Saturday, March 2, 2013

Freezer Boy's Bigfoot?

This new header for Rick's blog has always struck me as odd. It's a marked improvement from the old page style and I wondered who did the artwork for him. Maybe someone with web savvy skills put this together, someone with marketing skills perhaps.
  It's not the entire header that I'm intrigued with, it's the Bigfoot holding the trophy. We all know Dyer recently received the award as 2012 Bigfoot Field Researcher of the Year from FB/FB and we've seen the trophy in Rick's hands.
  Where did they find a Bigfoot posing like this with the 'I'm number one' hand sign? The Bigfoot cradles that trophy perfectly to boot. I have never seen this likeness of a Bigfoot costume online, or anywhere else. The picture obviously had some work done to it in order to get the desired result you see here. It looks similar to this artist's rendering below:

This artwork shows facial hair, but other than that they have a similar appearance.
On Feb. 27/13 Rick put up this post:

As you can see from Rick's post, Michael Merchant's face is photoshopped over someone wearing a Bigfoot costume. This is a really nice looking costume, and once again, it's one I've never seen anywhere. The costume wearer is holding a cell phone and is standing in a treed area with snow on the ground. To my untrained eye the photo looks unaltered except for the addition of Michael's face.
 I have to ask myself where Rick came across the original photo. Who's face is really there?
Is Rick throwing out clues?

Racer X

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