Sunday, March 17, 2013

Harry Pearce: This Is Dyer's Bigfoot

I had originally planned to take a much needed break from  Rick and his dead Bigfoot until I walked right in to this story. Through comments left on a Facebook page I worked my way backwards until I found this: Found Bigfoot
  The page is only a couple of days old, and there are claims on this page made by Harry Pearce that he was invited by Rick Dyer to view the body.

This writing style doesn't strike me as something Rick would write. Dyer is less formal and spelling is not his strong suit. Rick will be the first to admit that.
  I contacted Harry Pearce and he agreed to let me conduct a short interview with him, and he agreed that I may post our exchange on this blog.
   This is the first reply I received from Harry:

"Found Bigfoot

This is Harry Pearce, and feel free to cover whatever you want. I took the pictures with my Android, and I created the video on my Mac.
Here is the story:
I was introduced to FBFB by my cousin Billy Joe. Honestly, we were making fun of everyone for believing in Bigfoot. After a few days of this abuse, I got a message from Rick Dyer to see what would be the Dyer Bigfoot.

It shook me up pretty good, I was converted, and a Dyer disciple, or however you would put it.
But, I also was not born yesterday, so I took pics and hair samples while I was there. Had to sneak to do it, but I knew no one would ever believe me. I was not the only one to see it, Elisha Wells also saw the body and confirms my pics to be the body.
So as I began to post on my experience, as expected, I heard a lot of people say BS, and that was fine. One guy, Fabio, kept it up until he got Dyer to post on my thread where I had posted the invitation from Rick Dyer to see the body. Dyer never claimed I did not see the body. In fact, he said nothing but regarded a post I made of a fear of there being a cover up, and he said there would be no cover up. But Musky Allen made the statement that they never heard of me. Maybe Musky was jealous he wasn't the only skeptic convert, idk. So, as anyone else would, in a nutshell, I said if I never saw the body, then how did I get pics of this? And I posted the pics of the body. They flipped. They cussed me on their show and called me everything under the sun. They banned me AND my pics from FBFB. I was extended a hand from BigTruth, but now they removed my pics and put up the "Musky Allen Finger Painting" as I like to call it. I guess I killed their cash cow.
So, to keep me from being completely silenced, I created my own FB Page, and friends and sympathizers still post about me and what had happened.
I heard that Minnow films was releasing a Documentary so I thought I would help them out, that is why I made my film, lol.
I am done with words with Rick Dyer. I am a Missouri Man, and where I am from is the "Show-Me State". If my pics are NOT the body he has, then HE can post pics of it himself. Dyer, Minnow Films, Musky Allen, and all the other Dyer Mobsters can Put Up or Shut Up!
That is a basic run down of what has been happening with me. I appreciate your interest, and look forward to seeing it on your blog if you should decide to use it. "

I replied back to Harry with my questions:

"Thanks Harry, can you tell me the date you viewed the body?
The time of day?
The facility it's stored in?
Any people in lab coats etc.?
Any other people viewing with you besides Elisha Wells?
Was Rick Dyer with any of "his people"?
How did you obtain a hair sample?
Have you given the sample to anyone to have it tested?
Did you sign a non-disclosure agreement?
How did you travel to Las Vegas? If you flew, do you have a copy of your ticket?

May I quote you on my blog?"

Harry replied back to me with his answers and I'll format it so it's easier for everyone to read:

 Found Bigfoot
Q: Did you sign a non-disclosure agreement?
A: I moved this question to the top so future questions can be understood. I did sign a non-disclosure, so on location details I can not be totally out with. I will share that it did say I could not use "flash photography". It was worded as no pictures could be taken, but that was the description.

Q: Can you tell me the date you viewed the body?
A: March 9

Q: The time of day?
A: 10 p.m.'ish'

Q: The facility it's stored in?
A: Unable to say

Q: Any people in lab coats etc.?
A: yes, 1 guy late 20's to early 30's, slender, curly hair, buddy holly glasses.

Q: Any other people viewing with you besides Elisha Wells?
A: no

Q: Was Rick Dyer with any of "his people"?
A: Rick Dyer was not present.

Q: How did you obtain a hair sample?
A: There was a table beside the bed with various items on it. One of them was a brush.

Q: Have you given the sample to anyone to have it tested?
A: No, I have no clue where to take it. Have posted about it many many times, and you are the first to ask.

Q: How did you travel to Las Vegas? If you flew, do you have a copy of your ticket?
A: Yes

Q: May I quote you on my blog?
A: yes

Harry was unable to provide me with any email exchanges between him and Rick, but he did send me screen grab of an invitation from Rick. Unfortunately no date is present, just the time.

These are the photos and posts Harry put up on his new page. Harry claims he was censored at FB/FB but I cannot confirm this. I can say I saw no posts recently made by Harry on the fan page.

