Monday, February 11, 2013

Shooting Bigfoot

Yesterday Rick put this poster on his blog. Someone found this and sent it to Rick. I have no idea when the poster was created, but it was done by Matt Broughton who lives in London. The poster has been removed from the website, probably because this fellow's email box was over flowing with questions.
  I wish I had done a screen grab instead of just saving the picture. There was a caption above the poster that read "A documentary film following two men who are obsessed with finding bigfoot". That's kind of strange, I thought the documentary was about more than two people.
  Rick said as much on his radio show from last night:

On the radio show, Dyer tells everyone that the film company got rid of all the participants in the documentary and decided to focus on Freezer Boy. According to Rick, the film crew followed him and other individuals for four years. Four years! That's a lot of people, time and money for four years worth of work.
  Does Ricky expect us to believe Minnow Films is reworking the entire documentary AND that it will be ready for Tribeca (unconfirmed)? The film company may have useable footage previously recorded but they would have lost quite a bit of that when they got rid of everyone else.
  Minnow would have plenty of filming to do to replace what would be edited out. How could that be done in 4-5 days? Dyer allegedly killed the Bigfoot on Sept. 6/12 , and the "expedition" ended on or about Sept.10/12. That's a short window. Was the entire ensemble from Minnow Films on location or did they just wing it?
  Rick's story is becoming less believable every day. Things are not adding up.
Did Tom Biscardi get booted as well? I can't imagine Biscardi going quietly if that's true. Here is an article that shows Minnow Films was with Biscardi. PR Buzz
  So far Minnow Films has not confirmed or denied anything, they have been silent through this whole saga.

  Rick has a new catch phrase now. This is used to dispel those pesky rumors. His favorite thing to say is "It was a joke people"
 Dyer sounded quite convincing when he made his coming-to-Canada-to-kill-a-Bigfoot video, and he sounded convincing in several radio shows when he said Bigfoot don't exist, Bigfoot is a scam etc., ad nauseum.
   By Rick's rational way of thinking, we better dismiss his dead Bigfoot story. The story sounds convincing, but maybe it's a joke people.

Racer X

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