Thursday, February 7, 2013

Vegas Bigfoot: Fact or Faked?

The Marks:

I noticed that there is a bit more chatter today regarding Musky Allen's visit to Las Vegas, and what he may or may not have seen.
 Rick Dyer has gone so far as to say that Spike T.V. has put their show on hold, but once again, Dyer doesn't provide any proof of this claim.
 Let's get back to Musky Allen. There are only two possible scenarios. Musky is in on the hoax, or Musky has been hoaxed by Rick Dyer. I don't know Musky at all so I can't form an opinion of him. For this reason, my default position will be Musky was hoaxed....unless information comes my way that causes me to change my mind.
  I have been giving some thought about the alleged Bigfoot body and Rick's plan. Dyer despises everyone in the Bigfoot community. He seems bent on tearing the community down, brick by brick.
  I look at FB/FB and Musky Allen as targets, and Rick is starting at the top. FB/FB , like them or not, have a large following of people who accept what they have to say. If they can be discredited in such a huge way by Dyer, they would have to hide in embarrassment. One of them even mentioned as much not very long ago.
  By most accounts, Musky Allen is at the top of the skeptic food chain. If Rick can convince Musky Bigfoot is real, then most people may follow. Do you see where I'm going with this?
  Take down one of the biggest proponents AND one of the biggest opponents, and the community starts to crumble. Please note that most of the community DO NOT believe Rick for one single second.

The Body: Taxidermy
 Now that we have motive out of the way, let's move on to the body itself. It is my position that this whole affair is a hoax by Rick Dyer and/or Minnow Films, so my conclusion is that there is no "real" dead Bigfoot. Minnow Films has been silent through out this entire charade, so as of right now, I toss them in with Freezer Boy.
 Rick has talked about his investors endlessly, and Rick has blabbed on and on about how much money he has. If you add Minnow Films in to the equation, we are talking about deeper pockets than  the average person.
  Minnow may have contributed money to the making of a fake, dead Bigfoot if it was part of their documentary. A Hollywood style prop really isn't believable  unless a company throws a lot of money at it.
What if a taxidermy of Bigfoot was made out of real animal parts? Most of us are familiar with the fake, and obvious taxidermy:

What about a good hoax involving bones?

Piltdown Man

I'm willing to bet there are good taxidermists out there who could make a believable Bigfoot body if they were given proper instructions. Costs for taxidermy of a large animal such as a bear or Elk would be approximately $3,000- $5,000. I have no idea what a custom project would cost. Maybe $15,000- $20,000? $50,000?
Who would have connections in the taxidermy world? Minnow Films would:
Taxidermy: Stuff the World

The Body: Wax Sculpture
Another alternative method would be to commission a wax sculpture. It just so happens that there is a Madame Tussaud's in Las Vegas. Could such a place be approached to make a realistic Bigfoot? If they can't, these people can: Tom Spina Designs

It's not Bigfoot, but it's hairy.

The Body: Anatomical Surrogates
Another option is put forth by Tim Fasano himself. Tim runs his own blog and he posts when he isn't searching for the Skunk Apes of Florida. Here is Tim's offering:
Sasquatch Evidence

As you can see, we are only limited by our imaginations....and money. Someone with financial resources would be able to have a convincing Bigfoot constructed by various means.
I'm still trying to find out how Dyer fits in with the Minnow Films documentary. A popular theory, and one I am leaning towards, is that Rick's part is that of the hoaxer, and how a hoax is orchestrated, and the effects it has on a community of people who want so badly for Bigfoot to be real.
Personally, I think Sasquatches exist but that doesn't mean I have to accept every piece of evidence put forward. Critical thinking is an absolute must in the Bigfoot world. Question everything.

If FB/FB and Musky Allen continue to be allies with Rick Dyer, their days in the Bigfoot community are numbered.
If you are new to Bigfooting turn around and find worthy people to follow in your search for Sasquatch.
If you have been fooled by Rick in the past and believe him today, don't be upset when this is shown to be the 2008 Hoax on steroids.

I would like to thank Jay and my anonymous friend for their contributions to this post.

These are my thoughts and opinions.

Racer X


  1. I'll be accepting your thanks for helping you ;) haha just kidding. Great to see you posted this! I think that we have figured out how he hoaxed it.

  2. Thanks for your help. I need to go edit my post. I was remiss in not acknowledging the help I received.

    1. I was just kidding, but thank you anyway. Awesome post!

  3. Saw this on FB and thought you would be interested in it. Interesting comments from someone who saw a BF in 2009 and converted.

    1. Thanks for the link. That particular show is posted on here as well. Yes, it's funny that someone claims to have seen one in 2009, but in 2010 he said he had not seen one. Calling Bigfoot fake, a scam etc.