Saturday, February 23, 2013

Did Rick Dyer Buy The Minnesota Iceman?**UPDATE**

I found this story just moments ago. Sasquatch Scoop posted this article today on his blog and had this to say:
"Recently the Minnesota Iceman came up for sale on Ebay. It was sold by Ebay user Hauntedarmada allegedly for the price of $20,000. So who bought the body? Rumor has it that it was none other than Rick Dyer or someone closely connected to Mr. Dyer.

The sale ended February 20th, 2013 and it has been confirmed that Rick was in St. Paul the very next day. The timing is odd to say the least."

Did Rick Dyer buy the Minnesota Iceman? If he did, why? You can read the full story at Sasquatch Scoop. A link is provided above.
I was aware that Freezer Boy went to Minnesota and there was speculation he went to visit one of the FB/FB people. I guess we'll have to wait for a confirmation or denial......or a "no comment".

**Rick Dyer says he did NOT buy the Minnesota Iceman off Ebay**

Racer X

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