Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rick Dyer Pulls His Videos!

I noticed this just moments ago. I was scrolling down on my blog and thought one of the video links looked odd. When I clicked on the play button I got this:

I have seen other people do this sort of thing and I can come to only one conclusion. These videos were removed to hide all of Dyer's contradictions regarding his Bigfooting past, and the discrepancies in his statements.
Now that Freezer Boy has made national and international news, Rick must be feeling some heat. Why remove these videos? If the videos are truthful and honest, there is not one single reason to remove them.

  I have caught Rick in more lies than I can count, and now he has resorted to hiding the facts. Facts that were uttered from his own mouth, and on video no less.
Obviously this removes some content from my blog. If anyone managed to save any of the San Antonio expedition videos, please email them to me at If you have the videos posted somewhere, a link would be appreciated. Credit will be duly given.
Back to the story. Last year Finding Bigfoot went to visit a certain "researcher" in Ohio who claimed to have good video of a Bigfoot shaking a tree. About a month before the crew came to visit, this person scrubbed their channel. This shed a very bad light on the individual being covered by the crew.
Rick Dyer has scrubbed his channel. What he is trying to hide are the FACTS!
This guy is a hoaxer, a liar and a conman. Now he is hiding the TRUTH. No amount of jaw flapping can excuse him.

Racer X


  1. Racer X,

    I am curious to what you think Rick's motivation for this whole thing is. The only thing I can think of is the attention he is getting now. I don't see how there could be money involved, unless it is coming from Minnow Films. Judging by the type of movies they produce, I don't think this is likely. I suppose there could be some satisfaction in being able to hoax some people for awhile but beyond that I don't have another reason.

  2. It's really hard to come to an absolute conclusion. If there was no money involved, Rick wouldn't do it. He is getting paid, but I don't know what part he plays for the monetary gain.
    We don't know the context of the movie yet. Maybe it is about a person who creates hoaxes, and how people react. Some will believe him, others won't.
    I think Rick might be trying to "pay back" the community for shunning him. If and when this is proven a hoax, FB/FB will be destroyed. Musky will have no credibility. There are a few who are in support of Dyer, but they remain cautious.
    Pulling his videos is a big red flag in my opinion. Essentially he has destroyed all the incriminating evidence against him.
    I think this is a huge hoax, I just don't know why....yet.