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FB/FB: Who Are They?

I have always wondered who these two guys are. For the longest time I thought their names were really Jack D. Barnes and Jeff Andersen. I had no reason to doubt it until they hooked up with Rick Dyer.
 FB/FB found the video with only 6 views and the video was originally uploaded on September 13/12 if my memory serves me correctly. The YouTube channel is still up but the original videos have been removed. I wonder why. Here is the link to the YouTube channel: ShootingSasquatch.
  For those who don't remember, or if you're new to Bigfooting, the 'Tent Video' aka 'Camper Video' was uploaded side ways and in black and white. Later on a corrected color version was posted.
  FB/FB performed a couple of breakdowns on this video and declared it "authentic". Usually they declare a video authentic based on their own list of points such as uniform color, heavy brow ridge, cupped hands etc. They have an extensive list of qualifications for blurry and shaky videos that may contain a Bigfoot..or a kid in a hoodie...or a squirrel, oops I meant a leaf.
 It didn't take long before Barnes & Andersen were actively promoting the video, declaring it real in their "expert" opinions. They even gave Freezer Boy a trophy for being 12012 Bigfoot Field Researcher of the Year. This was based on a grainy 1.5 second video that easily could have been faked.
  I won't bother going in to the laundry list of events that have taken place since Sept. 6/12, most of it is has been posted already.
 At any rate, all of the hoopla from these two men was starting to grab my attention, and the attention of others. I started to do some digging, and with the help of another individual, we were finding very interesting things.

Jack Barnes:

 Jack D. Barnes is co-founder of Facebook Find Bigfoot (FB/FB). From what I can tell the very first post was on....September 6/06. Amazing coincidence is it not? The page sits idle until 2010 according to Facebook, then it becomes fully active with participating members.

So, who is Jack Barnes? Many people already know who he is, but if you have forgotten, his real name is Jon Foss. Jon Foss opened the swimming school with his wife and another co-owner( source: BBB). The swim schools are located in Minnesota, with six locations and they have two schools in Illinois.

Jack Barnes AKA Jon Foss:


This is all I know about Jon Foss. I'm not going to dig up his address or other information on him.
He appears to be a prosperous business man with a good outlook ahead of him. I can't figure out what his interest in Bigfoot is though. His name is on the book 'You Are Sasquatch' written with Jeff Andersen but I haven't seen or read anything about this man having an interest in writing or publishing.

Jeff Andersen:

Jeff Andersen is an interesting character, and from what I can tell, he is the brains of the operation. He is active on the FB/FB page, video confirmations, and he is co-author of 'You Are Sasquatch'....or is he really? I have not been able to find one shred of evidence to indicate "Jack Barnes" is a writer, but I have found insurmountable proof that "Jeff Andersen" is not only an author, but he is in to publishing. His real name is Jim Larranaga and I thought I would let you know this first because his name(s) will appear in the following screen captures.

 He rates his own book 4 out 0f 5?

It's safe to say the man enjoys writing, I don't think anyone can dispute that. Jim's entrepreneurial drive doesn't stop there. He is President of Priority Publications.

 But wait, there is more. Jeff (Jim) is also a marketer. Helping those people getting their brand recognized. Marketing? Are these guys helping Rick promote his Bigfoot (hoax) or are they innocent dupes?

He also has another page promoting FB/FB in the third person:

Best Life CA

After Musky Allen's return from Las Vegas, Musky issued a statement:

The gentlemen at FB/FB helped Musky out by issuing an "Official" statement. It's a cleaned up sanitized version of the above account by Allen:

