Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Slow Motion Train Wreck

Lately my blog has become more enjoyable because of the good people I am meeting along the way. I'm thrilled to know that I am not the only person looking in to the Dyer Saga of 2013. I received an email from a person who wished to share an enlightening post with me. I'm sure many of you will enjoy this too if you haven't already read it. I have removed Victoria's last name.

 Hi guys....I had a freind in England call Minnow for me. The BBC show "Of Monsters and Men" is a film about men that hoax legendary monsters and the lengths people will go to to believe in the monster. A call to A&E's PR department yesterday confirms there is nothing in pre production at this time STARING Rick Dyer. I will post this on FBFB as well since I believe this will be deleted. I am sorry to confirm that was Rick is housing out in Vegas is a prop for the BBC show. I have said it before...Rick is a sales and marketing genius and I need to invite him along on some of my sales calls so I can learn a thing or 2. Sorry guys.....I think Rick is telling half truths. That is why he is so sure that people in this community are going to pay and look like fools. Its not becuase he has proof....its because he has been able to fool you all again."

I have not been able to confirm if the telephone conversation really took place as described by Victoria, but I see no reason why this person would lie. I will try to get to the bottom of the story if I can. If anyone wishes to share their information or add to this story, I would be more than happy to update this post as necessary. After months of Rick blabbering endlessly without providing so much as a shred of evidence to support his tale, we are finally making progress on exposing this for what it truly is......a big fat HOAX. We know Rick makes money from this 'Tent Video' story because he has admitted this. He says he' still making money from the Freezer hoax of '08. Is Rick doing nothing more than babysitting a movie prop? Is it his friend? Does he read stories to it or go on make believe adventures a la Calvin & Hobbes? Maybe I will call him Doll Boy from now on.

This makes me wonder. Could Musky Allen have mistaken a movie prop for a real dead Bigfoot? It must be one hell of a prop, or Musky is in on the shenanigans. Maybe Musky really wasn't shown anything at all. Who knows. All I can say is Dyer's story is falling apart, and it has been for awhile.
  Where is the CNN interview he promised his loyal fans? Sweeps week was over awhile ago. How come the documentary isn't at the Tribeca Film Festival as Rick said it would be? I called this one last night with JohnnyBigfoot after my post.

This what Rick posted on his blog.

Rick keeps saying he has to move because people are posting his personal information. What personal information would that be? It's the personal information he has plastered all over the internet.

How do the boys at FB/FB fit in to this picture? They have been promoting this farce for along time and gave Rick Dyer an award he doesn't deserve. Who really cares anyway, it's their silly trophy and they can give it to anyone they please.
  The real explorers in Bigfootland are Derek Randles, Bart Cutino, Scott Carpenter, William Barnes, Cliff Barackman etc. etc. etc. That's my humble opinion.
What do FB/FB have to gain? Are they trying to sell more books? Are they helping Rick market this for a payback? I haven't found the exact connection yet, but I have found subtle connections. That's all I'll say for now and I'm still working on my post about the two founders of the Facebook group. It has also come to my attention that they, or the admins are censoring posts made on their page. I thought an agreement was made.

 That post is on hold at the moment because I would like to find more corroborating evidence to add to this story. If you would like to contribute, just send me an email. By default you will remain anonymous unless you ask me to post your real name or screen name.

Thank you Victoria for posting this, and thanks to simplyskyla for sharing this with all of us.

Racer X


  1. Great job!!!! Keep the heat on him.. You rock!!!!

  2. I am a little hesitant to go with what Victoria wrote. It's not clear by her statement what is actual fact and what may be her or her friend's interpretation of other persons answers or events. I don't mean for that to sound political, it's just not written clearly enough for me. In fact, I am surprised that the other blog ran with it. It may in the end be largely true, but as of right now this seems to be jumping the gun without confirmation.

  3. *If* Rick actually had someone stumble in his home looking for a confrontation, I have no problem seeing why he would feel the need to move. How the information was obtained is a separate matter. As inflammatory as some may think Rick is, I don't think it warrants people taking direct action against him, obviously.

  4. Thanks RacerX... that pic alone was worth the visit. I don't think this is nearly that big a deal, but the idea that a handful of people still want to believe this is so repugnant to the rest of us that we just can't ignore it. Rick is not just a flim-flam guy... he's also an entertainer.

  5. Good write up Racer X. If you want to see what a real bigfoot tracker looks like, check out this video. It's the real deal.

  6. It almost sounds as if you have a vendetta for Rick Dyer in the way you write. There is so much vitriol and hate in your words you know you should really keep an open mind.
    What if he does indeed have a body what would you write about then ?

    1. No vendetta, I just despise hoaxers, liars and conmen.
      You are entitled to your opinion though.
      Rick Dyer does not have a real dead Bigfoot body. His past history speaks for itself.

    2. I am entitled to my opinion and will express myself to that end.

      However "All Dyer All of the Time" leads itself to a more personalized "attack" to a layman.
      If the world of Sasquatch interests you as a phenomenon why dont you put your focus on your gifted writing skills to a more broader audience other than character assassination ?

    3. The tag line "All Dyer. All the Time" means this is a blog about Rick Dyer and only Rick Dyer. A couple of months ago I started leaving comments on Rick's blog. Most of my comments were even keeled and I never attacked anyone unless they attacked first. I will always defend myself.
      One night I said to Rick that maybe I should start a blog about him. He pretty much dared me to and even gave his blessings because all news is good news to him.
      That's how this blog was born. Actually this is the second blog, someone had my other blog shut down.
      Rick then started to make things up about me, saying he had a "cyberstalker" and he was receiving threatening emails. Rick says he called the police and feared for his family's safety. I highly doubt he called the police in the first place, as no crimes have been committed.
      It is because of these false statements by Dyer that I belittle him and poke fun. I think I'm entitled to a bit of latitude on this.
      Rick Dyer does a fine job of assassinating his own character all by himself, so he really doesn't require my help.
      I may take your advice and find something to write about in the future, but as long as Rick is around, I shall be around as well.
      Are you an author or writer? I'm only curious because of they way you present yourself.
      Thanks for being cordial, I appreciate it.
      I don't know if you support Rick or not but you are welcome here anytime.

  7. Im not a writer nor do I profess to be one. Im an observer, a watcher and I guess I just like to play fair, I have an insatiable thirst and an ability to get people to do that, an even playing field is what I seek.

    And its coming. SBG. Its coming.

  8. We will get there in the end Randy :)

    1. You believe the worrds of a crazy person? Cathie McMillan is actually John Preston and he/she bases her info from what? Nothing. She is laughable at best and Rick looks like a fool for accepting this as fact.

  9. How gullible does someone really have to be these days? When someone presents you with information, perhaps look into it first before making yourself look foolish. Ask yourself this? Would it be logical for someone who tries to protect their identity so much that they change their ip almost daily, to post a letter with THEIR OWN NAME ON IT. What a chuckle. Hey you know what? Shawn evidence posted the same letter...maybe he is racer x too? lol

  10. Sure Skyla sure :) Happy Days