Wednesday, February 13, 2013

FB/FB: Dyer is 2012 Award Recipient

Rick Dyer has been awarded "2012 Bigfoot Field Researcher of the Year" by FB/FB. It's their shiny trophy, so I suppose FB/FB can give it to whomever they please.
The Bigfoot community doesn't have an official agency that recognizes the works of field researchers, or the works of many other people with an interest in Sasquatch, so some groups bestow it upon themselves to announce their picks.
  I can think of many people who would deserve this award. Paul Hulsey, Scott Carpenter, Cliff Barackman, James Fay, Tim Stover and even Tim Fasano. All of these people have videos that show them in the woods doing research.
  Granted, none of them have a 1.2 second video of an alleged Bigfoot and a wild story to go with it.
 I haven't seen any videos of Rick in the woods setting trail cams, or recording wildlife, or of Rick trudging through the forests. I had a look at Dyer's YouTube channel:

All I see is the face of Rick Dyer. That's some field research going on.

People such as Derek Randles, Randy Brisson, and Scott Carpenter have contributed samples to a DNA study. Where is their award?

Racer X

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  1. If they truly believe that the tent video is genuine, I don't have a problem with their decision. Of course the problem comes in with their judgement, giving credence to some questionable videos in the past.