Official Statement by “Musky Allen”
There are many questions regarding my recent visit to see the body of a Sasquatch supposedly shot by Rick Dyer, at a facility near Las Vegas just after midnight on Wednesday morning.
Q: Of all people in the world, why was I chosen to go see the body? A: The Bigfoot “community” has undergone dramatic change in the last 4 years, it has turned into a social media experience with skeptics, true believers and researchers debating the evidence on YouTube and many facebook pages. Anyone who has paid attention knows that I have been consistent and persistent in my skeptical view on the subject of Bigfoot/Sasquatch. I was the skeptic “Bigfoot” of Facebook/findbigfoot routinely focused on. They prepared content with the theme of “Musky versus Bigfoot” and I happily debated them.
The invitation was spontaneously made by Rick Dyer on his internet radio shows and I took him up on the offer. The offer was made to others but I must have been the most persistent person in making sure that it happened, I was convinced it was a hoax and I was going to expose it. I felt strongly that FB/FB was wrong on this video and I hammered Rick Dyer and FB/FB over the tent video. When I received multiple Non-disclosure documents, I began to wonder if this could be real. I spent considerable time and money with my Lawyer to get them drafted correctly. I purchased my own accommodations and made the flight from Chicago.
Q: Why did I not bring Jeff Meldrum or someone similar to see the body? A: First, the NDA’s only specified me, and only I had the legal permission to go see the body. Second, up until the moment I actually got into the room, I thought it was a hoax. Third, there is NO WAY Dr. Jeff Meldrum would ever have submitted to security per-cautions that I had agreed to. Remember, I was flying to Las Vegas to meet a man for the first time, who was going to blind-fold me, drive me for four hours and then take me to see the body of a Sasquatch. VERY few people would submit to those conditions. Maybe only a tough guy from Chicago’s south side would agree to that.
To be clear, the last time I attempted to reach Dr. Meldrum was in 2009 when I was doing skeptical research around the Snelgrove Lake incident and his book Legend Meets Science. I learned that his speaking fee was $5500 plus travel expenses, but was unable to reach him at that point.
Q: Did I contact Jeff Meldrum prior to going to Las Vegas? A: No. Someone has taken a comment I made about Jeff Meldrum and taken it out of context. I never contacted him or anyone else about accompanying me on this trip. It was a short after midnight visit to an undisclosed place and only I was allowed in, there were other people there but I am legally bound to not mention or describe anything about them.
Q: Could I have been hoaxed? A: There is absolutely no way I could have been hoaxed. I have never been so shocked in my entire life. I am still trying to grasp the whole matter. This had been a massive living, breathing, flesh and blood creature that had died and had been carefully embalmed and an undergone some procedures.
Q: Why has the body not been released? A: The body is to be released after the premier of a movie that is being produced and filmed by the English film company.
Q: What is a general description of the body? A: If you listen to the interview with Jack Barnes and Jeff Andersen, I give very specific details.
Q: Was there an autopsy? A: There had been an autopsy. The 3 shaven areas were where the incisions had been made. The body cavity including organs has been removed and preserved. A partial embalming had been performed on the specimen (I don’t know details of this however). I have no idea if this creature is or has been frozen prior to my arrival.
Q: How was the creature killed? A: I was not there to determine cause of death. I was there to confirm if it was a real Sasquatch. Going from memory there was an exit wound, I mentioned this to Jack and Jeff in the during a debriefing before the interview. Jack and Jeff did not ask me a question about bullet wounds. I do know they intend to do another interview with me, I know they have many more questions. I do not remember any collateral damage to the mouth area other than cuts and some possible torn skin in and around the mouth region. The appeared to be intact. The mouth was shut, it may have had it's teeth missing, but I have no idea.
Q: How do I feel about the whole matter? A: Flying home to Chicago I realized that I would be in a pickle. I knew that people would think that I had been paid, or part of a hoax with Rick Dyer. All I can tell you is that I have been a hoax-buster for a very long time in many different forums from the Randi foundation to facebook. My past skeptical reputation has been very consistent. I think that is one reason why I was chosen and why the FB/FB admin team backed my visit.

Why did they feel the need to clean this up and present it to their fans? I can't say for absolute certainty that FB/FB are knowingly participating in a hoax, but their involvement in this begs one to wonder why they would heavily promote a known hoaxer and liar.
  Jack and Jeff have never done this with any other video.

Now that we know who Jack and Jeff are, has anyone ever wondered how they hooked up? I don't know about you, but I was always curious. After some searching I stumbled upon an old post made by Jack (Jon).

Brothers in law.

Oh, before I forget, Jim is excellent at promotions and uses his own example as an illustration on how to utilize Facebook.