The very first thing that struck me as odd, was the invitation Rick allegedly sent Harry Pearce. As I stated above, Rick Dyer is less formal, he writes like he talks. I've probably seen more videos and listened to more radio shows of Rick's to know he did not send that message. I can't say I'm 100% sure, but I will say I'm 99.8% sure.
  Because this raised a red flag for me, I contacted my friend Steve Alcorn so I could bounce this story off him and get his opinions. I respect Steve because he is after the facts, just as I am.
  I think it took Steve less than five minutes to provide me with a photo that looked strikingly similar to the "Bigfoot" Harry says he took a picture of in Las Vegas.

Steve sent me this photo he found here

At first glance I really didn't see much of a resemblance, so I cropped the image and put the Harry picture and this cropped image side by side.

Now that these two images are of roughly equal size, it was easy to see that, in my opinion, Harry took the image on the right and edited the image. I took the image on the right and darkened it a bit and put all three images beside each other.

The image on the left is Harry's "Bigfoot", the middle image is the one Steve found, and the image on the right is the one I darkened.
  In my non-expert opinion I can say with certainty that Harry altered the image in the middle.
  I will now show my own 7 points of confirmation with the photo below.
1.) Arched eyebrow.
2.) Wrinkle on bridge of the nose.
3.) Lightened line in the nostril.
4.) Two wrinkles under the left eye.
5.) Curvature of the upper lip.
6.) White in the corner is a blanket.
7.) Matching shadow in left corner of the mouth.

I left my "confirmation" points to seven, but there are many similarities between the Harry Pearce picture and the "humanzee" picture.

We wanted to nip this one in the bud before it gained any traction. I don't know why Harry went through all the trouble of doing this. Is he trying to discredit Rick Dyer? Is he mad at the people at FB/FB for removing his comments, or is he trying to discredit people who think Rick is hoaxing?
  I don't have the answer for that, only Harry does.
A hoax is a hoax, and a lie is a lie. I'm sorry Harry, but his is an EPIC FAIL.

I want to thank Steve Alcorn for his valuable help, he's as good and honest as the day is long. You can visit Steve on his blog Sasquatch Scoop

Racer X


  1. Very nice work gentlemen! Keep exposing the conmen!

  2. I think the whole point was to try to show how easy it was to start rumors while mocking Dyer. Before he started this he was trolling the FB/FB page continously.

  3. The subject clearly has a gorilla nose that can be verified here:

    Obviously, the nose on this subject does not match the Musky Allen sketch, nor does it match the tend video. We cannot even confirm that this particular gorilla is dead. It appears to actually be alive but sleeping since the head cap is still on.

  4. This is Harry Pearce

    Just keeping the record straight, I have always said I took a picture of Dyer's Bigfoot. If Dyer's Bigfoot is a Gorilla, so be it.
    Secondly, with photoshop, you can make anything look like anything. The fact that my pic is "unspectacular" is because it is. A pic from a Android phone.
    Third, if Rick Dyer does not release images of what is the body I took pictures of, then I will reveal the emails, and I will pursue having the hair samples tested.
    Fourth, I will reveal the location of the body.
    Fifth, I recorded my conversations with Rick Dyer. That should clear up most all of the issue.

    But frankly, none of this is necessary, all Rick Dyer has to do is present a pic of the body, that alone will give evidence to everything I have said about this issue.

    1. Harry, if this is really you. Even your friends said this is a joke by you to pay back Musky and Rick.
      If you are Harry, then you will know what information I omitted from our discussion, as you requested.
      I thought you were trying to punk me, but I still honored our agreement. If you can set the record straight and you're serious, you know how to reach me.
      If this is a joke, then come clean and admit it. As it stands right now the people defending you are saying this is a joke. That's how I view it as of right now.

    2. This is Harry, and the omitted info was my Location.

      That said, look at my pic, then look at your humanzee. Now look how the light comes from the left on the humanzee, and the light comes from the right on my pic. Look at the length of the nose. Look at the size of the nose. Look at the hair on the chin.

      Now next time you want to interview someone, interview my "friends"

  5. Sorry Harry, even the shittiest phone camera can't fake a fake fake like that fake fake. At least you started with a real picture of an animal and kudo's for spelling better than RD. They can't take that from you.

    RacerX, Squatchdetective and Steve Alcorn +++ less than 5 minutes? Godlike!

  6. So... Dyer shot a baby chimp? What a dick!

    1. Yes, Rick Dyer shot a baby chimp. When Harry Pearce saw it he took pics thinking it was a Bigfoot. When he released it, Dyer and Musky Allen Flipped. They have tried to discredit the pics ever since.

