Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Shooting Bigfoot: What the Rick Dyer Body Means for Sasquatch Research

Christopher Noel has a new booklet out. Here is the extended description:

"The purpose of this brief E-book is to place the event of 2012, and its recent, explosive aftermath into a broader context than that of a carcass on a slab…or behind glass in a Las Vegas casino.

Say that we wished to learn more about a newly discovered tribe in the Amazon--would we trap one of them, blow his brains out, and haul him from the jungle and into a laboratory?

A quality of uncanny humanness has always been clear at Sasquatch “habituation sites,” places with which the hairy folk have become familiar. Throughout North America, certain people have experienced repeat visits to their homes and properties, often for years. Some have sought, in the peaceful spirit of Jane Goodall, to befriend these curious and tricky neighbors, and to foster (so to speak) an ongoing family reunion.

The recent Texas killing exploited another habituation site. Now an open season on Sasquatch may be at hand, unless halted by insight. We must welcome an immediate flowering of vivid backyard accounts, leading to familiarity, recognition, and protected legal status.

SASQUATCH RISING 2013 is the only available source to not only delve into the scientific revolution unfolding before us today but also to fill in the rest of the story, conducting readers behind the scenes at multiple habituation sites—in Iowa, New York State, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, and Vermont. These first-person testimonials and the author’s own field notes show the subtle, surprising ways of our ancient living kin."


This booklet is listed as Nonfiction, but we don't have proof of anything. There is no proof yet to back up Rick Dyer's story, and I personally am not holding my breath that evidence, let alone proof will be provided. I don't know how credible Chris Noel was before Sept. 6/12, but once this hoax is busted, any and all credibility will be gone....forever.
 It's not up to me or anyone else to prove this is a hoax, it's up to Rick Dyer to prove this dead Bigfoot is real. Dyer made the claim. I enjoy a good mystery, so I have fun with this. All of the inconsistencies in the story are on this blog, even the one where Rick says in 2010, Bigfoot don't exist. One person feels so strongly that this is a hoax, the person left this comment:

 I have repeatedly stated that IF Rick Dyer has a real, verified Sasquatch, I will close down this blog. I have never heard Rick say he will shut down HIS site if this is proven to be a hoax.

Racer X


  1. A flat footed and culturally primitive (with no or very little material culture) primate is obviously not a member of Homo sapiens. And now this guy is supporting Dyer, and claiming that he has "plunged eons of a rich relationship into raw, "snuff" pornography." Can I ask what he is talking about? I hope no one considers Mr. Noel credible...

    1. Jay, whether you believe it or not there is a significant portion of the bigfoot community that believes they are human. While I doubt that myself, what is "credible" in the bigfoot world varies considerably with who you talk to. From wood ape to angel DNA, there is a seat for every butt.

    2. That's true. I just felt that his wild speculation makes him seem uncredible. Thanks for correcting me.

  2. There is very little in this ebook about "the event of 2012, and its recent, explosive aftermath", just a few paragraphs with no new information. The rest is habituation stuff.

    1. My point in posting this is because Noel states Rick's story as fact when there are no facts yet.
      All we have is a 1.5 second video and a story.
      It's funny that Dyer disqualifies himself as telling the truth when, by his own admittance, the story will have 10-20 versions. This way he doesn't have to remember what he says, he can just chalk it up to another diversionary tale.

  3. The problem with credibility in the bigfoot world is that attention spans are mighty short and it has a lot to do with who you hang with. Witness one Timothy Fasano, guilty of many embarrassing stunts and deceptions. Very Few would give him the time of day. Recently he has started say the Dyer affair is a hoax, going against his one time "friend". Interestingly he is now "in" with Team Tazer and has received praise. Tim Mitchell is another example.

  4. This would appear to be a final squeezing of the Dyer Turnip before all belief is lost a month from now. The timing makes it pretty obvious. The truth is that real progress is slow, and the discoveries won't meet the appetites of many people. I think this may become mainstream news as an example of how desperate bf believers are. I can't see how to stop it and Dyer still wins. Sickening.