Facebook Fan to Facebook Like: How I Grew a Page from 0 Fans to 8,000+ Likes in 6 Months

NOVEMBER 10, 2010: Jim Larranaga, Executive Vice President
Social Media
A crazy friend of mine believes in Bigfoot (yes, the giant creatures that roam the forests!) and he asked for my advice on how he could build a website. I suggested that his niche topic might have difficulty generating significant traffic on its own and that we try launching a Facebook page because that’s where a lot of traffic already exists. In April 2010, I turned on his Bigfoot page with a single fan (my friend) and today he has 8,703 fans – and it’s growing by 40 – 50 fans per day.
Based on our experience, here’s how you can grow a Facebook community in six easy steps:

1. Create and Run Ads to Launch Your Facebook Page

To launch a Facebook page, you must have an advertising budget to create awareness. You can certainly drive traffic from your other websites, but also use the Facebook advertising platform to generate “likes.” The Facebook platform lets you target your ads by demographic, state, city, etc. For the Bigfoot page, we tested ads and found success with people who enjoy the “outdoors, hunting and fishing.”

2. Throttle Your Advertising Investment

My friend invested $2,000 on advertising in the first three months to grow his community, but we didn’t spend it all at once. We “throttled” the ads, increasing them when we earned more likes and decreasing them and stopping all together to study the page growth. We wanted to know if we could reach a “critical mass,” where the page would grow organically without advertising. For our page, once we hit 5,000 fans we noticed we reached a tipping point where we could back off on advertising. Today he gets most of his new fans by organic growth and he’s starting to recoup is advertising investment by mentioning books and videos that now pay him a small commission.

3. Create or Aggregate Great Content

How do you create great content from a niche topic like Bigfoot? Most of it is aggregated from existing videos. My friend finds the best videos on YouTube, comments on them and asks the fans to comment and give their opinions. Not all content on your page needs to be original content, look for existing content (especially videos) that can easily be imbedded into your page.

4. Encourage User-generated Content

While my friend is an “expert” on Bigfoot theories, we knew that the community could generate even more content and ideas. Fans of the Bigfoot page can upload videos, photos and links without being page administrators. Sure, we sometimes get SPAM links, but as administrators we can easily delete them and block those users from the page if they continue posting non-relevant content. Today his fans submit their own original videos and ask my friend to analyze them. Your policy for posting content might vary due to privacy reasons, but the easier you make it to contribute content, the more user-generated content you’ll receive.

5. Comment on Comments and @ Reply to Members

Once your page starts to grow, topic threads can sometimes get quite lengthy. We have topics where 50 – 75 people have replied. To keep those comments coming, we sometimes step in and respond to a fan by using the @ symbol that is commonly used on Twitter. For example, “@BillGates: You’re right, sightings in Vermont are more common in the Fall than any other time of year…” By doing this, the fans realize you are interested in their comments and your comment now appears on the Wall of all your fans, so you are indirectly inviting people back to the page to join in on an ongoing discussion.

Above: example of the Bigfoot Administrator using the @ reply to engage the conversation.

6. Study Your Analytics and Make Content Adjustments

Facebook offers a decent analytics package to show you the growth trends. Use that data to learn what kind of content is of most interest to your fans. For us, user-generated video is king because that’s what Bigfoot enthusiasts expect, but for your fans it might be helpful links to resources, calculators or education videos that created professionally, etc. We are continually watching our organic growth. Can the page generate its own fans, and if so, what kind of news and events that we post help the page go viral within Facebook? Knowing this makes content creation much easier.

Above: use the Facebook analytics to monitor daily likes and unlikes as your community grows.
Want to learn more about building communities and conversations on Facebook? Follow my friend's page. I’m also interested in what others are doing, so send me a link to your community and I’d be happy to follow along.
This blog post was originally published on the Priority Blog at Priority Integrated Marketing is now BlueSpire Strategic Marketing.

I have no problem with these guys promoting their FB/FB fan page and making some cash, but I do have a bit of a problem with self proclaimed "experts" throwing neutrality to the wayside in favour of hyping up Rick's video and alleged dead Bigfoot action figure without any proper verification.
  The difficulty in trying to put stories together lies in the dissemination of information. Different people or groups post different stories in different locations. The average person my only come across certain portions of a story like this one and find it hard to come to any conclusion at all.
  We have tried our best to gather the information in one location for everyone to read, digest, and then come to an informed opinion.
  This is just another piece of the puzzle and it should be weighed and compared to other pieces.