      Musky is posting on FBFB that he got Steve to do this with Racer X to try to discredit him. If you look at the pic you can see the light is coming from the Right, but on the humanzee it comes from the left. Also the nose is longer in Harrys pics of Rick Dyer's Bigfoot, and the nose is bigger. And look, hair on the chin, where the humanzee has none. It's not even close to the same picture.

      What disturbs me most is knowing Racer X and Steve Alcorn are in bed with Rick Dyer and Musky Allen.

    2. Why would you take Musky's word on anything?

      If you think it's not even close to the same picture, you need glasses.

      Racer X and Steve Alcorn are not in bed with Rick Dyer and Musty Allen, but you might be. Stop trying to spread rumors.

    3. Ray Charles could see all of these pictures are indeed one in the same.What an amateurish attempt to fool and discredit.
      Very bad Harry,shame on you!!!

    4. Racer X and Steve Alcorn ARE in bed with Rick Dyer and Musky Allen. This is Harry Pearce and I have empirical evidence. I posted a pic of Musky telling the story how he contacted his "friend" Steve Alcorn for basically some dirt to throw a me, and the photoshop accusation was delivered. Then Racer X came on all hurt that HE wasn't getting the glory for the dirt that was being thrown at me. This interview was all a big set up and I caught it.

      Now, on my page, the Photoshop Accusation has been completely debunked. There is no way the two pics are the same. The light source alone is conclusive, but added the longer and larger nose, and the hair on the chin, and we can certainly say good night to this questioning.

    5. Harry, why are you so mad? Your picture was busted, and I never contacted Musky for anything. I found your page because of something a "Norman" posted on FB/FB saying you were censored.
      I don't give a rat's ass about glory. I thought Musky misrepresented where he got my picture from and I said as much.
      I'm in bed with Musky and Rick Dyer? Are you serious?? Rick can't stand me. Go ahead, send Rick a message or email. Ask him. Rick is not on my friend list and I've never contacted him ever. I used to post on his blog quite awhile ago, that's it.
      All your friends told me this is a joke Harry. Let it go man.

    6. You LIED within your own POST!

      You said you never contacted Musky, 2 sentences later you say, " I thought Musky misrepresented where he got my picture from and I said as much."

      Give it up, you are BUSTED! You are in on the Dyer/Musky HOAX!

      And you are right, my friend did tell you, to either post something positive, or post nothing at all. Of COURSE I never saw the Bigfoot Body because there IS NO BIGFOOT BODY! But you took it upon yourself to keep the Dyer Hoax going why trying to discredit me. Everyone knows you and Steve Alcorn are in on the Hoax.

      -Harry Pearce

  7. Anyone can see they are the same picture, Pearce's image is the humanzee image with contrast jacked up and the image lighting fiddled with, but every crease and wrinkle matches up. Nice try to discredit Alcorn and Racer X, but you have to remember, most of us are not Dyer fans and have more than 48 points of IQ. How stupid do you think we are?

  8. This must be the "death rattle". I thought the hoax was dead already.

  9. "There's only room in this town for one hoaxer, and that's me." RD

  10. So he is saying the Light is the dead give away.
    Sorry people but in Photoshop or any good graphic program you can adjust pictures and photos very easily. You can even change the light source.
    See below to see how you can do it.

    Suggest you try better next time.

    1. Now the photoshop accusation has been completely debunked. :)

  11. LOL! Anyone see on FB/FB last night, Musky used Racer X's photo above without saying where he got it. What a douche. He was calling out Harry for stealing a photo from the internet by stealing a photo from Racer X! LMAO. Fail.

  12. With the constant posting and commenting, that Fabio guy is single handedly making the fb/fb page more dreadful than it already is.

  13. Interesting tweets from Racer X this morning. Has Musky been lying again? Really surprising.

  14. Yes, I saw that tweet. Tisk Tisk Musky.....

  15. Racer X, will there be a new blog post this evening? I don't want to miss anything!

  16. Racer X has been exposed for being a double agent. He was so greedy for the glory of being the one to conjure the dirt to throw at me, Harry Pearce, that he completely blanked that he was exposing his unity with the Musky Allen/Rick Dyer crew.

    Your ambush journalism failed.

  17. Harry Pearce, you are embarrassing yourself. Go away.

  18. This is nonsense. The photographic evidence notwithstanding, I find it very difficult to believe that with all the attendant security, non disclosure agreements, blindfolding M. Allen on his trip to view the alleged beast, all also alledgedly done, that anyone would even be allowed to bring a camera in, much less use it. Harry is just another hoaxer jumping on this somewhat pathetic bandwagon.

  19. It is very simple matter to change light source direction in photoshop, since version 3.
    I don't believe Dyer has ANY bigfoot, dead or alive, but this is nothing but disinfo.

    As far as I'm concerned, Dyer bought or rented the Minnesota Ice Man.