Thursday, March 14, 2013

FB/FB: Back Story on the Tent Video

Facebook Find Bigfoot has uploaded a video explaining the camper video. I saw the video last night but I didn't have time to prepare a post.
  Here is the link to their YouTube channel: Jack Barnes Jeff Andersen

Last night I watched the original video that was uploaded to Rick Dyer's blog. Here is the link to his blog, but I'm willing to bet the video won't be there for long: Bigfoot Evidence News

There were some issues in the first video I wanted to address, but it's pointless if FB/FB removed the video, or did not publish it in the first place. I am wondering why there are two versions of this video in less than 24 hours. The uploaded version here is far different from the first video as far as visuals and over all information is concerned.

  The concerns I have with this video:

FB/FB have provided no proof that the British voice we hear is that of Morgan Matthews. Two photos are shown of a man that are claimed to be of Morgan Matthews but the face is obscured by a camera in one of the photos, and an elbow in the other.
  If one is stating something as factual, unambiguous evidence needs to be provided.

The section of the video showing Dyer talking (Sept. 5/12) is obviously edited, so this changes the context of the original video Rick had up on his channel. There was much more in the video.

Rick Dyer emphatically denied he killed a Bigfoot in the area I had originally posted about here. He also said he was miles from this area. The fact, once again, is he lied.

Not only was this very area shown on a news report, it's shown in the video above. I don't mind Rick calling me names or posting silly pictures of me, but calling me a liar when I had my FACTS correct deserves an apology. It's one I will not receive. The FACT is Rick Dyer lied. There are no excuses, no "it was a joke", nothing. He flat out lied to skeptics, to me AND he lied to his loyal fans. I have been vindicated, chalk one up for Racer X.

This video has been edited more times than a bad B movie. How do we know the sounds heard in this video are in fact original to the video? I'm not an audio expert, maybe another person will look in to this. FB/FB is stating Minnow Films recorded for 2.5 minutes before Rick started to film. This is in reference to a branch snap/break.
  I can only assume one or both of the FB/FB guys was in contact with Morgan Matthews to confirm this event. Again, we are expected to accept the words of individuals with no proof presented.

My intention is not to shred this video apart, or "hate" on it. The video raises questions for me, so I am sharing these concerns with the readers of this blog. If you disagree with me, I'm just fine with it.
  I appreciate the fact that Jack/Jeff have followed up on this story  provided more information for us. Information they must have known prior to today, but are only sharing this information now. Perhaps an agreement was in place. I have no idea, just curious speculation.
  View the video and decide for yourselves. Weigh all the evidence, and above all, question everything.

               Jack Barnes and Jeff Andersen appear to be genuine in believing this event to be real, and they believe Rick Dyer shot and killed a Bigfoot on Sept.6/12. FB/FB said if this event is proven to be a hoax, they will shut down their fan page and walk away from Bigfooting. In my opinion this seems a bit harsh, but I guess that's how serious they are.
 FB/FB actually does a good service to the community by providing equipment to good and honest researchers. As a researcher and proponent of Bigfoot, I would be disappointed to see people deprived of this generosity.
  What I would like to see is a rewording by them of their analyses videos. FB/FB should state their views as opinions, not facts. Have a more objective and critical view of the videos presented to the Bigfoot community, it can only enhance the reputation of FB/FB.

 Having said all that, I personally think, for one reason or another, this entire episode is one big hoax by Rick Dyer. I have no proof yet, but based on his past history and his present lies, I have no other option. I have seen too many of his videos (removed) and watched too many of his radio shows (removed) to change my mind. I am sticking to my guns, just like FB/FB are now.
IF Rick's claims are proven to be true, factual AND verified by reputable and known scientists as far as the body goes, I will shut down this blog and let the domain name expire. This must be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.
I am a man of my word and will do as I say. As proof I will type my name and date.
    Randy Filpovic - March 14, 2013.
Clip it, save it, do whatever blows your hair back. I always do what I say I will do, and that's a fact. I may not always be right, but NEVER call me a liar.

A new story has been posted by Steve Kulls that is relevant to this very topic: Squatchdetective

Racer X


  1. Great post.

    I think the most significant part is this, "FB/FB is stating Minnow Films recorded for 2.5 minutes before Rick started to film. This is in reference to a branch snap/break".

    This alludes to a very important point. How they think they know this brings up a lot of interesting questions. If they had contact with Matthews in some was as you speculate, or if they are going strictly on Dyer's word would be telling.

  2. Come on guys.. there is still no proof that this is a hoax. Dont you think that SOMEONE related to, works with or drinks with (etc) someone to do with this would have let the cat out of the bag by now either by mistake, drunk or the result of an argument? think about it. You have just got to admit that no matter how hard people are trying to prove this to be a hoax they just cant because its true. Steve Kulls is supposedly a detective whats he detected = nothing at all, I can picture him up at 4am with a whisky all red eyed muttering 'must get Dyer, must get Dyer' to himself. Iv been watching everything, every single thing closely, unfold, from the start and as Iv said in other posts I believe Rick 100%, I believe Musky 100% and I believe FB/FB 100%. I belived that the tent vid was legit before I knew RD filmed it, when I found out RD filmed it I was certain all this was true, for reasons I can waffle on about psychology, human nature n more. Iv watched all his radio shows and ive read most of the blogs on the internet about this and he is a good bloke who in my mind has been honest. Again waiting... let the bashing start, heard it all so really not arsed!!......... but thats just how it is, I understand people can be annoyed about 2008 hoax and thats fair enough, but, most of you guys believe in the big fella so its not IMPOSIBLE that Rick shot one is it?. All this pointless digging and trying to put square pegs in round holes is a waste of time and its quite frankly looking pretty desperate. Let the bashing commence!!!...... :)

    1. There is also no proof this real and the onus falls on the person making the original claim.
      Rarher than wait for this long story to play out, I choose to investigate this.
      You're entitled to your opinion, as am I. I think this is a 100% hoax and when the dust settles we'll see what the truth is.
      You've been polite and on topic so I don't think anyone will bash you.