Sunday, March 10, 2013

Complaint Review: Ricky Dyer

Things just get better and better in the rainbow filled world of Freezer Boy where everything is Tooth Fairies, Easter Bunnies and dead Bigfoot.
  This piece of information comes from a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. Now, I know people will say "that was in the past, it has nothing to do with this" or some other weak excuse to dismiss this.
 The fact of the matter is this; it is relevant. Rick always says he's never been convicted of anything, but he readily admits encounters with the law. The following is another piece of information to add to the Dyer files.

"I turned  out of a shopping center and I saw the car turn on to 61st, and normally would have had time., but he side swiped me and I said'You must have been coming fast' and he said ya, I was.  My driver side door panel was tipped off he had only a front right bumper damage.  I was not injured and he told me and the cop that he was not and neither was his wife and children.  My daughter and husband came and took pix.  I can get them from her if necessary.  We then went down to the city office and I got ready to pay for the report and the lady says you don't owe anything you were the victim.  But when the insurance came back he had an over $8,000 repair.  He had the of SUV  all  painted with  Big Foot hunter and other outdoor scenes, but none of that was even scratched.  I just hate to see an insurance company get ripped off or an individual.  We both drove away on our own power,, no wrecker was called.  To replace my side door, it was about $1900 with repaint and all.   I do not believe that a bumper if I recall, was painted brown and replaced could it cost that much.  Agree?
Thank you very much to my complaint against the driver as well as his Insurance company.  There are just to many people ripping off others.  Notice also his address, the title of the car bein in Arkansas and the Drivers license being from Nevada.. 
Again Thank you"

 Ripoff Report

  Racer X

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