 We know Rick's ever changing story, you know, the one with no facts. Dyer has a 1.5 second video that could be a guy in a costume. From that he put together a story, a story that became larger than Freezer Boy can handle.
*No international press conference
*No evidence or proof
*No recent CNN interview
*No Film Festival
* Said the Bigfoot was shot once. Changes it to two shots
*Said a cameraman was injured. Changes it to Morgan Matthews. Do producers normally shoot their own documentary?
*Body was partially embalmed, not frozen
*Body was not embalmed, but it was frozen

Musky Allen was caught in lies, a few of them. Musky Allen also had this to say:

January 16/13
"Minnow films is releasing this new documentary "of Monsters and Men" in March sometime at the independant Film festival. Rick through his BigfootTracker LLC company is guaranteed a piece of the sales of this film avalible only on DVD. Rick is promoting the film to enhance sales saying the Film will show a killing of a Sasquatch. When the film is released not showing this, or an elaborate re-creation of such, Rick will claim he had no control of what final production would show and was promised it would contain the footage of the killing, and the body. Rick will continue that indeed his story is true. a story will follow explaining this and why the body is kept undercover...."

The boys at FB/FB appear to be handling damage control, issuing new statements by Musky. Let's not forget Rick's award that he doesn't deserve.
 I can say with 100% certainty that Jack and Jeff are much, much smarter than Rick and Musky. If it wasn't for FB/FB, this hoax would have died long ago. Jack and Jeff fuel the fire and help Rick by promoting this farce. FB/FB goes as far as censoring opposing views on their fan page.
  What's in it for Jack and Jeff? Are they investors of Dyer's?
There are many more questions that need answering and sooner or later someone will find those answers.

Racer X


  1. I agrre Michael Merchant, this is very outstanding. Holy crap! There is a lot of info here. Great info.

    1. Thanks John, this one was a pleasure to write.

  2. FB/FB hits may not generate money, but hits on Youtube would. I believe the FB/FB page links to the other. Quick $$ for those boys. It's diabolical.

    PS - As a young girl, I always wanted to marry Speed Racer. I'm older now and Racer X, you are now my hero.

    can you explain this site?

    1. I'm not sure what you want to know. That's not my site and I don't own the domain name.
      I have no idea who owns it.

    2. It's tricky Ricky's hoax site

    3. I know it's a parody site and it's a favourite of mine.
      Some people have said the site is mine, which is completely false. If it was mine, I would gladly admit it.
      I own a few domain names, but this is not one I have the rights to.

  4. Good work. Send a private note, we are going to complete your data file for public dissemination. You can find the way to contact us.

    1. I think you need to be less cryptic. Send me an email.

  5. Wow, I used to read the comments there for a time. There were these guys that spent endless time arguing about it (skeptics). Despite lots of complaints, they didn't ban them and would argue back. Then after a lot of time, they banned them and that was it. Immediately, Musky Allen came on the scene. Considering the marketing strategy involved, I'm wondering is the so called skeptics were dummy accounts that were actually these guys--designed to stir up conversation and controversy. Their names were Doug Norris and Jeff Sauber. I have no idea, just makes me wonder. I always thought it was weird the amount of time devoted to arguing, and that they disappeared and suddenly Musky took over.

    1. Musky posted on FB/FB as far back as 2010.
      I'm working on getting more info.I appreciate your comment.

  6. Well done and kudos my friend! Excellent investigative skills there.

  7. Great article! You sure know how to find the information!

  8. What a load of bitter horseshit..... jealous... you guys are fooked cause I know for a fact whats going on - ha ha ha...

    1. It seems anonymous people always know the "real" truth but have nothing to back it up.
      I know more than you think I do and jealousy has nothing to do with it. You are Rick or a fan of his. Only those people use "jealous" and "haters".
      This is only the beginning.
      I respect your point of view and your personal opinions.

