Friday, February 22, 2013

"Foot Shooter" Audio: My Opinion

This piece of audio is making it's rounds through the Bigfoot community and I wanted to offer up my own opinion on what I think Freezer Boy was trying to convey.
   Have a listen:
First, I would like to start by saying, and I think everyone knows this, I am not a fan of Rick Dyer. I also firmly believe his tent video and  alleged dead Bigfoot are a hoax.
Having said that, I think Rick was taken out of context. I listened to the entire radio show. It's painful, but I do it for my readers so they don't have to.
 My interpretation is this: "Because I hoaxed in the past, people said my story would never go mainstream, but it has." 
I'm not defending Rick. This is what I think he meant. Dyer is a big boy, so he can clear the air on this himself. Many people think this was a Freudian slip. It very well could have been, but without further evidence, this is as inconclusive as Freezer Boy's tent video.
  Everyone has an opinion on this so I wanted to give my point of view.

Racer X


  1. I think he is hoaxing again. I think he slipped in his mad rage again. But look at your quote, versus what he said. You misquoted him. He said story first, then hoax again. Check it out.

    Funny, just shows he is not playing with a full deck! Lol

    And he wants respect! Lol

    1. Oh, I know what he said. The quote in red is what I think he meant to say. It's not what he actually said.
      I believe this is a hoax, there is no doubt in my mind.
      The text in quotes are "my thoughts".

  2. Sorry racers, I misread. Carry on!

    1. No problem, I can see how it would be confusing. I appreciate you coming by.

  3. Yeah, I agree with you. I was actually listening to it in real time and when he said this I knew immediately that it sounded funny but I took it as a typical Dyer misspeak.

    You can't say Dyer isn't going all in- on his last show he claimed that there was a fifty million dollar offer on the table for the body.

  4. Dyer has said a lot of things that never come to pass. I think he makes it up as he goes along. Something to keep the followers on the fish hook.