Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dyer/Biscardi Connection?

It looks like the gloves are off and people on both sides are swinging. No quarter is being given by anyone.
  Steve Kulls had a lot to say today and I wasn't sure which story I wanted to talk about. Mr. Kulls of Squatchdetective had a few things to say about a possible Dyer/Biscardi connection: Crumbling
    Lately Rick Dyer has been mentioning Tom Biscardi more frequently, probably because Biscardi's involvement with the documentary was mentioned at The Bigfoot Forums. I've been aware of this for some time but I didn't give it much consideration because I didn't see any sort of connection until today.
   I made a post here where I discuss a reply from San Antonio. I posted a picture from an ad placed by Bigfoottracker.com in which they were looking for actors. I believe I may now have found relevance with regards to the ad.
  This is the picture I put up but I assumed it was Rogers, Texas, but it could have been Rogers, Arkansas.

After I read Steve Kull's post from earlier today, it occurred to me that there may be a connection. Here are the news articles:

I had seen another ad placed by Bigfoottracker.com, but because I saw no relevance, I just let it go. The relevance now is the town listed. Fayetteville.

You will notice that one article mentions Arkansas, and the next article mentions Fayetteville. It just so happens that Rick placed ads looking for actors in Rogers and Fayetteville. It's circumstantial evidence, but I'm posting it because maybe another person can find the proof showing a Dyer/Biscardi connection.
   I looked up Rogers and Fayetteville and guess what?

Both towns are very close to each other, very close.

Google search:

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  1. Dyer was arrested in Rogers in 2011 for theft. No further details I know of on that.