    2. I live in the UK and you can check that for yourself. I’m posting anon because I’m at work so going through a number of web portals so anon is all I can post and shouldnt be saying anything at all to be honest... I probably should apologise for the tone of my first comment. I am not RD by the way although you could say I’m a ‘supporter’...
      The thing is it gets on my wick quite a bit when people have to resort to wasting their lives, time and energy trying to scrabble around for ‘evidence’ that really amounts to nothing. Yes this was well written and it does show you can use Google and cut and paste, but, it’s all what ifs and conjecture and most of all does not go anywhere at all in proving that there is no BF body. This is bitching at playground level, tit for tat. Why don’t you spend your time trying to find physical evidence that RD and not only RD but a large number of others involved with this are in fact ALL lying, lots of people have tried and not one person has come up with ANYTHING. Not one person that is supposedly involved with this has turned their back on RD and ousted him or proven this to be a hoax. From seeing all of this unfold from the start I believe I do see jealousy everywhere. I believe you should wait and enjoy this for what it is, an awesome discovery by the most unlikely (in BF circles) person to have succeeded. I have asked this question of quite a few people. What is your post/blog going to say when It is shown to the world to be 100% true? Do you really believe that this is all fantasy?? because I believe people should be 100% certain before getting personal about things.

    3. Produce the body, talk is cheap...

    4. Wow buddy you got your head so far up Rick's ass it's amazing you can see the light of day.How blindly delusional.Good thing you don't follow them nuts in suicide cults that believe a space ship is waiting for them.As a side note December 2012 was also real.

    5. December 2012 was real it came right after November 2012.. and no, what I have said above is true you dont know if its real do you 'buddy' again, getting personal, you sound a little ruffled

  9. Nice work, very nice. There's another party partly responsible, too - those of us who haven't slammed the door on the possibility that, as ironic as it would be, the hoaxer does indeed have the proof. I include myself in that group. I’ve shut the door and even locked it but have I dead-bolted it? When you’re so desirous of truth and its revelation to the world (especially skeptics), you remain a mark – and there’s no way to avoid it.
    We can do some things: never, never, never should we give the hoaxer a voice again. The tradition of shunning had a strong effect on the community to preserve values and honor. And certainly, we should be discerning, tremendously discerning, of new incidents, stories, and claims to have the ultimate proof.
    Our belief is that it will happen – and soon, given our technologically-rocketing world. Our experience tells us it won’t happen how we anticipate it, that it will come in some odd, crazy way, even through a converted hoaxer. So we have to stay open – is it not the very nature of one who believes in these animals?
    So when the boy comes running down the street again yelling “Wolf!” we will turn our heads. Our only hope is that eventually, his acts will bring his just rewards. And maybe irony will swoop down on our side of the equation – and the “wolf” will snap off the top of him like a small sapling. Wouldn’t that be something to talk about.

    1. I'm not sure who you are, but your comment was beautifully written. It speaks volumes to people like me who think Bigfoot exist.
      Your wise observations remind me of a friend who is a mentor.

  10. Bantam Lake is going to be so nice in the spring. I hope you didn't miss the Christmas festival in Bethlehem this year. Does it not give you the heebie jeebies living so close to the cemetery? A dead end road...just you, your dog and cat. I would be spooked! An old house from the 50's sure can make a lot of moans and groans in the night. It doesn't help that fact that just a short distance in the woods rests haunted Dudleytown. I am a big wuss, but you must have some big balls. Literally.

    1. The person this msg is intended for will know who they are.

  11. Nice report, top notch investigation.

  12. RD camp- physical proof is all that's needed to remove all the issues and show that you're all not the worthless lying twatwaffles we know you are. Until then and without physical proof, anyone in the Rick Dyer, Musky Allen, FB/FB camp are nothing but frauds, and just like any girl that's seen them naked, we're all disappointed and feeling sick.

  13. Racer-X, great post. These guys are in on it up to their necks.

  14. Racer-X, you ROCK!! Great post. Keep investigating and delivering the information.

  15. I think Rick should give Dr. Meldrum the finger... from his bf barbie doll's left hand! Excellent posts RX. Again... and again. Much appreciation over here!

