Saturday, February 9, 2013

Steve Kulls: The Plot is Starting to Unravel

I was going to prepare another post covering Musky Allen, but Steve Kulls beat me to it. Mr. Kulls is known for digging and digging until he finds the truth.

  Events surrounding the Dyer saga are unfolding at a rapid pace and it's hard to keep up.
Here are some excerpts from Squatchdetective:

"Musky Allen who’ve we determined to be Allen Issleb of Wisconsin, issued a statement, making allegations of attempting to get Dr. Jeff Meldrum involved."

 "A “partial embalming".” Can someone please explain that to me?"
"Now… lets take a look at another Pro-Bigfoot group that has come forth over the last couple of years; Facebook FindBigfoot. The Facebook group run by Jack D. Barnes. Guess what? That’s not his real name either. It’s a pseudonym."

Is this the real Musky Allen?

I wonder much longer it will be before this hoax is busted wide open. More people are looking in to this story now, so it's only a matter of time before the train falls off the tracks.

Racer X

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