Monday, February 25, 2013

Rick Dyer Unplugged

I can't believe what I just watched.  FB/FB did an interview with Rick Dyer recently, and I have to wonder why. In my personal opinion,this interview comes off as an image makeover for Dyer. They need to paint a better picture of Freezer Boy to pass along to the general population and I'm sure people will gobble it up.

  Rick is known as a loud mouthed liar(proven with real FACTS) and basher of certain individuals(check any blogtalk radio show). He will attack anyone who aggravates him.
 Most of us know who the real Rick Dyer is, so I won't delve any deeper in to the subject of his character.
  I'll talk about the interview itself. First, I'm very happy Rick mentioned he saw a Bigfoot in 2009. If you go to a few of the past radio shows on the side bar, you will find out that Rick still did NOT "believe" in Bigfoot in 2010 and 2011.
  I thought Rick was "The Best Bigfoot Tracker in the World" and a "Master Tracker". In order to track something, you need to look for signs and clues. Dyer does none of that. He doesn't look for tracks (unless it's in snow), no searching for structures, hair or scat. He doesn't bother with wood knocks or call blasting. So, what does he really do? Does he randomly pick a location, cross his fingers, and pray to almighty God that a Bigfoot will show itself? Nope, his "Master Tracker" plan is to go to Wally World, pick up some ribs and nail those ribs to any old tree. Oh, then he pitches his tent within an alleged 20 feet of said tree.
  Miracle of miracles happen, a hungry Bigfoot navigates through an area inhabited by homeless people, a film crew and who knows how many other people, during daylight hours and finds the ONE tree amongst many with a rib nailed to it. Even more amazing is that Ricky is awake and has his cell phone at the ready.
  The guys at FB/FB must be desperate in order to conduct this interview. They have a lot riding on this.
  The above thoughts are my own and I call it as I see it. You can decide for yourselves.

I came across a few comments from others on a certain forum. They will know who they are.

"I stopped about the 8 minute mark... "Bigfoot is too smart to leave signs." Yet he's dumb enough to eat ribs nailed to a tree."

"If rick doesn't look for exactly does he "track" bigfoot?"

"I hate to say it, but this story is dead."

 "Habituated doesn't mean reckless. The guy that said he heard shots was there for a year and a half and never saw it. The only other people living in that area were the two people that he said had been there 6 months (which still is prior to the supposed shooting), so who was it habituating if the guy living their the longest never saw it.

The further they try to explain the story, the bigger the holes get. It should be the other way around if their was any truth to this." 

The song FB/FB used in the intro is almost self-prophetic:

 I much prefer this song though:

Racer X

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  1. Finally a Metallica reference. And a good one before they sold out and cut their hair. You da man!