Sunday, March 10, 2013

Freezer Nitwit Serial Hoaxer

This is a radio show and article by Steve Kulls from a few days ago and I'm finally getting a chance to post for anyone who missed it.
  I'm not thrilled with Tim Mitchell, but Rick throwing Tim under the bus shows his true character. Rick Dyer has two sets of rules, one set for him and one set of rules for everyone else. When ever Freezer Boy is caught in a lie, he goes in to attack mode like some crazed lunatic. He has no self control, no decorum and he cares only about himself.
  This blog chronicles all (most) of the lies Dyer has been caught telling. Remember, he deleted over 100 videos recently because there was so much incriminating proof in those videos.

Here's a snippet from Mr. Kulls' blog:

"Why is Ricky Dyer trying to put me on the defensive? Doesn’t work too well now does it?
So this is to Rick,
Fact is, Rick, the only rule on Squatchdetective Radio is you lie…you get tossed.
Here’s my facts face against your lies:
Unlike your show, we have decorum, if you are going to yell and retort to lies and name calling…bye bye jackass.
You survived under a minute…guess ya lost. At least the last person that lied, lasted 43 minutes. But consider the source, would I expect any less?
You have no proof Ricky. Couldn’t provide any answer to my question; “prove it!”
Your response, just shout and name call.
Mr. Issleb can claim to have an audio tape of me. Well I know he does not, because that conversation with Jack never happened like that, period.
And by this, we will now see if FB/FB is in league with Dyer/Issleb like suggested by a few. I still have hope they are not.
(See the corner the two liars have back themselves into with this claim?)"


Squatchdetective Radio

Freezer Boy's genius is so overwhelming. He is somehow under the illusion that'he's tricking the world in to believing he has a real dead Bigfoot. A Bigfoot that was partially embalmed but not was frozen.......or was it? Does Rick have an idea what happens to tissue when you repeatedly freeze and thaw it? Simple freezing alone would cause significant tissue damage. If it was frozen, why cover the body with flea powder?
  Rick's standard fall back is "people is haters and they is jealous". Wow, awesome response Ricky.

Only a few are drinking the Dyer-aid.

This is the award Ricky should have received:

 I noticed over at Nitwit Hoaxer Boy's site that he calls me a "crossdresser", which is laughable. I guess Rick is so redneck he never heard of Utilikilts before. Rick must be a homophobe or something.
He also accused me (in his less than subtle ways) that I am a pedophile. Really? Is this the depths Rick Dyer goes to? Maybe there is a lawyer out there who would like to sue Dyer's ass for me. If he's getting $50 million for a Bigfoot, I bet a lawyer would be all over it.
Sadly, in reality, I'd probably end up with a couple junk cars and a run down house. His camera equipment would be nice to have though.
   Any good lawyers out there?

Nice spelling Rick. Can't even spell a four letter word correctly.

  Racer X


  1. Ask Rick himself. He named a couple lawyers in his cease and desist against Bigfoot Evidence dated 11/19/2012
    Althought that letter is probably as real as his dead Bigfoot


    1. That letter was as real as his letter to come to Canada. He's a thug and a common bully, 100%.

  2. A pedophile rick? now thats a new low. Ur pure scum dyer. I guess all my scottish ancestors were cross dressers too?

  3. I always thought pedophiles were inbred hillbillies with beady little eyes..... kinda like you Rick