Friday, February 8, 2013

Pinky and the Brain: Musky Tells a Fib

I'm not sure which one is the brain.
Last Night I said  "I don't know Musky at all so I can't form an opinion of him."All of that has now changed in light of the events of today. This was the first story I read early this morning that was posted at The Crypto Crew.

Pay special attention to this part of Musky's statement. "I exhausted myself to try and arrange Jeff Meldrum to accompany me with repeated emails...Instead his ego and greed was more important requesting his 'Standard' appearance fee (in the tune of $5,500 even though there was to be no filming) paid accommodations, and full travel expenses paid was the response."
Has Allen forgotten two important facts with "footers"?
1.) They want answers to questions.
2.) They want the truth.
  Someone was good enough to contact Dr. Meldrum and ask him directly if this claim was true or false. The Dr. posted this comment on his Facebook page:

Another person had this to say to Dyer:

It looks like the heat is being turned up and Musky & Dyer are about ready to burst in to flames.
People are now starting to pay attention. Barely a peep has been made since the Tent Video, and I'm sure have most have ignored the lies....until it involved an upstanding member of the Bigfoot community. Obviously a line has been crossed and people are joining together in hopes of getting this flea off the back of the community.

  Musky has lied, so anything he said regarding the alleged body has come in to question, and rightly so. Personally, I have a one strike rule. One lie or hoax, and that person is, and always will be, unreliable and questionable.

It was my impression that Musky Allen's days were numbered, I just didn't think it would be in the single digits.

Racer X

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