Sunday, February 17, 2013

Rick Dyer Exclusive Interview

I came across this exclusive interview with Rick Dyer that was posted to YouTube by this gentleman: smokeysmurf420420420 . I thought he did a great job asking all the important questions, and Dyer gives a tiny bit more information than he has anywhere else.
Since Ricky has removed all most all of his videos, I would like to note that Dyer says he saw a Bigfoot in 2009. Later radio shows from 2010 show this to be a false statement by Rick.
  According to Dyer, his investors either bought, or gave him the cash to purchase the 2013 Navigator. Casino owners want to buy the dead Bigfoot, and CNN is going to cover the story.
  All that, and more is in this interview with Freezer Boy.

Racer X

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