Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rick, TPWD, And A 1,000 Complaints

The following radio show is from Sat, February 16, 2013. Rick said he was going to lay low and not talk about the "dead Bigfoot". Dyer also said he was going to slow down on his radio shows. Rick uses his "followers" as an excuse to shoot off his mouth some more.
 He really doesn't have that many fans and his chat room numbers reflect that.
   Freezer Boy, as usual, lays all of the blame on the haters for his recent problems. He bleats on and on like an old sheep. Quite frankly, it's childish.
Rick goes on to say two of his cars had windows broken (no proof such as photos), and he says he has received threatening emails (no proof). There are two constants with Rick Dyer. He always lies, and he never provides proof for any claims.
   I was trying to find the audio portion where Rick said the TPWD received over 1,000 email and complaints because of this (dead Bigfoot) story. I've gone over the show and can't find it. I was watching the Google Hangout video, so maybe it was on the pre-show portion. I know what I heard and if anyone can verify this for me, I would be happy to update this post with audio or transcriptions. The video has since been removed by Dyer and it has become a habit for him. Removing the evidence is what he does.

  I contacted TPWD, and to their credit they have been extremely patient with me. I sent this:
 " Rumor has it TPWD had 1,000 complaints"
This was the reply I received:
"Entirely fake story – just that, rumor and TPWD has not had any complaints or emails except for this one."

Dyer mentions a person named Roland who allegedly works for the TPWD and Rick played back the message the person left. The caller states the date as September 15, 2012 at about the 59:50 mark I don't know if that means anything or if it was just a slip up. There is a Roland at TPWD and the number matches. I have not contacted 'Roland' so I can't confirm if he actually phoned Rick.

I want to cover one more thing. A couple of comments were left by an anonymous person on another topic. The person posted these:

I followed up on this as well and this is what I sent:

"This message is for Major Alan Teague.  It was
indicated to me that you released the body of a dead Bigfoot to a Mr.
Rick Dyer on or about Sept.6/12. Can you confirm or deny this
I appreciate your time and any comments I receive.
Thank you"

I received a reply from Mr. Teague:

"No such action or information was received by this office.  The
information is false.  Thank you

Alan D. Teague

Major Game Warden

Region V

San Antonio / Corpus Christi

858 W. Rhapsody

San Antonio, Texas 78216


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  1. Someone on BFF called that deputy Roland's number on a sunday, and reported it was the same voice on ricks answering machine.

    Good article thanks.

  2. Thanks for the information. I must have missed it amongst all the posts.
    It's kind of odd that Roland would call Rick, but the two from TPWD basically say nothing is going on. Typical. Next time these guys won't be painted in such a respectful light. It may require another post.

  3. Great post. You do a lot of work to clear things up for the rest of us.

    1. Thank you Jill. I do my best to be as objective as possible and present facts as I find them.