Saturday, February 9, 2013

M.K. Davis: Tent Video Enhanced

I watched this video the other day, and it perplexes me as to how, or why, M.K. Davis has come to the conclusions that he has. M.K. sees eye blink, but I see artifacts.
 I truly appreciate the technical abilities of Mr. Davis and I think he has made great contributions to the study of Bigfoot videos, most notably, the PGF. However, there are times when I disagree with M.K.'s conclusions, and this is one of those times.
  I noticed that the lower portion of the tent opening moves in unison with the "eye blink". Everything moves together, so I think this is a result of blurring or some other effect. From my perspective I see a shadowed eye socket and not a large dark eyeball. Yes, eyes blink, but eye sockets do not. Bone is not flexible.

Another person came to the same conclusion as I did.

I did find one part of the video analysis interesting though. Mr. Davis enhanced this himself and I noticed that the hair on the head  is a completely different color from the rest of the hair on the"Bigfoot". If the creature is allegedly uniform in color, why is the hair on the head different?

 The Bigfoot is all gray and the hair on the head is brown. Even the facial hair is gray. This leads me to suspect the validity of the video more so than I had previously.

Here is M.K. Davis' views on the Tent Video:

I'm not an expert of video anomalies, but to my untrained eye there is no eye blink and this analysis does little, if anything, to verify the video as authentic.

Racer X


  1. Why is there a Neanderthal skull shown here? The fact that the Camper Video alleged Bigfoot has a multitone color (grey and brown, so sort of a piebald color) makes it sound good. It makes me think of the Marked Hominids that Loren Coleman has written about. But it's Rick Dyer, and he probably was just clever in this hoax.

  2. I used a neanderthal skull because I thought it was closer than using a human skull. It was only used for visual information.
    Don't you think that the facial hair and body hair would be uniform in color? I could understand if just the skin was grayish. For me, the head hair is a giveaway.

    1. Oh okay, I was just wondering because there's been a lot of recent association between the MK Davis videos and fossil hominids lately. Well there's a certain trend of reports of human-like "Bigfoot" that often have a piebald coloration. I still think it's fake, but it sure is a clever one!