Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Man Who Cried Bigfoot: An Investigation of the Rick Dyer Claim

I would like to thank Jay for bringing this video to my attention. A person has decided to investigate claims made by Rick Dyer that he shot and killed a Bigfoot in, or around  San Antonio on Sept.6/12.
   This is the uploader's first video and he says a follow up visit will be conducted.                                             
If you are following the never ending Dyer Saga, this video is a must see.
                                        J.R. Bob Dobbs Jr.

The scat shown in the video is Cow dung.

Racer X


  1. Great to see that I inspired a post! Thanks for linking to my site! Great article here.

    1. Thanks for the tip my young friend. I really like your new profile picture! I'm very happy you had a chance to meet Dr. Meldrum.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for coming by. It was my pleasure, but the true thanks go to Bob Dobbs, he and his wife did the leg work.