  16. Many, many thanks to all of my friends for the support. As we can all see, Rick Dyer had my name, and that's it. The buffoon can't even get my address correct.
    He takes pictures I posted and makes me out to be some sort of child molester, which I'm not. He's got nothing so now he makes things up.
    Not quite the intelligence we would see from someone who actually had a dead Bigfoot. He fools nobody but himself and a handful of other people.
    Thanks again to everyone, all of you ROCK!

  17. Racer X, thanks for doing the leg work on this. It's really terrific and enlightening. I'm a relative newcomer to the bigfoot field, in that I've always been interested but had never taken the time to read blogs or websites such as yours. Though I was aware of the in-fighting in the UFO field, I still was surprised by the bitterness, name-calling and fraudsters plaguing the Sasquatch world. I find it hard to believe that anyone would give Rick Dyer the time of day, let alone believe any of the fetid and condescending lies that he constantly spews. As for Musky Allen/Issleb, I did a quick google search and found that he's got a prior arrest on domestic battery charges. The fake names, various run-ins with the law, and blatant hucksterism should finally prove to most half-rational people that the Find Bigfoot scammers, Dyer and Issleb aren't worth prairie scat... wait, Dr. Ketchum says she's using "next generation" DNA techniques to prove that Sasquatch is a human cousin descended from Giant Lemurs and/or Musky Allen (both legendary species known to drool, hiss and resemble rats). The invasion of these sycophant losers must be fought tooth, claw and (Sasquatch) toe nail. Keep up the good work. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. Thanks for turning the rock over and making these fetid little maggots squirm.

    1. Lol.... Very well put. To all who reside in Dyerland,your messiah is a false prophet.a wolf in sheep's clothes, a huckster, a con man, a liar, a film flam man and if you still don't get it. He's full of SHIT.

      Rick.... Put up or Shut up

      Have a nice day

  18. Fantastic post! fyi on your reply to jumpshark, I think cryptic is the order of the day for them. Jumpshark isn't one person, they are the infamous MIB, people occasionally refer to. A couple of years ago FB/FB was regularly deleting posts of those who opposed their opinions, except jumpshark who was very vocal about certain comments. FBFB didn't even delete the Illinois Rock Throwing rebuttal video JS posted on the FBFB site for several weeks. FBFB used several of their fake screen personas to attack JS and JS promptly outed them all. A couple of weeks ago FBFB did something to really get on their bad side and JS posted a picture of Jon Foss's house, like a recon pictur taken from a satellite. There weren't any words, just the picture. It was kinda like saying "we know where to find you" then a few hours later it was taken down. I made a few calls and was told by an FBFB insider that FBFB didn't take it down, that they were scared to cross JS again and sent a note crying about it. JS took it down and told them it was a shot across the bow and to clean up the Rick Dyer rhetoric. When I asked why, he said he thought Rick himself had been hired by JS and the MIB's to "stir the crazy pot" because the crazier footers sound the less likely legislation will be passed protecting forest and blocking commerce, but that was just his opinion. Opion or not, if there were really MIB, they wouldn't need to do harm to a soul as long as they had guys like Dyer making the rest of us look crazy. I spoke to a different source that said JS directly and specifically told Musky Allen to be available for an airplane ride to come and have a discussion with them. Musky chickened out which was probably wise, he even removed himself from the JS facebook friends page. Word is he screwed up the story so badly that the spin doctor's couldn't get it back on track. If that's true then Dyer works for them for sure. Here's the thing, Dyer acts more like an actor than a real person most of the time, it almost makes sense to me that he would be they're disinformation specialist. Again assuming this is true, FBFB sealed their fate by trying to alter or change the crafted spin doctor's story regarding Dyer's video. The point was to make the story play out under their control, but FBFB got Chris Noel in it and then they put it in their book. Now JS is no longer shooting across the bow, they want the whole FBFB group outed and gone and it seems pretty obvious they were wanting you to be the guy to do it for them by offering you what they have, but that's also a guess.

  19. okay wait a sec! I live in the Netherlands and I think these are the same people that were brought here back in 2010! There was a credible report of a sighting and then these guys came in and turned it into a carnival, posted videos of people in obvious suits, made a joke out of it on a website, etc. I was on the film crew and at the time was told we were filming for a reality tv show to be like candy camera. We later found out they were on contract to the government sent over from the US government. Their production name was Springen de haai, which means jump the shark.