    1. I think the bigfoot community bloggers and pod-casters could take a lot from Guy Edwards/Bigfoot Lunch Club. He hasn't mentioned Dyer or the Daisy in the box fiasco at all from what I recall.

      I do think you are right on the money in your analysis.

  5. "I have repeatedly stated that IF Rick Dyer has a real, verified Sasquatch, I will close down this blog."

    Of course this blog will shut down. The entire premise of this blog is based on the fact that the Dyer body claim is a hoax. If that claim is true this blog will be completely irrelevant!

    You self proclaimed "hoax busters" need to all leave the Bigfoot world forever if this is true. Team Tazer, I am looking in at you!

    1. There is no "of course" in this. I could still leave the blog up as a reminder.
      If "hoax busters" need to leave the community, then Rick should do the same when this is proven to be a hoax.
      Rick has never said he would quit, he just tells others to quit.
      If you're confident in Rick, then all the power to you. I am not one of those people though.

  6. I wasted ten minutes reading this piece of trash. Time that could have been better spent masturbating, like Chris Noel did when he wrote it.

  7. Actually Racer, Rick told me that he would give me his website if he was any where near a hoax. I, of course, have that message saved and it is published on my blog. If this is a hoax, which I believe it to be, I would expect that he will have a way to back out of that promise. Rick's definition of a hoax may not be the same as the generally accepted definition.

    1. Hey Steve. yes, I'm well aware of your deal with Rick and I can't see him handing over his site to you.
      I'm so strongly convinced this is a hoax, that I'm willing to put up this blog as a "money where my mouth is" thing.
      IF Dyer's story is true I could have left the blog up as an archive, but I chose a different path.

  8. Chris Noel is doing his utmost to save face here. He backed this story to the hilt and used it to sell copies of Sasquatch Rising. He has unwittingly placed himself in the same bracket as Musky, FB/FB and The Cryptocrew. Not a good place to be. Whilst he won't retract his stance, Noel is trying to place a spin on the story with this BF protection nonsense.

    Noel is held in high regard within Habituation circles, where levels of gullibility are high. Not sure if he has the same respect, especially after recent events, among 'regular' footers.

    Keep the pressure on Randy. RD seems to have turned his wrath on Fasano for now which is odd behavoir for a guy sitting on a BF corpse worth many millions of dollars....

    Tick tock as they say...


  9. All you so called bigfoot experts are full of it. Guilty of hoaxes and always trying to profit from something that frankly does not exist. Rick Dyer makes you all look like the phonies you are. I just wish he hadn't quieted down as I found the drama hilarious. He knows full and well how to get you all worked up. No matter how ridiculous this gets people still believe and you hoax busters get more irritated. Not one photo of the creature that is clear or an obvious suit. Start searching for santa claus you might have more luck!

  10. Sure. BF lives on a six acre lot behind a home depot in San Antonio. Besides using firearms in a suburban area, likely guilty of trespassing on this property and endangering people in surrounding homes by firing a high powered rifle there. Does Dyer have a Texas hunting license? Did he have permission or a permit to film a movie there? Here, if you hunt using bait, you go to jail. Why won't Matt Drudge even run this story? So many holes in this story.

  11. This presupposes Dyer actually shot ANYTHING. The truth is out there. I'd bet the property owner knows something. If not, he's got legal options here.

    NOBODY would be stupid enough to trespass and violate city firearm, hunting laws and then MAKE A MOVIE OF IT? WOULD THEY?

    Chew on that for awhile.

    I've seen the pictures, I've seen the mask that matches this BF face. This is fail.

  12. Let's say this is legit. If you wanted to attract an animal to some bait, would you put it right next to your tent? Do that around here, you get eaten by a bear. Why in the world would you use tents, anyway? The only way to pull this off would be everybody in treestands, above most animals scent line. In broad daylight, too? How cooperative this BF was, strolling through the camp, feasting on some ribs nailed to a tree, oblivious to the HUMAN SCENT ALL OVER THE PLACE! Not to mention the guy shouting RICK! RICK! RICK! Give me a break. Even a bear will usually only come into your camp at NIGHT.

    So this guy made some money off this. Sorry, no BF for you.

    What would you do if YOU had shot a BF?


    No, this guy starts a circus sideshow.