Friday, February 8, 2013

Breaking: FB/FB Issues "Official" Statement From Musky

This is taken directly from the Page of FB/FB:

 Official Statement by “Musky Allen”
There are many questions regarding my recent visit to see the body of a Sasquatch supposedly shot by Rick Dyer, at a facility near Las Vegas just after midnight on Wednesday morning.
Q: Of all people in the world, why was I chosen to go see the body? A: The Bigfoot “community” has undergone dramatic change in the last 4 years, it has turned into a social media experience with skeptics, true believers and researchers debating the evidence on YouTube and many facebook pages. Anyone who has paid attention knows that I have been consistent and persistent in my skeptical view on the subject of Bigfoot/Sasquatch. I was the skeptic “Bigfoot” of Facebook/findbigfoot routinely focused on. They prepared content with the theme of “Musky versus Bigfoot” and I happily debated them.
The invitation was spontaneously made by Rick Dyer on his internet radio shows and I took him up on the offer. The offer was made to others but I must have been the most persistent person in making sure that it happened, I was convinced it was a hoax and I was going to expose it. I felt strongly that FB/FB was wrong on this video and I hammered Rick Dyer and FB/FB over the tent video. When I received multiple Non-disclosure documents, I began to wonder if this could be real. I spent considerable time and money with my Lawyer to get them drafted correctly. I purchased my own accommodations and made the flight from Chicago.
Q: Why did I not bring Jeff Meldrum or someone similar to see the body? A: First, the NDA’s only specified me, and only I had the legal permission to go see the body. Second, up until the moment I actually got into the room, I thought it was a hoax. Third, there is NO WAY Dr. Jeff Meldrum would ever have submitted to security per-cautions that I had agreed to. Remember, I was flying to Las Vegas to meet a man for the first time, who was going to blind-fold me, drive me for four hours and then take me to see the body of a Sasquatch. VERY few people would submit to those conditions. Maybe only a tough guy from Chicago’s south side would agree to that.
To be clear, the last time I attempted to reach Dr. Meldrum was in 2009 when I was doing skeptical research around the Snelgrove Lake incident and his book Legend Meets Science. I learned that his speaking fee was $5500 plus travel expenses, but was unable to reach him at that point.
Q: Did I contact Jeff Meldrum prior to going to Las Vegas? A: No. Someone has taken a comment I made about Jeff Meldrum and taken it out of context. I never contacted him or anyone else about accompanying me on this trip. It was a short after midnight visit to an undisclosed place and only I was allowed in, there were other people there but I am legally bound to not mention or describe anything about them.
Q: Could I have been hoaxed? A: There is absolutely no way I could have been hoaxed. I have never been so shocked in my entire life. I am still trying to grasp the whole matter. This had been a massive living, breathing, flesh and blood creature that had died and had been carefully embalmed and an undergone some procedures.
Q: Why has the body not been released? A: The body is to be released after the premier of a movie that is being produced and filmed by the English film company.
Q: What is a general description of the body? A: If you listen to the interview with Jack Barnes and Jeff Andersen, I give very specific details.
Q: Was there an autopsy? A: There had been an autopsy. The 3 shaven areas were where the incisions had been made. The body cavity including organs has been removed and preserved. A partial embalming had been performed on the specimen (I don’t know details of this however). I have no idea if this creature is or has been frozen prior to my arrival.
Q: How was the creature killed? A: I was not there to determine cause of death. I was there to confirm if it was a real Sasquatch. Going from memory there was an exit wound, I mentioned this to Jack and Jeff in the during a debriefing before the interview. Jack and Jeff did not ask me a question about bullet wounds. I do know they intend to do another interview with me, I know they have many more questions. I do not remember any collateral damage to the mouth area other than cuts and some possible torn skin in and around the mouth region. The appeared to be intact. The mouth was shut, it may have had it's teeth missing, but I have no idea.
Q: How do I feel about the whole matter? A: Flying home to Chicago I realized that I would be in a pickle. I knew that people would think that I had been paid, or part of a hoax with Rick Dyer. All I can tell you is that I have been a hoax-buster for a very long time in many different forums from the Randi foundation to facebook. My past skeptical reputation has been very consistent. I think that is one reason why I was chosen and why the FB/FB admin team backed my visit.

FB/FB has a lot to lose in this game. If and when this is shown to be a hoax, FB/FB will shut down their fan page.
 I think the Spin Doctor is in the house.

Some of you may not believe that FB/FB is spinning this thing. Read the above sanitized version, then read Musky's own words:

The facts are there right in front of our eyes.

Racer X

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  1. I think this could simply be a case of Musky taking a swipe at Meldrum for whatever reason. I don't buy that this negates the whole story (not that I believe it) necessarily as I don't think Allen is actually working with Dyer.