Thursday, March 7, 2013

Slow Motion Train Wreck - UPDATE

I did some looking around online today to see if I could find more information about 'Of Monster And Men' not showing at the Tribeca Film Festival this year.
 I posted a comment from a person that was left at the fan page of FB/FB and a few people questioned the validity of the comment. The concerns are not unfounded and I encourage everyone to question everything.
I don't have a Facebook account, so I was not able to follow up with the original poster of the comment and I received no emails to back up the story. Fortunately a few people at the BFF took it upon themselves to investigate further.

 One member had this to say:

"I called up minnow films yesterday and asked for the release date for "Of Monsters and Men", the receptionist told me it is still a working title and not completed yet. There is no release date as of yet that she knows of and she knows of no film festivals it would premiere at, as of yet. I asked if the title has been changed to "Shooting Bigfoot" and she said she knows about the possibility of a change, but no official change had been made to the title as of yet. ( lots of as of yet's ) I asked her if a bigfoot was shot in this movie, she paused ( lol ) and said she doesn't know what all is in the film but I can email minnow films if I have anymore questions. ( she probably thought, oh boy I have a loon on the line haha )"

Another member with a connection added this:

 "You did... and I was at a loss as to how I was going to find out if this was, in fact, what you said it was. I asked a friend of mine who is a writer in the UK, if he knew anyone who could do me a favor and dig out some info for this Minnow film. It pays to make friends in this world because he writes for a couple of news publications in the UK, and he offered to dig up whatever he could find about a Minnow film under both titles. This afternoon I got a message from him. He was able to confirm what is now on Racer X's page about the film and it's subject." 

A few pages later in the thread:

"UpDate: I finally was able to Reach Minnow films and spoke with the office manager 'Billy' (female nickname she told me). After being on hold a short while she confirmed the film (Of monsters and men) was 'not' entered or released into the united states (couldnt tell me why) and will be released on the BBC networks and their Co affiliates early this year. She wasnt able to confirm exact dates but was willing to forward the message to her production office, which she did. Hopefully she will get this information soon. I have a call back date scheduled in order"

So, we have four comments (including yesterday) from four people saying the same thing. One of those people was in Vegas with Rick Dyer to view the action figure....I mean "Bigfoot" body.

On Tuesday, March 5/13 Freezer Boy put up a post responding to the news 'Of Monster And Men' will not show at Tribeca.

 "Many people have asked me about the Tribeca Film Festival. I have no connection with Minow Films other than me being in the film. I have only relayed information. They have been many unconfirmed reports that shooting big bigfoot will not be in Tribeca. If this is the case. ..oh well not in my control. If you must know very little of anything is in my control."

Rick Dyer is all of a sudden not in control? Did Hell freeze over? Rick has been spewing this particular lie for a long time now. He said the documentary would be at the festival, anybody who has listened to Dyer knows this for a FACT. Rick didn't hum and haw, or say "maybe", or "not sure". He was absolutely positive on this one, just like he was with the CNN interview that never happened.

I swear to whatever one swears to that Rick Dyer has the shortest term memory of any human alive.......or he's lying. I'll go with the latter.
On Feb. 10/13 Mr. Fridgidaire (I am borrowing that name) said this:

Rick seemed pretty confident with the post above. I'm sure Dyer will have his fast talking head in overdrive trying to perform CPR to on this latest news. He will tell his lies with a straight face and the awe struck groupies will smile and tap on keyboards in support of their glorious leader, The Hoax King. Much back patting and cheers will ensue, and by tomorrow all will be forgotten....or so he thinks.

 How could Rick say the documentary by Minnow Films was going to show at the Tribeca Film Festival when the Documentary was NOT submitted in the first place?  How can a rational person explain away this glaring fact?

Before I go, I would like to leave you with this. According to some people 'Of Monsters And Men' may have another title of 'Shooting Bigfoot'. I think some people forgot to see if the name had already been taken.

Shooting Bigfoot

Racer X


  1. I think's it time for him to start cooking up his next hoax, this one has failed miserably.

    1. Judging by the amount of exposure he has gotten, I wouldn't agree with that at all. In fact, given his history I would say he has done very well.

      It's interesting to compare the Smeja hoax with this one. It's apparently ok to believe in that one, based on what I have seen and heard by most of the bigfoot people. Yet, there isn't any evidence at all in it either.

      If you claim to have a body, your destined to fail if you don't produce. That's why I find it interesting with Rick doing it again.

  2. If Dyer was trying to demonstrate that he can fool the bigfoot community again, he was wrong.

    He's even grasping at straws, what with Kulls blog, and Kulls outing that fake letter, and even calling it fake, but you wouldn't know it if you are a Dyer-aid drinker.

    No, the only believers Rick has, are those unfortunate few simpletons who claim they are "waiting on the fence" but seem to defend RD, albeit with a lack of integrity.

    Some even think Musky's "testimony" was compelling.

    1. Rick is somehow spinning this to say Steve is desperate and grasping at straws, and that is beyond unlikely.
      I heard Rick say he would not get personal with Mr. Kulls, and he backed out on his word, which really has no value to begin with.
      Steve Kulls does his homework and back his statement up with verifiable facts.

    2. You could make the argument that Kulls got personal with Musky Allen and the facebook/findbigfoot guys, simply for supporting Dyer.

      That's one of the reasons I don't like Steve Kulls tactic of outing personal info. He even made the statement today on his blog about it's wrong to do this as a method of retaliation, yet he did that with Dyer's cousin (if that is true) in his previous post! Truth be told Racer X, I don't blame you for using a pseudonym because character assassination seems to be the norm in the world of bigfoot. I'm not defending Dyer, I just hate this aspect of the whole thing.

    3. Rick always attacks the messenger, not the message. Any information Steve Kulls shared is information that is public, and easily found on Google. Sharing PM's or emails is another matter unless both parties agree.
      Rick complains about Steve sharing personal info but look what Rick did to Tim Mitchell in a recent post.
      I know who the FB/FB guys are, what they do for a living, and how they know each other.
      Rick does exactly what he accuses others of doing.

    4. By that reasoning, just about anything is available online. Goood luck.