  20. wow! finally a blog that lays out the whole scenario step by step. very good research and write up Racer X. Anyone with any common sense and discernment would never be fooled by Rick Dyers "HOAX" KUDDO'S to you Racer X for doing your homework and sharing the FACTS!

  21. I'm having trouble logging on with my google account from my phone but I go by the name of Jerry Trips. Some of my findings have been posted on FBFB and if you have seen them you can be sure that I am not actually Jack or Jeff. I Am just a guy who knows bigfoot is real and one that absolutly knows that you guys aren't even close on this conspiracy theory. All you have done is uncovered their identities; identities that they would gladly uncover themselves if there wasn't nearly 1200 jobs dependent on their proffesional reputations. There is no conspiracy. Just because there is information you don't know and the events haven't unfolded as you would predict doesn't mean its fake.

    1. I will address this subject later today, thanks for your input. No disrespect, but you're another person who claims to know the truth but provide no proof on the matter.
      I have no doubt Bigfoot is real, but the possibility of Rick having a dead one is slim to none.
      Typing from my phone is a pain. If you wish to discuss this off the record, send me an email.


  22. Admin - You probably want to delete the jump shark references. These are seriously bad men, the worst of which is a girl. Conspiracy theory is irrelevant. The jump shark people are believers of the worst kind. They believe, but want to make sure everyone else doesn't. It won't matter if there is a body or not if they decided you are done. They will destroy Foss and Laranaga's companies without a thought to their employee's because they believe it is for a higher cause. I can't say more, but as a blogger who has been on the wrong side of them, just delete any mention of them. The story doesn't mean shit when they are tearing your life apart.

  23. I see Cathiee on BigfootWarz ( aka Cathie Mcmillan ) apparently thinks someone is a liar or fraud for using fake profiles or hiding their identity. hmmmmmmmmmmm
    Then why does HE have so many himself. What a CATFISH!
    Just to name a few.....Cathiee Mcmillan, John Smith, Thorne Yedmore, Leonardo Delvecchio, James Matthewston, Ashley Ryan and Shawn Edwyn.

  24. Hah yea thanks for the laugh Bigfootguy78.

    Let me summarize how you fail.

    1. The 50 year old man thing and the IP address.
    Its a block IP. The address could apply to any of about 50 residences in the general vicinity.

    2.) I know Thorne and she is not Cathiee.

    3.) What you did you do just look at everyone who disagreed with the hate blog and the ones where McVillian said were Cathiee?


    1. Please keep discussion civil. This is not Bigfootwarz.
      Send my love to the fangirls.

    2. Hey Doll! Are you really a man too?

  25. This is not cool at all, posting these peoples personal information on the web. I don't think you would like it if someone did that to you.

  26. A frugal- Are you serious. I never posted their personal information, I posted their business information. I have no interest where these gentlemen reside.

    "I don't think you would like it if someone did that to you."
    Please do some checking before you make a statement like that. Someone did post my personal information that is not publicly listed.
    The information I posted was easily found if you know what to look for.
    Have a nice day.

  27. Wow.... great post. My theory is simple. FB/FB wanted the money. They were doing good with their video analysis. Just think, they would even post videos calling known hoaxes real. That drove everyone bat$#1+ crazy, and drove views to their videos. You get just as many hits from people that want to argue as you do your fans.
    They were greedy though. Took the side of Dyer to drive more views and call more attention to themselves hoping to bring in the dollars. However Dyer isn't very bright and couldn't keep from making ridiculous claims. Musky also wasn't very bright. Not a very good story teller. Everyone could see he was a plant by the FB/FB guys. But who else could they call upon to play that role?
    The breaking point was the Movie in Canada. Dyer's story fell apart (no Bigfoot in the movie just an obvious suit) and the FB/FB crew knew there was never going to be a way of salvaging their reputations with most people. They were hoping the suit used was the same as the tent video. But when it was obvious it wasn't, they started damage control. But the damage is done. They chose an individual to partner with that does not have the intelligence or imagination to keep his story straight, let alone use the same suit in two different situations. They're clinging by fingernails now trying to get every penny they can.

    Does any of that make sense?