Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rick Dyer: "I Am The Best Hoaxer In The World"

I wouldn't believe it if I had not seen it with my own eyes. Rick Dyer made a post yesterday and it even took me by surprise. Dyer seems to be and up and down lately. One day he's slinging mud and the next day he's Mr. Charming.
  This is what Freezer Boy had to say, and I'm quoting his entire post. I'll highlight the important parts.

"People call me a hoaxer daily and I love every minute of it. The fact of the matter is I am a hoaxer.. But I am the best hoxer in the world. Everything I do I do big I don't b******* around I do it right. The truth be told I'm still making money off the 2008 hoax.
I'm the best Bigfoot tracker in the world.. After the hoax I got serious and became the best Bigfoot tracker in the world. I can't help people being jealous of me and I'm not going to apologize for making money off  Bigfoot.
The Bigfoot community is so minute compared to the grand scheme of things. Everything I do is to agitate  people in the Bigfoot community and it works. There are very few people in the Bigfoot community that I respect. The rest I just play games with. Why you ask? It comes down to Rick Dyer laughing at the end. Sense late September I have made almost 10,000 dollars from adsense off people who hate me.
Bigfoot community is a joke and most people in the Bigfoot community are considered a joke. The new Bigfoot community is going to be headed by the most hated man in the old community.
The offer to see the body to Dr. Jeff Meldrum
has been officially pulled. Jeff had a long list of conditions for me to do him a favor. That showed me he could care less about Bigfoot. A 1 percent chance of this being real ANY real Bigfoot person would have jumped at the chance with no demands. I couldn't even get it out of my mouth before Derek Randles said he will be there."

It doesn't matter if you loathe Rick or support him, this latest rant by Dyer should offend everyone. I think it's safe to say that anyone who knows about Rick Dyer, has an interest in Bigfoot. I know I have an interest in Bigfoot, and I know there are thousands more just like me. This makes us part of the Bigfoot community. Yes, there are different camps for every aspect of Sasquatch. What camp, or who's camp you are in is irrelevant. When Dyer says "Bigfoot Community", it's all inclusive. The supporters might want to think about that for a moment or two. Rick said what he said. Nobody, including Rick can say he was misconstrued or taken out of context. The language is straight forward folks. I saw this post last night but I chose not to jump on it. I wanted to give Rick ample time to correct any of the text. Since he has not done so, I am now talking about it. Here is the screen grab, just in case it gets deleted like his videos did.

I have not addressed the portion of Dyer's post related to Dr. Meldrum because I have not asked him for his opinion on the matter. If Dr. Meldrum wishes to speak about this, I'm sure someone will let me know.
 Rick gets so upset with various people because they are "haters" and "jealous". Rick needs to take a good look in the mirror and ask "why" people dislike him. Freezer Boy has some good qualities, but I only ever see it on video when he talks to his wife or holds one of kids. I can see it in his eyes and in the smile on his face. If Rick spent half as much time being straight up and honest as he does bashing and lying, I think more people might have respect for him.
 If Rick had good ole' honest videos posted, showing him trudging through the snow, or capturing some of the wildlife for us to witness, people might have more respect for him. How about educating us on the areas he researches (if he does). Rick is a talker, I'm sure he can make an uneventful video entertaining. He might gain respect.
 I don't hate Rick Dyer, I hate what he does.
Those are my thoughts, not yours.

 Racer X


  1. I took the "bigfoot community" in his statement to mean the bloggers and the other well known people, not simply those who believe.

    While I certainly don't agree with everything thing he says, I think he does have a point. It seems that many people are in it to be seen, and to make money (of course Rick fits in here, although he admits to that). I think the fact that everything seems to be competitive amongst each of them just speaks to that.

  2. I see your points, and there could be validity there. I see people who are actually involved with Bigfooting making some money. Researchers, whether in the field, online, or professionals such as Dr. Meldrum are examples.
    There are popular blogs online such as Bigfoot Evidence, Cryptomundo etc. I'm sure these people make money via advertising and I see no issues with that.
    Researchers (as a general term) probably try to generate income to further their studies such as buying equipment. Blogger provide a service for enthusiasts and give enthusiasts the latest stories and events that take place in Bigfootland. This takes a lot of time, searching for relevant stories, interviews, and so on.
    Nobody has ever denied making money off Bigfoot. I see Rick as a person who makes money "because" of Bigfoot with no input to the community. I've never seen one video of him in the woods showing what he does. A talking head doesn't count. Where are his contributions, even the minute ones? Nowhere.
    He makes things up and strings people along.

  3. I certainly don't fault people for making money for the time spent running their blog or other related activities. Without naming names, I do have a problem with certain people who run blogs or pages whose greater purpose seems to be making money or gain exposure for themselves. In my mind the subject of bigfoot is to them more a reason to get clicks and page views.

  4. Derek Randles justjust posted on BFF and promised not to tell anyone what he saw.

    1. Do you have a link? You can post here or email me
      It seems strange, but I'd have to read the thread.

  5. karma will even it up in the end. you sell your ass, you're a ho.