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Tribeca Film Institute

I noticed that Ricky made a post stating that Shooting Bigfoot (Of Monsters and Men) will be shown at the Tribeca Film Festival but I can't seem to find any sort of a schedule or film lineup. The festival is still two months away so maybe there will be a listing within the next few weeks.
  The link Dyer put out takes us to TFI Documentary Fund. As far as I can tell, these are two separate entities.
  The TFF selects films for screening and showcases these films at the festival. The TFI provides grants to film makers under various categories.

Dyer should have done some fact checking first before he posted false information on his blog. 'Shooting Bigfoot' entered the program for funding/grants, but they were not on the list of grantees. 11 film makers were chosen:

[New York, NY – January 14, 2013] – The Tribeca Film Institute (TFI) today announced the 2013 grantees of the TFI Documentary Fund. The fund provides financial support and furthers the development of exceptional character-driven, in-progress documentaries. TFI also announced the inaugural TFI/ESPN Prize, a new extension of the Fund that will award an annual grant of $30,000 to a feature-length work-in-progress documentary that presents sports, competition and athleticism as a backdrop for a character-driven story and captures the humanity within the sports world. Of 550 submissions to the TFI Documentary Fund from more than 45 countries worldwide, 11 filmmakers were selected to receive a total of $160,000 in grants toward their documentary projects, which are in various stages of development through post-production. 

“Our 2013 grantees, many of whom are TFI alumni, are a diverse mix of contemporary storytellers from around the world.  We are proud to support their artistic and creative approaches to filmmaking, which are bound to ignite passionate reactions from audiences,” said Ryan Harrington, Director of Documentary Programming at TFI. “It is an honor to join ESPN Films to present the TFI/ESPN Prize as they expand their long-time partnership with Tribeca and extend their support of outstanding sports filmmaking – a mission that complements the TFI Documentary Fund’s goal to provide funding for documentary genres that don’t typically receive support.”
As part of TFI’s year-round commitment to filmmakers, all TFI Documentary Fund grantees will receive guidance and consultation from TFI on the films’ production. This includes festival and distribution strategy sessions, fundraising support, industry introductions, labs and workshops.

The recipient of the inaugural TFI/ESPN Prize is:
•    The Battered Bastards of Baseball, Directed by Chapman Way and Maclain Way; Produced by Juliana Lembi –When Hollywood veteran Bing Russell creates the most popular minor league baseball team of the decade, it revolutionizes the possibilities for independent sport in America.

Five grants will be awarded to films in various stages of development:
•    The Arrivals (Las Llegadas), Directed by Heidi Ewing; Produced by Rachel Grady; Edited by Enat Sidi – Two young men leave their lives in Mexico City and make the dangerous journey to the United States so they may be together as an openly gay couple. Today, they are successful business owners in New York… but with no path to legalization, they must decide if they should leave it all behind and return home.
•    The Battle with Satan, Directed by Konrad Szolajski; Produced by Ewa Zukowska –A rebellious teenager doesn’t want to attend religion lessons, and her teacher views this is as a sign of demonic possession. The teenager is then subjected to exorcisms, and her faith in God doesn’t return; instead she acquires an intense fear of the power of Satan…
•    Peaches Goes Bananas, Directed and produced by Marie Losier; Produced by Martin Marquet – Peaches Goes Bananas takes an intimate look at artist and musician Peaches' playful and intoxicating creative world.
•    Wind on the Moon, Directed by Seung-Jun Yi; Produced by Min-Chul Kim—In Seung-Jun Yi's (Planet of Snail) latest film, young deafblind girl Yeji can only express herself by crying, screaming, laughing and smiling. In order to understand her daughter's form of communication,  Yeji's mother keeps a diary, like a secret code, in order to better understand her daughters needs and desires.
•    The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev, Directed and Produced by Noam Pinchas & Tal Barda —A story about a famous and hot-tempered Tajik musical family, led by the charismatic, funny and controlling Papa Alaev, who at the age of 80 is starting to lose his grip on his family, sending them on a rigid and unsure transition from Monarchy to Democracy.  - Recipient of the TFI Award at the 2012 Greenhouse Pitching Forum

Four grants will be awarded to films in various stages of production:
•    Art and Craft, Directed by Sam Cullman & Jennifer Grausman; Edited by Mark Becker – Examining the curious story of a prolific art forger just as his thirty-year con is publicly revealed, Art and Craft uncovers one of the most intriguing cases of deception in art history and opens an unlikely window onto questions of mental health, art, and philanthropy in the 21st century.
•    Garnet’s Gold, Directed by Ed Perkins; Produced by Simon Chinn –Follow one extraordinary man’s quixotic and recklessly brave adventure in search of hidden treasure, in a belated rite of passage to reclaim his soul and rediscover the meaning of his life.
•    The New Czar, Directed by Alejandro Alvarez & Ulrik Wivel; Executive Produced by Talal Al-Muhanna – After two decades leading Madrid's Compañía Nacional de Danza and transforming it into one of the most successful dance companies in the world, Spanish dance icon Nacho Duato is fired.  Devastated, his all-consuming need to create takes him to St. Petersburg as he accepts the challenge of modernizing a Russian ballet troupe, even as it plunges him into cultural and social isolation.
•    Teatro, Directed and Produced by Jeff Malmberg & Chris Shellen; Edited by Jeff Malmberg—Teatro is a documentary fairy tale about a tiny Italian farming village that turns their lives into a play in order to confront their issues and save their way of life. 

One grant will be awarded to a film in post-production:
•    One in a Billion, Directed by Geeta V. Patel and Ravi Patel; Produced by Geeta V. Patel & Janet Eckholm; Executive Produced by Dan Cogan & Geralyn Dreyfous—One in a Billion is a romantic comedy documentary about an almost-30-year-old Indian-American man who enters a love triangle between the woman of his dreams and his parents. The story is funny, touching, and sheds light on the challenges that first-generation young people face in love and cultural preservation.

This has nothing to do with the Tribeca Film Festival.

I counted 28 submissions, and Shooting Bigfoot was on the list. Out of the 28 entries, 11 were chosen to receive grants.
  This begs me to ask the question everyone is thinking. If this film is truly about showing the world a dead and real Bigfoot, why on earth were they not selected? That is the $10,000,000 question right there folks.
 Rick has once again taken something and spun it in to something it is not.

Racer X

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