Monday, March 11, 2013

FB/FB: Steve Kulls Adds Information

Steve Kulls from Squatchdetective has provided more information on the boys of FB/FB.
    This is some of what Mr. Kulls has to say:

"Well the hypocrisy shows in the ranks of the “Dyer-tribes.”
See after Dyer was accusing me of something, I have proven I haven’t done, he goes out and puts Racer-X’s identity including his address and phone number on the air of his radio show.
Didn’t I say something in a previous blog about psychological transference before this happened?
How about an alleged tape Issleb stated he has (which would be very illegal) of me threatening “Jack Barnes,” in a telephone conversation?
I never posted “Jack Barnes” address and a picture of a house. Nor did I ever threaten anyone on the phone to expose anything!
Now, I think, FB/FB is having some buyers remorse by now stating I “misrepresented” what they said. (Strangely the message came from the “Jack Barnes” account but talked about him and “Jeff Anderson” in third party.)
They claimed I took it, “out of context.”
But here’s the request and the reply from them which I published. How is THAT out of context?"

You can read the entire article at Squatchdetective

Racer X

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