.
  The point of my post was to show people that there are two people of means, and background that "might" be participating in a hoax, or they "might" be funding a known hoaxer. Dyer accuses me of being a hater, and quite honestly he acts like he's a four year old who had his new shiny toy truck taken away.
  The fact is, I don't hate Jack or Jeff. They are prosperous men with great opportunities ahead of them and I wish them well.
  My focus is on Bigfoot, the biggest hoaxer of them all (sorry Biscardi), and the people who are involved with him.
   Jack and Jeff authenticated the Tent Video, promoted Rick Dyer and the video, and gave Dyer an award. For what? A 1.5 second video?
  They had their list of nominees up. Why was Cliff Barackman not chosen? Scott Carpenter (he provided samples for a DNA study). Where was James Fay? All of these men, and countless other researchers spend far more time in the woods than Rick Dyer ever has. Men like the ones I mentioned above are the spirit of Bigfootland and they are honest men.
  Rick Dyer is a person who doesn't believe in Bigfoot, he's scammed people as recent as 2010 for his "expeditions", he's a known hoaxer and liar.
So, let's do the math: 2 smart men + one hoaxer= a smarter hoax
I'm not saying this a FACT, I'm showing you how people perceive this entire carnival show. 
  If the boys from FB/FB are not in on the hoax, then they are being duped. If they have invested money in Dyer, then that's money well wasted in my opinion, but it's not my cash.

 So many people say they have the "whole story" or know the facts, yet all of these people remain silent. This provides no valuable service to the Bigfooting community whatsoever.
  I have said this time after time, and I will repeat it. I think Sasquatch exists, but Rick Dyer does not have one. His story is full of too many holes, he removed all of his videos to cover his tracks, and he attacks people in order to deflect attention from him when he's caught in lies.
  Seriously, it's not that hard to come to a rational conclusion.
 If Rick Dyer does in fact have the body of  a previously unknown hominid/primate/bipedal animal that has been verified by reputable scientists, and verified again from multiple institutions, then I will write a masterpiece for him and post it on this very blog. I'll tweet it 100 times a day and share it all over Facebook.
When this is proven to be a hoax, I will be relentless. It works both ways.
Jack and Jeff are smart guys, so it makes people wonder why they hitched their wagon to Dyer. They had to know they were going to take some heat.

Racer X



  1. I have never seen a group of men who act like a bunch of high school girls. You guys need to grow the hell up and just do you and stop worrying about hoaxes and who's doing what in the bigfoot world. Do some legit research and stop acting like tabloids and that goes for Bigfoot Evidence too. I think I'm going back to Mike Rugg videos and leave you drama queens alone.

    1. There is no room in the Bigfoot world for hoaxers, it serves the community an injustice. Why do you think "Footers" are never taken seriously?
      Mike Rugg has awesome videos, so I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself.

  2. I personally think hoaxers should all be arrested and be sentenced to hundreds of hours Of community service picking up road trash sinve what they fed the public is trash.