Monday, March 4, 2013

Dyer, Spies and Lies

I was wondering why Rick was so quiet yesterday. Maybe it was because of his outrageous radio show the night before. Early this morning I popped on to Ricky's blog to find this: Tim Mitchell
Wow, Rick threw this guy right under the bus. From what I can make out, Tim Mitchell said something or has something on Rick Dyer. After reading the message exchanges between the two it becomes apparent that Mr. Mitchell has nothing on Freezer Boy.
Who the hell is Tim Mitchell and why does he have a hat fetish?
For those of you who don't wish to read the lengthy exchange, I'll post a few snippets. It appears that I'm popular in Dyerland, and these two intrepid sleuths are trying to out me.

You "think"? Good detective work Mr. Mitchell, but wrong.

Why does Rick need to know and why do people say I'm Steve Alcorn? Wrong again boys.

A couple of leads? Tim Mitchell is lying through his teeth. I have told nobody who I am. Why does it matter?

Now he knows "facts". Tim has no idea who I get my information from. Yes, I have good people helping me and yes I do a lot of my own researching. I don't just sit on my ass.

I'm Canadian and Tim can prove it....but he needs help. That makes no sense.

Rick said he was moving to Santa Rosa, CA.

There are things that I do to make it look like I'm from certain areas of the world and I do this through various technology that is freely available to anyone.

The rest of the time these two talk about hats, bash Sharon Lee, Steve Kulls, and Rictor. I don't why Rick Dyer is so determined to find out my identity but apparently it bothers him so much to not know who I am.

Rick says I have this blog for attention, but that is incorrect. This blog is a lot of work and takes many hours to source information. I would never have started this blog if Rick Dyer had not dared me to. I do this because there is so much hoaxing in the Bigfoot Community and it needs to come to a halt.
In essence, Racer X is everyone who has an honest interest in Bigfoot, and despise hoaxers.

I have brought this up in the past and I will do it one more time.
Rick says he called the police on me so he could get my information. That's it?

Let me see if I have this right. He told the Las Vegas Police a lie in order to get my information...and he thinks this is funny. I would be willing to make a bet that the Las Vegas Police wouldn't think this is funny. Dyer is wasting taxpayer money and valuable law enforcement resources for what? I am an author of a blog and I report news on Rick Dyer. That might be a criminal offense in some countries, but it is not where I come from.


Now, for Tim Mitchell the spy guy. Maybe I'll follow Rick's advice and post some ads on Craig List....just kidding.

**This message is for Rick Dyer**

1.) Retract your lies about me. I never stalked you, phoned you, emailed you, or      
     threatened you or your family.

2.) If you did in fact call the LVPD, I suggest you call them back and say you made a 
     mistake. I will need proof of this. You know my email address.

3.) 48 hour time limit, and it starts now.

I have no problems with you trying to find out who I am, but I will NOT tolerate lies.

Wednesday evening I may decide to do a couple of posts on your FB/FB friends. People might like to know who they really are, what they do, and how they know each other.

Racer X


  1. From the beginning of Dyer's post it seems that he believes Tim may have recorded some of their phone conversations. Reading through the message exchange, it all seems fairly petty especially considering Dyer supposedly is sitting on the find of the century. If I had a multimillion dollar payday waiting for me, I know very well I wouldn't be worrying about Team Tazer, Tim, or Racer x's identity.

    That's why I wonder what Rick's real motivation is- him knowing that it's all going to come to an end soon. Is the attention received for several months worth the backlash he will get if he doesn't produce? Perhaps the narcissism is stronger than reason. All I can say is that you have a stronger stomach than me, Racer X.

    1. Exactly! I wouldn't have a worry in the world. Maybe he's trying to make enough money to move to Mexico and retire there.
      If I had the find of the 21st century, I would be working quietly behind the scenes to get it ready for the big reveal. I sure wouldn't showcase it at a film festival. Why bother? You could have a movie deal with any company in Hollywood. Book deals and talk shows for a year. Plus he would have hired himself a handler. Rick tends to go off half cocked.
      As far as my stomach goes, I'm almost getting used to him. Most times my eyes glaze over. Other times I turn down the volume and make up my own monologue.

  2. Looking forward to Wednesday evening's post.

  3. This is kind of like a new version of the game Clue. It was Racer X in the home office (because you write the blog there) with a hockey stick (it's a Canadian thing). Prove me wrong.

  4. I don't see Of Monsters and Men or Shooting Bigfoot in the just released documentary line up for the Tribeca Film Festival. I'm shocked, lol.

    1. I'll check their page. I didn't think the line up would be out yet.

  5. Yes Racer X I did. You will be hearing/seeing them soon.. Can you say you didn't break any laws. They beg to differ. And also reason I have quiet for days I had to move because people like you post my personal information.
    It will be a 2 way street soon. No more hiding behind a child's name behind your computer screen.

    1. I don't know if this is Rick or not. Rick always posts with his name. All the words are spelled correctly as well, go figure.
      All the information I have posted about you is on the internet, it's not private.
      Apparently you're not as smart as I gave you credit for. I'm seriously laughing while I type this.
      Good luck with your move to CA, or OK, or wherever it is you're moving to.

  6. Racer X you have a lot of support in the Bigfoot community. Thank you for outing the hoaxers and doing all you do!!

  7. ...Spyders13...Wtf is going on so it was all lies..what a jerk..