Wednesday, February 6, 2013

To Vegas And Back

Last night was the night Musky Allen went to Las Vegas to view the alleged Bigfoot body that Rick Dyer claims he has at an undisclosed location. Rick made a post early this morning but it was short on any valuable information.
  Rick had this to say: "Musky Allen has seen the Bigfoot!
I can't speak for Musky Allen but it was an amazing experience for everyone in the room.  I'm proud to report that Musky Allen was not the only one who has verified the body!!

God bless!"

 According to Dyer, another person viewed the body, but once again Freezer Boy is short on details. I would think something of this magnitude would warrant a lengthier post by Rick.
 At the time of this writing, Musky Allen has not issued a statement regarding his visit to Las Vegas.
FB/FB had this to say on their page today:

The replies to this from FB/FB garnered quite a bit of attention. While the consensus varied, most people believe this is simply another hoax being perpetrated by the one and only Freezer Boy. I'll throw mine in with the list with the majority who think this is nothing more than an attempt to make the Bigfoot world look stupid.
 Rick makes no bones about his hate for the community and everyone in it, and he has never given any reason for people to believe him.
  Enter Musky Allen, who by all accounts, is the biggest, or most vocal of the Bigfoot skeptics. I don't know a thing about this person and I can't find any websites/blogs he might run. Does Musky just visit pro Bigfoot forums and shoot down any and all evidence? What qualifies him to authenticate a Bigfoot?
  I was really surprised to see that none of the big name blogs reported on this event, but I can understand why. Most blogs or pages are adopting a zero hoax policy. No air time for hoaxers.
 Aside from this blog, there were few who were talking about Musky's Las Vegas trip.
 Thomas at The Crypto Crew has been on this story from day one and he offered several updates for his readers:  The Crypto Crew
People have been busy at The Bigfoot Forums. This thread is currently 91 pages long and it contains some very valuable input and opinions from some intelligent people. This thread runs the gamut on every conceivable scenario that could be plausible. If you're not up to speed on the Tent Video saga, the Bigfoot Forums is a good place to start.
Here is the link to the FB/FB post: Musky & Dyer
  Other than that, the internet seems to be void of any coverage of this story. There is probably a good reason for that, Rick Dyer is involved.
 Rick made a second post today and I thought it might be a follow up from his earlier post, but disappointment was in the cards. Rick only wanted to boast about how many hits his blog received after Musky Allen's trip.

"This is a record for my blog and this only proves that people are listening."

Sorry Ricky, it just means people are curious for information, that's all.

"I just spoke with a very well respected person from the Bigfoot community this morning and he stated the Bigfoot communities worst nightmare has came true. Rick Dyer has found Bigfoot" 

I thought Rick hated everyone in the Bigfoot community and respects none of them. Those are Dyer's words, not mine. Just pick a radio show and have a listen.

I'm not quite certain how this story will end, but I feel comfortable in saying that it will result in disappointment for those who believe Freezer Boy.

 One of my favorite quotes.

I will update this post as more information becomes available.

Racer X

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